Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hair inspiration ♥

I really love japanese fashion magazines, mostly Ageha! (alright, I confess... it´s because Sakurina is an Ageha model. xD")
I love to see all those beautiful gals pulling of the latest trends, and even the commercials in the magazine are looking fab! x3

But I must confess... I love the old Ageha magazines even more, mostly because of the hair tutorials.
In the recent magazines, every hairstyle looks the same to me - and they mostly require pretty long hair, which I don´t have. =/

Here are some of my favorite hairstyles, that I want to try out soon. =3

Ageha Jan./08

Taken from a commercial. xD"
Braids have always been pretty famous with gyaru, I especially like this version!
I`ve seen alice bands with wig braids on top... maybe I´ll go for one to achieve this style. o.O
(It´s already so hard for me to do neat looking side braids, so I´m pretty sure that I´m too clumsy to do such a beautiful big braid in the middle of the head. xD")

And god said: Let there be volume! D:Looks so great from the front!
I`m not sure about the side view, though. o.O The "beehive" looks a bit to seperated in my opinion. I think I´ll add some curls on the bottom layers. =3

Cute fuzzy hair!
This fuzzy hair looks so wild and cute, I especially like the hairstyle on the right side with the little hairclips! x3
But it requires so much teasing that I`m a bit afraid to do this to my hair... I did tease it too often the past weeks, so it´s a bit broken right now. xD"

I don´t even care which kind of side tail it is, I love all of them. xD"
It´s always so amazing to me to see all those defined strains... I´ve seen some girls on the web that can do this to their hair so perfectly! I wish I will be that skilled one day, too! >////<
I wanna try hard to become better and better. =)

Ageha Oct./08

FAV side tail!
Love at first sight!
Not just that the model looks gorgeous, this kind of wild but super elegant side tail caught my attention immediately! I especially like the strains that are softly falling over the face, and the sexy hair corsage!
Unfortunately, the explanation is a bit difficult. xD"

Guess what... another side tail! xD"
Just too cute! ♥
I like the sweet curls on the bangs the most!
I think I`ll have to attach my extension clips to my natural hair to create this big volume. o.O"

Oh, and besides...
I´ve found some super cute magazine scans of gyaru lolitas, they´re so inspiring! =D

Vanilla Sept./08

*staaaare* *___*
The perfect princess! :´D
She´s wearing Angelic Pretties "Strawberry Ribbon" OP, as far as I can see!
This make-up is perfect with this dress, I think - especially the pink cheeks! So cute! x3
Lolita does look great without wearing any make-up too, of course! But I must confess that I`m really into colorful make, especially with OTT Lolita! x3

Unfortunately, I can only memorize AP´s print names. xD"
So I don´t even have a clue where this cute dress is from, sorry. ^^"
The eye make-up comes out a bit too dark on this photo, I think... but the rest is just flawless. ♥

LOVEcake ~ Breakfast for my Honey! xD
I love to cook! (Unfortunately I love to eat too much, too. xD")
~American Pancake (looks like it was fallen down on the floor. lol Sorry for that.. xD") with cherry syrup hearts on it
~Cherry sauce with full cherries
~Vanilla & Berry ice-cream
~chocolate sauce
~ powdered sugar
~Berry milk with milk froth topping and berry syrup heart. x3

itadakimasu~! xD

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh oh...

I got a wisdom tooth the past days, and it hurts so much... last night was horrible therefore, I did sleep for maybe 3 hours. x___X
I just made a call to the dentist, and he´s going to pull out my wisdom tooth in some hours... I never got in a situation like this before, so I´m super nervous and scared.

Aaaaah, I need my Honey to hold my hand! Dx
*little crybaby mode end* xD"

Too nervous to write an interesting blogpost, so just private spam again - sorry. xD"

I promise to write more useful entry´s soon. ~///~"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

♥KeYwOrDs September 2010♥

Sorry for the lack of blogposts recently, I had to work hard the past 8 days (in a very annyoing and fast changing shift system, btw. ~__~)... so I didn´t feel any inspiration to continue writing my blog. xD"
lazy girl is lazy ^^"

Well, I still don´t have any inspiration about writing a new entry. lol
So I`ll come up with another keyword spam - I wanna do this every end of the month now, since there are so many amusing tags every week. xD"

(keywords = Since blogger is an google application, it allows me to take a look at the keywords that visitors used on google and finally got onto my blog page.)

♥KeYwOrDs September 2010♥

do you wear stockings with a dirndl?
Hell no! Stockings were trendy maybe 200 years ago, but nowadays Dirndl is mostly worn with bare legs or thin nylons - it´s a lot sexier as well. ;D

oktoberfest dirndl
Yeeees, Oktoberfest rulez! The hell of a party. 8)

Review here: I`m a link. ^^

"prisila" blond
Showing off my blonde prisila wig and some more info´s here: Hey, I`m a link as well! x3

+dirndl bare boobs -kardashian
just lol

bodyline jsk review love nadia pink
Sometimes I can really understand why some ppl get pissed off from bodyline reviews.
The quality for EVERYTHING is okay, you get what you paid for. But don´t expect them to be brand quality.
That´s the essence of every BL review, seriously... <.<
btw, I really like the "Love Nadia" series - they´re just as cute as Miss Nadia herself. =)
bodyline jumperskirt
bodyline dress
Get new one here,
get used one here! =)

cyperous hime wig
You can get some information from my earlier blogpost: OMG, it´s another LINK! Dx

wearing cyperous wig
I´ve got some photos of myself wearing my Cyperous wig, I will search for them and make another photopost. =) Aaaaah... my PC is a mess right now, so it might take some days for me to find it. xD"

dirndl oktoberfest images
You can check the galleries here. =)
There are so many Dirndl-fail photos in the galleries as well... just like this one: Ouch. Seriously... ouch. x__X
I need to go and wash my eyeballs now... She´s looking so cute! But with this ultimate fail Outfit on... nay. =/

That´s it so far. =)

Bonus Pic:
Recent buy ~ Liz Lisa Overknee Boots!Purchased them with the help of a shopping service! They´re already sold out in japan now (yup, that´s typical Liz Lisa - sold out within several days. xD"), and I`m so lucky that I`ve got a pair of them! :´D
When I´ve seen those boots, I fell in love with them instantly.

The color is very light cream (originally called "milk tea"! xD Haha, seems to be the new fav word in jp marketing campaigns... I`ve seen lot´s of milk tea hair dye, lipgloss and fashion accessory recently. xD"), I know it´s pretty hard to see on those photos. =)

Those boots are made of stretchable material, so they´re just perfect for my calves. (Well, I won´t say I`ve got fat calves - but it´s almost impossible for me to fit into boots made in Asia, because the measurements vary a lot from european size range, as everybody surely knows. xD")

I especially LOVE the ruffles on the top, the fine stitching and the lacing with satin bow ~ or, simply said, I LOVE EVERYTHING on them! ♥ xD

Can´t wait to get them with the post soon ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

♥ Prisila & Cyperous ♥

Prisila and Cyperous are two japanese wig manufacturers, that are pretty famous for producing high quality Hime/Gyaru/Lolita/Cosplay wigs.

It´s not a secret that I`m totally in love with wigs. =)
I love to change my hairstyle a lot - which is a bit hard to do with my natural hair (it´s at about shoulder length right now).
And besides... it´s so much easier to create beautiful hairstyles with using a hairpiece, kihihi. x3

I do own several wigs of Prisila and Cyperous, so I´m going to do make an infopost / a review about it now. =)


This is Prisila´s webstore on rakuten, called "wigland".
Unleast you´re from Japan, you will need a shopping service to buy from there - I strongly recommand Ozawa Mai, get info here! =)

Prisila´s wigs are often seen on japanese fashion magazines such as Ageha, Popteen, Ranzuki... just to name some. =)

They feature the latest trends therefore - some examples:
~two tone wigs
~Gyaru-o wigs (okay okay, just two... but hey, it´s the first time I found Gyaru-o wigs. xD")
~Himegyaru/Gyaru wigs (just some of them)

Most of prisilia´s wigs are actually HALFWIGS, HAIRPIECES and EXTENSIONS, so I recommand to take a close look at the item description. =)
(I love using such single hairpieces a lot instead of wearing a full wig, since I´m free to combine anything just as I want it to create new looks. Hard to manage with a full wig, unleast you´re very handy and able to sew new braids. ^^")

Most of the wigs are heat resistant until 180°C, for further info plz check the item description. =)

Prisila wigs are available in 7 colors mostly, you can take a closer look at the range here! But BEWARE - the real color does vary a lot from this photo, mostly because Prisila´s wigs have lot´s of very detailed highlights and colorful strains!
I´ll be talking about it at the end of this post. =)

The prices are really fair for the wigs, since they´re simply great quality.
The hair does not frizz at all, it´s super easy to comb, the curls don´t fall out, they´re super easy to put on and have a great hold in the hair, they´re comfortable, and most likely: if you put them on right, nobody will recognize you´re wearing a wig! Super natural and stunning look! x3

Enough of the bla, now up for some photos. =)

Since there are lot´s of prisila replica´s recently...
Original prisila wigs do always come with such a wig-purse! The replicas most likely don´t. o.O
This is my prisila halfwig for short hairstyles, I mostly combine it with my fringe hairpiece. =)
The color is LIYE, which is the lightest color in Prisila´s range... but as you can see, it´s looking a lot darker then LIYE!
It´s because this wig has lot´s of highlights and shades - it´s well defined and looking gorgeous, and it fit´s my own haircolor very nicely - so I don´t have a problem with it. =)

The inside...
This halfwig is pinned on a bun of your own hair, therefore the comb and the elastic band on the inside. =) (The elastic band get´s stuffed inside of the wig net, so that it´s invisible on the outside!)
Super easy to put on, has got a great hold and fit´s comfortable!

The side...
As you can see, the curls are very defined and falling nicely.
The bump in the back is part of the wig itself (not cause by my hand on the inside! lol), since this is a hime-style hairpiece - adds some extra volume to the hairstyle! =)

From the front...
...just to take one more look at the curls. =)

Prisila is definately my FAVORITE when it comes to wigs! x3
Their wigs are just perfect for Gyaru styles, the Ageha/Ranzuki/Popteen/fill-in-name-of-a-random-japanese-fashion-magazine models are wearing them for a good reason. ;D

But now, up to the second part of this post...


Cyperous does have a webstore that offers international shipping, just click here! =)
To visit the japanese site, click here!

Cyperous is mostly famous for Cosplay and Hime wigs!

Some examples:
~Hatsune Miku wig
~Hime wig with bangs
~Hime wig without bangs (I do own this one, so following photos are taken of this wig!)

Most Cyperous wigs are FULL WIGS, but they´re selling EXTENSIONS, HALF WIGS and HAIRPIECES as well!
It´s pretty easy to seperate them because of the shop´s menu. ^^

Cyperous wigs are heat risistant until 160°C - for further informations, plz take a look at the items description or ask the seller!
I didn´t use any hot tools on my Cyperous wigs yet, since the hair has got a very weird structure... more about it later!

The wigs are available in several colors, you can just check them up with browsing the store - it´s a bit uncomfy compared to Prisilia. ^^"
The color range includes pretty natural tones from dark brown to ash blonde, over cherry red and purple black.
Cyperous wigs don´t have highlights and shades, they´re just one plain color. =)

About the price range... I must say, I paid too much for what I got in the end.
I bought two hime wigs from Cyperous, both around 70€.
The hair has got a very weird structure (super dry looking), and it´s felting super easily - impossible to comb it out, I had to cut it! The roots were already broken and frizzy when I got the wigs... <.<
BUT... The curls are just lovely, and they got a nice hold! Since I bought hime wigs, there´s a bump in the back part of the wig to add some extra volume - it comes out very nice! =)

I´ll show you some photos of one of my Cyperous full hime wigs as well. =)

On the inside...You can see the cyperous tag. =)

Cyperous full wigs do always come with a wig-net to gather your natural hair easily. =)
Here you can see all the beautful curls such as the typical hime-style bump in the back of the wig. =)

On this side view...
...the bump is even better visible. ^^
The wig is really long, so it´s pretty heavy (that´s why I don´t like to wear it during summer... xD").
I cut out all the felted and frizzy some weeks before, so the curls are looking pretty neat again... I wish I would have taken a photo before. =/

But from the close view of the upper part...
You can still see some frizz. =/
It´s because I didn´t want to cut the outer layers of hair even shorter - I´m pretty sure they would pop out even more then.
I´ll try to fix it with some tips I got from my girlfriend some hours ago. o.O"

Nay part of the wig... ~__~
The roots.
This is a mess!
The zig-zag parting was looking so nice on the stock photo - so I was pretty disappointed when I got this. =/

Well, that´s so far for the Cyperous part.
My conclusion... I would not buy from cyperous again, unleast they´re having a sale. <.< For my personal use, Prisila is the better choice.

Now up to the last part, the...


To make it clearly visible, I made this comparison
As you can see, the color of the wig is true to the color of the wig on the stock photo here!
It´s plain ashy blonde color without any highlights and shades, BUT - it works with the light to create nice effects. =)

This halfwig is in the color LIYE, it´s pretty easy to see that it´s a lot darker then the tone LIYE that is visible on Prisila´s color range here!
On this photo you can see all the highlights and shades pretty well, that are causing this effect.

Alright, that´s it for now.
Sorry for the giant blogpost, I just wanted to put together as much informations as possible ~ I hope I could help a bit. =)

For further informations, photos, whatever... don´t hesitate to give me a comment under this post, or just send me an Email. ;D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oktoberfest starting TODAY! :´D

Oktoberfest is the worlds biggest fair!
Famous for beer, fast rollercoasters, and sexy girls wearing Dirndl. ;D

As I mentioned on my huge post about traditional german dress "Dirndl", I bought myself a new pinkxblack midi (half length) Dirndl and hime-fied it a bit. =)

Here´s what I got:
Only 23€ at a Sale! :´D
My friends all told me it looks worn out and used... but somehow I saw some potential in it. xD"
And after some ironing and fixing loose threads, it was looking gorgeous again! x3

And here´s what I made out of it. =3
(I wore it at my citie´s smaller version of Oktoberfest last week. ^^)(sorry for the bad pics, I really suck in taking photos. xD")
Outfit rundown♥
~Half-wig: Prisila (bangs & tail) ~ btw, big blogpost about prisila and cyperous wigs coming tomorrow! x3
~Dirndl: SKANDAL Trachten
~Organdy blouse & apron - super trendy this year!
~JD accessory (replica): Mules, necklace
~Random accessory: bow & rose pin in the hair, 2x rose pins on the neckline, ribbon & deco chain lacing, pink pearls belt, anklet
~Nails: blingup´s heavy deco-ed nails

Silly face expression photo. lol
(My best friend was standing on my right side, telling me: "Go catch your boobs, they´re going to fall out of the dress!" xD")
Let´s call it the "eeeeeeeeeeeee"-pose... xD"

No photopost complete without chu-photo. x3
Give kiss! :-*
Haha, at least you can see my deco-nails here. =)

Oh, and my eye make-up that day.
I have always put on too much eyeliner, so I wanted to draw thinner lines now - satisfied about it this time. =)
BUT... looks like no eyeshadow at all (the cam ate it! Dx), and the liquid eyeliner is reflecting the light! o__O" (...need new one now, I guess. ~__~") Need to get some cream eyeliner for my bottom waterline as well, the one I´m using now is not working out at all... <.<
Satisfaction: 40%
...I need to practise practise practise... xD"

btw... Lashes are from Dolly Wink. =)

Thanks for watching! =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mr. Yan, you´re surprising me... o.O

(NOTE: Mr. Yan is the owner of Bodyline, a webshop for pretty cheap Lolita clothing/Cosplay costumes/hot underwear. lol)

I don´t think I have to write an intro post about Bodyline, since there are already MILLIONS of it online. =)

So... I didn´t buy Bodyline Lolita dresses for AGES (I only bought random accessory). o.O

It´s not because Bodyline is cheap... (I`m miserly, I confess... xD") it´s more because their dresses were not my taste at all.
Unflattering shapes of the dresses, bold look, badly pulled off "oldschool" style dresses (aka: frill-monster/frill-zilla), ugly colors and "prints" (especially talking about the tiny millefleur fabric they were using TOO MUCH. <.<)

I`m talking about dresses like this one...

Ouch. ^^"
I´m sure there are lot´s of girls that love such dresses!
But for me... nay. =/ It´s just not my taste.

But recently, Bodyline is coming up with a few ADORABLE dresses with super cute shape and sweet colorful prints!
If I remember right, Bodyline´s history of NICE and NOT replicated prints started with the "Love Nadia" series about 2 yours ago. They were slowly improving over the past 2 years - not to forget: This development happened thanks to the customer design contests as well! Good job girls and boys, I love your work (especially this dress, basing on a customers design)! =)

Bodyline took a huge step forwards in my opinion, so now I even consider to buy from them again! o.O
Let´s take a look at some of their recent designs. =)

Merry go round & the stars JSK
(title by myself, lol)

A girl on "daily lolita coordinates" posted a photo of herself wearing the black version of the dress... I fell in love with it instantly! *___*
The little stars all over the Jumperskirt, the lines, the cute merry go round print with pink pony´s - simply adorable! :´D
Unfortunately, the dress was already sold out when I entered the site. =/

Sweet biscuit & heart chocolate JSK

So lovely as well! I especially like the back of this dress with the big bow on the neckholders! :´D The black lines of this dress feature a sweet heart & pearls print, the bottom of the skirt is decorated with tasty cookies and chocolate hearts.
I want it in mint so badly... but I was too late again, and now it´s sold out. Dx

Next are two dresses from the latest update!
Soft cream & polkadots JSK

I´m sure it would look even more adorable with a bit more poofy petticoat underneath! o.O
The shape of this dress is not that special, but the print is super sweet and detailed again! Ice-cream, hearts, polkadot´s, bow´s, chocolate... and there´s a pinkxblack version, so I will definately go for it! *___*
This time nothing can hold me back! Ò__O/

Macaron & rose JSK

Haha, I was waiting for a Bodyline macaron print... xD And here it is!
Nice and detailed print again, I love the big scallop ending of the print on the bottom! =D I´m not into the big polkadots... but they´re matching perfectly with this dress!

Haha, I feel like going back to my Lolita roots again. xD" (My first dress was from Bodyline... super ugly dress now that I remember it... Yes, I confess - I was an ita Lolita. Dx Fortunately I could grow out of it. ^^")
Seems like I start to grow a little love for Bodyline again. =)

I´m looking forward to see Bodyline´s further progress. =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: Oh wow, 7 followers now! Thank you so much!

Friday, September 10, 2010 review - where to buy high quality and gorgeous deco nails ♥

As I already mentioned some posts earlier, I´m totally in love with decoden.
And since I`m a Sakurina fangirl, my love is focussed on deco nails mostly. xD"

I often decorated nail tips on my own, but I always failed. The deco pieces were falling off every once and and a while, and the nails itself were no perfect fit on my natural nail.
Since I´m a perfectionist, I never left the house with those weaboo gal nails. ~__~

Then I discovered some while ago - it´s a place where people sell their handcrafted stuff like jewelry, paintings, accessory... and so much more. =)
I found some very nice looking deco nails on this database - and so my friend did a group order. But what we got was no satisfying at all. =/
(The same weaboo gal nails that I could make on my own as well... the pieces were falling off after short time of wearing the nails, the tips were no perfect fit at all, and on top of that: they were FAR OUT from what the seller promised us the nails would look like.)
While my friends gave up on wearing deco-nails after this giant fail, I couldn´t give up easily. Dx It´s my pride as a Sakurina fangirl... lulz

So I searched etsy again... and I found a store named blingup. The shown images were really impressive (just look at this nail set... so HOT! *__*), such as the description.

~ A team of professional US nail artists are working on high quality nail sets
~ They also do custom orders (basing on a sketch you´ve drawn, or on a photo, your ideas and wishes... ;D)
~ The nails are custom made to your nail size and shape
~ The nail artists are using deco pieces made in Japan as well

* Their contact person does reply super fast & friendly on messages (even though my english was so messed up... xD")
* Since I was under pressure of getting my nails within 2 weeks, they made and shipped my nails within super short time! :´D
* They offered me a discount on their webshop (beware: only for US customers, but if you contact them via using etsy, you can order from this store as well! =D), because shipping came out a bit more expensive then supposed
* They gave me lot´s of suggestions, for example how to attach the tips to my natural nails! Great service, I never got so "pampered" before. :´D

So now about the main part of the review! =3

I contacted blingup with using etsy´s mail system on August 29.
I asked them if they can customize this heavy deco-ed nail set (found it on the web) for me until September 11...

...because I need them for a lolita photoshooting on this Sunday. xD"
2 weeks are a horribly short time for customizing nails AND shipping them from LA to Germany, so I was aware that it might be impossible...
I got a reply on my message within the same day! The seller was telling me that the nail artists can do it and that the nails would arrive right on time with using express shipping with USPS. They also gave me a quick price estimate, which sounded fair in my ears.
So I took the chance! x3

At first, I had to take the required measurements of my nails - I used blingup´s tutorial therefore. They also asked about the shape of my nail bed ~ curved or flat.

During the process of customizing , I always got the latest informations about the progress of my nail set.
I felt really safe and relieved since I was sure they can make it right on time! Great service! =D

blingup finished working on my nails on September 4., and they posted them within the same day!
6 days later = September 10. = today (xD") - my beautiful nail set arrived at my house! x3

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the parcel. =/
But everything was packed super well in 2 thick and air-cushioned envelopes - so no damage at all! =)

Here´s what I got:

~ Nail tape (as you can see, made in Japan xD). I got it from blingup´s webstore after they offered me 10% discount on everything after shipping costs turned out higher then supposed. Hey, they gave me one set (10x tapes) for free! :´D
~ Mini nail file. Got it as a gift as well, so nice! ♥
~ Nail glue. For free as well! x3 I think it´s the leftover of what the nail artist used to glue all the deco pieces on my nails (?)
~ Extra deco pieces. So that I can fix deco that fell off.

Let´s take a close look at them...

When I opened this small box the first time, I just had to stare at those nails maybe 2 minutes - so much glitzy and bling bling, I thought I´m taking a sneak peak at paradise. :´D
This photo does not do them justice, they´re so much more beautiful in reality.

The nails are extremely well made, I never got such high quality and kawaii looking nails before!

Most impressive: I don´t know if you can see it well on my photos, but there are small rows of tiny golden pearls on 4 nails. Those pearls are maybe 0,5mm SMALL, and every single piece was glued on the nails SEPERATELY without ANY glue stains! ♥

The nail artist that created this set would probably kill me because of saying this, but I tried to pull off one of the big bows on the thumb tips. xD"
I just wanted to try if they can survive normal pressure... since such heavy deco-ed nails are predestined for fallen off deco pieces. ^^" I´ve chosen the big bow for this experiment since I was sure that even a clumsy person like myself can glue this big thing back on the tip... xD"
Anyways - nothing happened, and I´m sure the tips could even survive a lot more pressure! But I didn´t want to take it any further, of course. xD"

There´s not one single stain of glue on the tips
They fit perfectly to my nails measurements!

You can definately tell that a pro worked on them... those nails are just flawless, and I love them to death. ♥
They´re worth every Cent I payed for them, and I will definately buy from blingup again! (Haha, one of Sakurina´s nail sets already cought my attention. :´D)

If you want high quality (custom made) nails, I strongly recommand blingup! It´s not the cheapest way for sure, but worth every Cent!

Last but not least... photo of them worn:

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: My 6th follower ~ Yay, thank you so much! Welcome here! =D

Some random keyword spam ♥

Since blogger is an google application, it allows me to take a look at the keywords that visitors used on google and finally got onto my blog page.

Even though I feel like a spy a bit... let´s take a look at the list! xD

chiralicious blog
Ahhhhw... there are ppl that are searching for my blog directly... happiest girl alive over here! :´D ♥

chirality-chan chiralicious
*shrugs* Looks like someone found out about my (darn) old username. lol

children in knee stockings non nude
Somehow... even the "non nude" can´t calm me down about this. xD"

dirndl pink
dirndl site:
german girl dirndl
what kind of hairstyle do I wear with a dirndl
Maybe this will help a bit:
Click me, I`m a link! x3

rina sakurai
YEEEEEEEEEES! Sakurina 4ever! x3 Let´s spread some Saku-licious love! :´D ♥

buy jesus diamante replica shoes
I got mine from TAOBAO (it´s like... China´s ebay. xD), and I can recommand the shop of this SELLER, he´s also seeling THE FAMOUS JD ROSE MULES! =)
You will need a shopping service to buy from TaoBao... I recommand, especially their sales agent popeye cai - he´s a gorgeous person! :´D
I will write a seperate Blogpost about TaoBao shopping with this service! (I´m currently purchasing some autumn/winter/lolita wardrobe from TaoBao with their help, it´s the second time I´m using this shipping service - and I´m super satisfied again! Anyways... seperate post about this later... xD)
A tip for JD shopping on TaoBao: Do write both words together ~ "JesusDiamante"! A lot more items will show up then! ;D

cyperous wig lolita blog
Yup, cyperous and prisila are BEST for Lolita and Gyaru. I think I´m going to write another blogpost about it later, since I own several wigs of both brands. =3

Got some presents from Mai-chan yesterday! :´D I ♥ you Gal, you´re the best!

There was a sale at Mai-chan´s local donki (= japanese drugstore ~ if I remember right, it was donki... wasn´t it? @__@), so she got a huuuuge load of Dolly Wink and Candy Doll stuff! o///o
Aaaaaaah... I wish we had a donki here. ^^"

Upper lashes: Dolly Wink No. 1 ~ Dolly Sweet; Dolly Wink No. 2 ~ Sweet Girly
Lower lashes: Dolly Wink No. 6 ~ Baby Cute; Dolly Wink No. 7 ~ Vivid Pop
Middle: GORGEOUS Dolly Wink lash glue! I looove it!!

Another blogpost will follow later, since I just got my new baby, kihihi. ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sex sells ~ lulz

I´m dropping a bunch of words like "panty" and stuff on my LAST BLOG ENTRY, and I´m getting around 300 views for it in just 2 days?! lulz

I love you all. This made my day. xD

Hey, if it works out like this... I´ll put some naughty words at the end of every upcoming blogpost I`m doing! *just kidding* xD"




...Hey, it was worth a try... xD"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Seriously NOT related to this blogpost:
My 5th follower, yahoooooooooo!! Thank you so much, and welcome here! x3

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Time for some quite funny, but yet senseless spam. xD"

I may quote myself from THIS blog entry about traditional german clothes.

~~~"Men´s traditional wear: "Lederhose". lulz
I definately DON`T like it. xD"~~~

Yes, it´s true. I can´t fight this feeling. Lederhosen are just so ugly in my eyes! Dx
I mean... seriously. It´s looking so awkward... isn´t it? ^^"
Uhhhhw. I mean... uhhhhhhhhhw!!! x___X

But today, I found something that changed my mind a bit... I can definately see something sexy in guys wearing Lederhosen now! o__O"

Lederhosen Panty! :´D

My Honey was so eager to wear Lederhosen when I showed him germany´s traditional clothes some time ago... but of course, I did NOT agree with this plan. xD"
Well... I still don´t like his plan.
And I´m pretty sure I will never do. ^^"
(Even though I`m sure he would rock this style, since he´s so beautiful that even a dirty floorcloth becomes haute couture on his body...)
I definately would love to see him wearing those shorts. ♥
And I`m sure they will look so much sexier on my sweet Darling then on this ugly model ♥
(YES. There´s a reason why I cut the rest of the model´s body off. x__x)

So this panty goes to the hall of fame of "shorts that I want my BF to wear", where THIS BABY already took place 2 months ago. lulz

This is worth a new tag on my blog!
Let´s have fun with the


(jap. "pantsu" = panty, shorts, bloomers)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deco-den ♥

Ahhhw, I´m so much into deco-den... I heavy deco-ed my cell phone one year ago, but now it´s broken... ~__~
Guess what... I`m choosing my new phone by the fact if it´s deco-able or not. xD" *weirdooo*

So what is deco-den?

Deco-den is the art of heavy decorating items like cell phones, mirrors, nails, shoes, clothes, handbags, instruments, toilet paper... haha, okay okay... kidding.
But seriously: Almost everything can be deco-ed. =)

There is lot´s of decorative stuff that can be used for deco-den, mostly in 3D shape of course. ^^
Some of them are...
~ Swarovski crystals
~ plastic roses / hearts / bows / macarons / ice cream / whatever you like
~ silvery shining crowns / keys / crosses / whatsoever
~ plastic Hello Kitty / My Melody / *fill in random mascots name... xD"* figurines
~ fake flowers made of fabric
~ lace
~ bows made of fabric
~ everything you like! =D

All those pieces are glued either directly onto the item (example: Nintendo DS), or on a seperate case (example: Nintendo DS case) that can be removed easily.
If you decide to glue on the item directly, you should use a top coat (I heard of 2x coats of clear nailpolish once? =_=" Sadly, I forgot this step when I deco-ed my mobile one year ago... xD") so that you can easily fix any issues or even remove parts of your decoration.

Before using the glue, you can place the deco pieces on your item first to get a rough idea of the look you want to create. =)

Next step is to glue on the biggest parts of the decoration.
To not smudge the glue, you can use a pair of tweezers (very useful for tiny pieces like rhinestones!).
Once you´ve glued on the big pieces of deco, you can work your way round with the tiny parts.
Just have fun and be creative. =)

Now just wait until all the glue is dry, and have fun with your deco-ed item! x3

I´ve bought my deco supplies at They offer a wide range of different bling bling, sweets jewelry, flat deco stickers, and even deco cases that consist all the materials to create a super easy, quick and kawaii cell phone decoration (but beware: This case is made for decorating ONE side of a rather SMALL phone. Better buy some additional deco pieces, so that you can fill out gaps that might appear. <- my friends advice, she used this kit)

Some very handy and creative people can even make their deco pieces on their own!
I´ve mostly seen them doing sweets jewelry, like macarons, strawberries, chocolate cookies... so much cute stuff all made of clay! =D
Special kit´s with molds are also offered at Strapya: Here! Clay, mold and lot´s of glitzy is already included - I think it´s perfect for beginners, so I´ll get one soon! x3 (I want my own clay-christmas-cake this year! x3)

The easiest way of keitai (jap. = cell phone) deco: Just get some pre-made hook-and-loop fastener deco for your mobile at curvy´s rakuten store. lol
As you can see by the explanation on this page, it´s super easy. Just glue on the hook-and-loop fastener (dammit... this word seems so odd to me. @__@) with using double side tape. Next and final step: pin on the pre-made keitai deco, that already has attached the rough side of the fastener.
Yay: You can easily change the style of the mobile phone with just putting on another pre-made deco.
I loooove this set...

Alright, enough of all the text! =D
Onto the favorite part: some bling bling now! x3

Super cute Nintendo DS Case (not directly glued on the item) deco featuring My Melody ♥

*dies* ADORABLE e-guitar deco with soft plush-balls and such a cuuute butterfly. :´D

Sakurina´s famous deco nails ♥ I love this set so much... especially the cross!

This keitai deco is more on the gothic side - the crown is such an eyecatch!

I am NOT a pro in deco-den, and this should NOT be a tutorial or such. xD"
I just wanted to give a rough idea how deco-den works, and encourage people to try it out - because it´s super easy and stylish! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: HERA! My 4th follower... thank you so much! ^///^