Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey Sweethearts! ♥

I am just gonna make a short entry today ~ as you might know, I am travelling in Taiwan atm - so I kinda lack time for nicely decorated and long blogposts, haha. =P (I also have to handle this Notebook with Chinese / English keyboard, which is a pain in the *** for me, lol)

I do update my Instagram very frequently though, so please feel free to follow me! =) (I do post about pretty much anything - Gyaru finds, food porn, lifestyle... just come to check it out! ;D)

Soooo what happened the past days? ♥

Took the airplane from Munich to Beijing, then transferred from Beijing to Taipeh...
(Munich airport)
The 1st flight was delayed already... so in the very end, after lots of trouble, we had a total delay of 6 HOURS!!
To break it down to the point: Only travelling to our destination in Taiwan took us more then 36 hours. ~..~

Don´t need to mention we felt DEAD after that. ~lol

We`re staying in beautiful Tainan City now...
(View at Tainan City center district, Hospital of Tainan)

...were we raided the department stores and arcade on the 1st day already!

Crazy experience of that day:

In one of the narrow streets, there was a shop that displayed loads of cute underwear on the streets. When I wanted to take a closer look at it, a sexy nurse (wtf!) was shooting out of the store... apparently it was a sexshop! lol 
Anyways, I was still interested in their undies... but no way I could fit my western boobies into them! x___X After a bit of discussion, we were both unsure which size to choose... so the shop staff offered me to find the right size for me by touching my BOOBIES. O___O (She`s got the magic hands, wohoo)

To cut the story short - in the end I did not buy anything, but I think I made a very special friend.
Btw. today she was wearing a sexy Sailor costume. Might go back to get one of those. lol

So Tainan City has lots and lots of awesome little stores in its narrow streets, its amazing! I could spend couple of days just wandering around, I am really in love! ♥
I found Liz Lisa, Yumetenbo and lots of yesstyle brands at unbelievable cheap prices, I will definately load my suitcase with them! Theres also Daiso here, where you can find loads of japanese brand lashes and cosmetics! And they have Puri machines OMG! Heaven! :´D

(Gets of day 1)

The next day, my BF went to pick up his scooter - very useful in this city!
(Looking flashy in my scooter gear, lol - NOT. Terribly suffering from jetlag. X___x)

We went visiting Tainans biggest Temple...
(It was so windy that day! A Taifun was hitting Taiwan that day, scary! x__X)

...and I was praying in a special ceremony to the god of marriage, to receive this lucky charm:
(Theres a red string inside, that is meant to tie the couple together for all time... if you know the japanese story of "akai ito", you might know what I am talking about! ;D)

Food here is AMAZING! Everything simply tastes wonderful, even the dishes that are seemingly disgusting. lol (Tried blood pudding, stinky Tofu, pig head skin and all that stuff... everything tasted fairly okay, cannot complain! lol)
(Fried dumplings ~ kinda like japanese Gyoza! So super tasty and cheeeeap!)

I also found a couple of Gyaru stores at the department store!
(One Way)

I wouldn´t believe my eyes when my BF found Lip Service!
(Dunno if you can see it in the far back, but the shop staff was 100% Onee Gyaru ~ INSTANT LOVE ♥ But I was too shy to ask for a photo with her, looking absolutely WASTED myself. I kinda got sick yesterday, so that's a bummer. =/)

Me, carefully observing the shop staff from afar... lol
(Even the filter can´t rescue my shitty look, lol. Sorry!)

To end this post with some nice photos... some little Gyaru finds!
(Ank Rouge Mook)

(Alba Rosa Mook)

So well, thats just a little bit of the photos that you can find on my instagram - so as I said, feel free to visit my account there! ;D
I also probably won´t to another blogpost like this anymore, since its really time consuming. So if you wanna stay updated about my travel to far south Taiwan AND of course JAPAN, you`d better check my instagram. ;D

Enough of the advertise, I am usually not such a person. lol

If you want me to review / take photos of something in particular, just let me know! I`ll do my best to give you a good impression of Taiwan and Japan alltogether! ;D

Have a good time sweethearts!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Crossing borders

 Hey sweethearts, how are you doing so far?! =D

I'm very sorry for my absence, but there were lots of important things going on in my life recently! I had to sacrifice blogging therefore, I'm very sorry. =/

So, what happened?

Got my nurse degree!

I had to go through my final exams in nursery the past couple of weeks - the tests were really difficult this year! x___X (I saw the exam documents of the last years - they were such an easy bite compared to this year! So unfair! xD")
Some of the topics were Anorexia, M. Parkinson, Alcoholism... ugh, I had a really hard time remembering all the details of those! But somehow I managed, haha. I passed with excellent degrees, YAHOOOOOOOO!

That's the end of my study nurse period... nothing can stop me now, I can even go to work abroad - so happy!

Quit my 2nd Job!

I also quit my 2nd Job in the outpatient care service - it was very time consuming and gave me a lot of pressure (especially when the exams were coming up...)... but it was also a very important experience in my life. I don't regret taking the job at all! I got a lot more self-confidence because of it, and I also learned to work very independently. 
Anyways, in the future I'm earning enough with my full-time job only, so no need to do the extra shifts.^.^

Celebrated my weight loss!

My weight loss started exactly 1 year ago, during my summer vacation - I just couldn't stand my look anymore, so I started dieting and exercising after I saw a thinspiration gallery online. It all started very suddenly, but cost me a lot of time in the end, haha - but well, slow weight loss is the healthy weight loss, right? ;D

During the past 1 year, I dropped:16kg
-11cm breast measurement
-14cm waist measurement
-14cm hip measurement
-10cm thight measurement

At this moment, I feel very comfy with my body. I'm not stick thin, I still have some curves left here and there - but I can comfortably fit a EU 34 / XS size without squeezing anything. =)
I'm very proud of myself, I didn't think I would ever make it this far - and I'm still motivated to keep going, haha! ;D


Oh well, there was a reason I took the 2nd Job... you might remember! ;D

I was saving up for a big 1-month-trip to Taiwan & Japan... which I'm starting TOMORROW, haha!
So that's one more thing that kept me busy recently! ;D

Tomorrow's gonna be really exhausting, awaiting a nearly 24-hours travel to our appartement in the south of Taiwan... thanks god my boyfriend is with me! He's gonna be the perfect guide during the trip, beeing a native taiwanese.

I can't wait for him to guide me around!
He promised me to take me to the beach at a national park, I can't wait
Germany is freezing cold already, so I absolutely can't wait to throw on my bathing suit once more! :´D It's like time travelling back into summer! :´D

After exploring Taiwan, we're gonna go to Japan for a couple of days - I'M SO EXCITED THERES NO WORD FOR IT!
Even though I'm a bit afraid of taking the railway in Tokyo... Suica system is confusing me, lol. I guess I have to find out when we're over there, haha. =)

I'm gonna blow my money in 109, get a nice set of hair extensions, take tons of purikura, raid donki... and most importantly: Go to Disneyland to see their Halloween setup 2013! Can't wait! >////<

Sounds like I'll just drag my BF along, haha. xD" 
No worries, I'll make sure he will have a blast, too. ;D (*secret*)

I don't think I'll have a lot of spare time for blogging, so I might only write every once a while... but I'll do photo updates frequently! I also created an instagram account for live updates, please follow me if you're interested! =)

Well, that's it for now - I'll go back packing my suitcase then. x___X

Have a great time beauties!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

♥ Gal on a Budget ♥ GO GO KLEIDERKREISEL! ♥

Today I passed my last mid-term exams, wohoooo!!! I'm very satisfied with my grades, I ended up with 2,0 in all topics, which is a very good result considering that I didn't study 100% of topics yet. xD" I'm super happy and in the mood to party hard tonight! ;)


Back on topic!

This is for all the Gaijin Gals out there that have the same problem with me: Shopping those ridiculous awesome clothes from Japan. I wanna get ALL OF THEM! >///<

Well, but that's where all the problems start - even the cheapest 2nd hand catch on mbok can turn out beeing a rather expensive deal, adding the shopping service + custom fees. Q__Q (Not to mention that going to customs office isn't a pleasant experience nonethless. ^^")

Luckily there are some alternatives! ;)
My absolute favorites are the european sellers on Gyaru Community Sales (because within Europe, no custom fees will apply for me), for insanely cheap catches (unfortunately 98% are replicas), and for all residents of Germany & Austria: OMG I GOT A CRUSH ON THAT WEBSITE, SRS. 

Kleiderkreisel is a 2nd hand base were you can find countless clothes for Girls, Boys and even Kids! It's not really Gyaru related, but they do have some Gal pieces tagged in - just check here!
Can even find japanese brand for a nice price ♥ I got my Tutuha Onepiece and some Ma*rs & d.i.a stuff from there, lucky me! ♥

Considering the Gal section has only 5-6 pages mostly, I suggest you to dig into the other categories to find some nice items - it surely takes a while, but there are great deals hidden everywhere! If you already have an outfit in mind, it should be an easy bite for you to find your desired clothes for really cheap! ;)

Let me give you some examples! =D
Some posts earlier I was talking about some coords out of EGG magazine that really inspired me a lot! Check here ♥

 God... Awful feeling to see my pity self beside that hot chick model... xD"
Obviously it was impossible to get exactly the same style of clothes that the model is wearing, but I did my best to get as close as possible - and I'm very pleased with the outcome! ;)
My No. 1 focus was the flower print on white ground ♥
That coordinate cost me ~35€! LOVE LOVE 
If I ordered all that brand stuff from Japan, it would have taken me at least 250€ I suppose - what a big hole in my wallet, haha. :´D 

I also absolutely crushed on that High-Waist Jeans, OMG ♥ Instant sexy ♥
I didn't really dig the shirt of the model, though - so I switched to pieces that suit my taste a little better! ;)

First attempt on the left side is "Glamorous code" - Full coordinate for 15€, LUCKY ME ♥ I liked it a lot, but it's not exactly matching the Gyaru-theme, I guess. It looks more like european fashion, beeing kinda tight on the body. =/

My 2nd attempt on the right side is "Casual / Boho Code", it cost me 20€ alltogether ♥ (Sandals were a present from my mum). That one fits the gal silhoutte a little better I think ♥

CONCLUSION: High-waist jeans are unforgiving, gotta work out a lot more. lol (And god, how a camera angle can change you from SUPER SEXY BITCH to OMG FAT LANDWHALE instantly... its sad. Q__Q)

Okay okay... xD"
REAL CONLUSION: Awesome 2nd hand clothes database + some spare time to go on clothes hunt + creativity = sexy new code for less money! ;) 
 Its so much fun, and also a big satisfaction! I'm addicted ♥ 
You should try it out, too! ;)

Since I was already about to take photos... some recent make-up ♥

Nyah, not perfect - but I'm getting there! ;)  
Dammit, I need new hairpieces. Hate that ratty hair! (Tried to dye in some strands some weeks ago, but they ended up beeing quite bold and too visible. Q__Q I ruined that hair even more... ^^")

Doing my work-out routine now to get that sexy body for summer vacation! (Bikini time giiiiirls! ;D ) 

After that I'll celebrate todays effort, oh yes. Some champaign waiting for me in the fridge, wohooooo ♥
Wishing you an awesome time, too! ;)

P.S.: I got the "one versatile blog award" from 3 really awesome bloggers, so looking forward to do this as my next entry! Stay tuned ♥

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Follow me ♥

Just a shortie today. ;)

I decided it's time to renew my blog a little. I started with adding two more options for following my blog!

I embed two icons in the sidebar on the right, you can now follow me with bloglovin' and blogconnect! Please check it out! =) 

At this point I wanna thank all of my followers so far, I really appreciate that you're reading all that random stuff I'm throwing on here! >///< Thank you very much!

If you have any wishes for future entries, just let me know! I'll do my best to make this blog more interesting! =D

I just got my new Tutuha onepiece in the mail last week, absolutely couldn't wait to wear it out ♥ That kinda more mature style is slowly growing on me!

Onepiece: Tutuha
Top: H&M
Shorts (not visible), Stockings, Accessory: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline

Dammit, I really need a new halfwig - it's getting really hard to style it the way I want! >///< Absolutely hate the gap in my hair on this photo! Q__Q
I wasn't really sure how to coordinate the Onepiece, in the end I went for a layered look. I think it didn't come out too bad at all, but I'll try another code soon (already got something in mind, hihi)

Love that skull ♥

I also bought a second-handed Ma*rs set, and I LOVE IT TO PIECES. ♥

Shirt, Skirt: Ma*rs
Stockings: Yumetenbo
Shoes, Accessory: Offbrand
Hairpiece: La Pafait

Gotta admit that I wasn't brave enough to wear those stockings out. xD" I'm such a chicken, I know... but maybe they'll grow on me one day. =) (I don't feel THAT comfy about my body yet)

I'm was kinda pleased with my hair that day! I took inspiration from Ma*rs models, a lot of them wear a hairstyle that is kinda flat on the top, but very curly on the bottom ♥

Close up
Yeah, absolute make-up disappearance. 
Thanks Fuji Finepics. ~__~

Enough of my face-spam. :´D

I got my big pracitcal exams the next two days... I'm not really nervous, but too lazy to do all the work. xD" (It requires writing a lot of documents) 
And just now, the sun finally started to come out in my area - spring fever! I just wanna go out and have fun! :´D

Seems I gotta delay it for a while...

Well, I'm off to study now! ;)

 I don't want to...


It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! ♥ Spring inspiration ♥

Happy Easter sweet Princesses and Princes!
Hope you found a lot of choco bunnies and eggs waiting for you, haha! ;)

It started snowing again at my place! x___X So I'm trying my very best to not get my easter holiday mood ruined, haha!
I already got a small milk choco bunny from my Mum, it is so cute! I have a hard time eating chocolate figures, because I just can't sacrifice to rip off the cute wrapping! :´D *silly girl is silly*

I'll spend the day with my family, it has become a tradition in my hometown that everybody is gathering on Easter Sunday. I'm so happy to see my godson again, he has grown soooo fast! ♥

Do you also have plans for Easter Holiday? =)

I might be very busy soon, because I just got myself a 2nd job at an outpatient care service! I'm not announcing a hiatus though, I will still keep on blogging every now and then - but the entry's might decrease a bit, or become shorter in general. Plz bear with me until summer. =/

I took the 2nd job in order to safe some money for a biiiig vacation in Taiwan and Japan this year ♥
I'm having a hard time to control my spending habits, not going to deny this. xD" *obvious habit is obvious* So the only way to get that money is working even harder. ;) 
(Sounds like a punishment, haha - but I actually really like it. When I had to work really hard for something, I enjoy finally getting it even more!)

I wanna travel to Tainan City, Khaosiung on of course Taipeh ♥
Beautiful Khaosiung Love River ♥

Yesterday I had some time to check the latest issues of Egg and Ageha! 
I was kinda disappointed with Ageha again. =/ The make-up tutorials are way too toned down for my taste (I miss the times when HEAVY EYELINER was the real deal... Q__Q), and the outfits were just so-so. =/

From Ageha:
Beloved Sakurina ♥
Red x Black is always KILLER, I love how she combined it with that chunky jewelry all over!

I'm definately gonna try that out as soon as I got my new (second hand) prisila hairpiece! >////<

From Egg:
Old trends like high waisted Jeans seem to continue, just as long denim skirts (perfectly pulled off by Yun here, love her ♥)

Not that awesome at first glance, but I love how she mixed Kuronba & Ora Ora elements! 

Flower prints on white base tone might be trendy next season! Perfect match with dark, distressed denim - love that look ♥ 

My fav. Outfit of all ♥
I find it a very creative mix of pattern and material, and it's just TOO HOT to resist ♥

I'll be off hunting for some more choco bunnies now! =P Cross your fingers for me, haha!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?