Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some news & I got tagged! ♥

Hey sweethearts, how are you all doing? =D

My blog layout is almost finished now, yay!
The only things missing are a decent blog signature and some flash animations my darling is creating for me! (Thanks baby, you're the best )
May I ask you how you like it so far?

Besides the new layout, I got some more gorgeous news - I FINALLY HAVE MY DRIVING LICENSE!! :´D
Okay, pic not 100% related... it's the key of the driving school car. xD Dammit, I won't drive such a cool car for the next 10 years. Somehow really sad to realize. lol
I still can't believe that I passed the exams. I feel like I'm still such a noob in driving, and I'm actually really scared to drive without my driving teacher. xD"

During my absence, I also got tagged by cute Eddie! Check her cute blog here: Miracle Paint - Paint it all over in black! She's pulling off various Gal fashion styles so well, you should really check her coordinated looks! I really adore her

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

11 facts about myself:
1) I have 4 pierces – one on my left ear, three on my right ear.
2) My natural hair color is ash brown. I dye my hair blonde since 8 years, my current haircolor is beige-blonde. =)
3) I’m super shy when I get compliments, it’s very hard for me to handle such situations. Instead of a simple “Thanks!” I will rather say: “No no, everybody will look cute with 2,5kg Make-up!” ^^”
4) I’m very ambitious. If I don’t reach my own standards, I get terribly mad at myself.
5) I never had my nails done by a nailist (yet! XD)
6) Now that my friend shoi moved away, I’m the only Lolita in my area. ;__;
7) My favorite flowers are Lillys!
8) I have a lot of birthmarks spread all over my body and face. Thanks to the inventor if concealer & camouflage, I can cover them pretty well. xD
9) My favorite perfumes at the moment are “Sun Delight” by Jil Sander and “Angel Heart” by Clandestine!
10) If I don’t wear make-up, I’m often mistaken for beeing younger then 16 years. Just happened few days ago at the supermarket. (I’ve got a darn round babyface… xD”)
11) I’m a sucker for Ghibli films! My alltime favorites are “Howls moving castle” and “Spirited away” *___*

Eddies questions
Whats your favorite music band?
I absolutely adore Super Junior and Super Junior M

Which kind of fabric/material do you like the most in clothing?
At the moment, I really like chiffon because it is so flowy and summery! =)

How old do you wish you are?
Beeing 17~21 again would be cool! XD

What your eye’s color is?
Very dark brown! =)

What do you wish to do in life?
Travel a lot to Asia, get married and have a happy family with 2 or more kids! =)

Show me your favorite accessory and explain why it is your favorite.
My favorite accessory is my “Lady Rose” Canotier by Angelic Pretty!
Picture showing shoi and me
It’s my favorite because “Lady Rose” was my first brand item, and it came with the canotier! It is so princessy and I immediately started crying when I finally held it in my hands. I decorated the canotier a little bit, and wear it differently to its normal purpose.

Can you explain in three lines what your style is?
My style is mostly depending on my working schedules, to be honest – I cannot wear nailpolish, fake lashes and heavy make-up at the hospital. When I’m off or having a school period, I love to wear colorful, cute and princessy styles along with sweet accessory and curly hair! I’m usually not so focussing on wearing the latest trends, I usually just wear what I like – if it happends to be trendy at the moment, that’s gorgeous. =)

If you could have a free hair dye, which color would you choose? 
I would so love to have blonde with a red/pink undertone, the typical gyaru colors! If my hair was a little longer, I would also love to have dip dyed light pink tips

Tell me a stupid thing you did when you were younger.
On Silvester 2002, I accidentally made the postbox of our neighbours explode due to a misleaded firecracker. XD” (Of course I paid them a new one, but it was so so soooo embarrassing. ~////~)

Have you ever been outside your country? If yes, which is your favorite place?
I’ve been to many countries when I was a little child, but I can’t remember those trips. =/ The trips and vacations I can remember were to Austria (countless visits, since we’re living 15 minutes walk from the border. Lol), Italy, Denmark and Swiss. I mostly loved the weather and food in Italy, and the beach and lakes in Denmark!

What’s your song? I mean, the song that represents you the most.
Like a theme song? Haha, such a nice idea, but so hard to decide!
When I’m at work, it mostly happens that this song is on my mind: Spirit (Iryu OST. It’s a japanese medical drama that I used to like, especially because of the music. XD)
Besides that, I would like a happy and easygoing tune, with a little bit of romance - so cheesy! xD: Super Junior – Miracle

11 questions for the tagged bloggers:
1) How much time do you need for your daily make-up/morning routine?
2) What's your favorite mascot/character? (Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, etc.)
3) Describe your fashion style 5 years ago.
4) What's your favorite (soft)drink?
5) What's the last item you bought?
6) If your friends have to describe you with 3 words, what would they possibly say? 
7) Did you ever get a (Lolita/Gyaru) Valentine?
8) Do you have any pets? If yes, what's their name, and could you possibly show a photo? =)
9) How will you react when a stranger is saying a rude thing to you?
10) What's the 10th song in your ipod/phone/any-device-that-can-play-music playlist? =)
11) How would your dream man/girl look like?

I tag:

It might take me some time to inform you all that you've been tagged, since the PC I'm currently using is terribly slow - loading a blog page takes me at least 2 minutes, so I rather wait until I have my usual PC back in a few days. Sorry dears. xD"

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hey sweethearts, I'm working on a new blog layout, as you can see. ;D
It'll surely take a few days to finish this project (due to having only few free time and beeing a photoshop noob. lol), so plz be patient with me. ;D

Once the new design is out, I have a few entries queued up. Stay tuned. ;D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?