Thursday, March 8, 2012

♥ Agejo/Hime-up your home! ♥

Have you ever heard about the brand "Little Diva"?
It's an european brand (from the netherlands) that does create a wide range of "home"-related items such as bedsheets, dishes, soap dispensers, towels, stationary... and they all perfectly match the Agejo and Hime theme! ♥

The main colors consist gold, hot pink, baby pink, black and denim blue, while the patterns feature a lot of leopard print, denim print, roses print and padding print.
The price range of "Little Diva" is in the medium category, but definately worth the price! I have two coffee mugs from them, and their print does even survive the dishwasher! (Most printed dishes tend to blur from beeing put into the dishwasher too often)

Enough of the bla, let's take a look at the gorgeous items by "Little Diva"! ;D

LD Pillow

Embroidered sleeping Mask

Cute decorated bath bomb
(screw lush, this one comes decorated with a bracelet! xD)

Golden teapot
A little funny how you can see the photographers reflection on the teapot. xD

Coffee mug
I got this one + a leopard patterned one. My favorite cup. ♥

Leopard heart dish
"Be cute and sexy" ♥

Fancy soap dispenser
I so need this! >///<

Now you might wonder where to buy? =D

If you are coming from Germany, you can buy the "Little Diva" collection at some Douglas stores! Or just simply check out their german webstore here! (Unfortunately a lot of items are sold out on the webstore. =/)

If you're from outside Germany, you can check, where you will be lead to a few different online stores to buy from the "Little Diva" collection. (Just click on the items you would like to purchase, and check the shop links that will be listed beside the items image)

I absolutely ADORE LD's items, especially the leo-printed ones! >///<
My home still lacks some princessy/agejo decoration, so as soon as I have some money left I will blow it on LD for sure! Ò__O/

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?