Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deco-den ♥

Ahhhw, I´m so much into deco-den... I heavy deco-ed my cell phone one year ago, but now it´s broken... ~__~
Guess what... I`m choosing my new phone by the fact if it´s deco-able or not. xD" *weirdooo*

So what is deco-den?

Deco-den is the art of heavy decorating items like cell phones, mirrors, nails, shoes, clothes, handbags, instruments, toilet paper... haha, okay okay... kidding.
But seriously: Almost everything can be deco-ed. =)

There is lot´s of decorative stuff that can be used for deco-den, mostly in 3D shape of course. ^^
Some of them are...
~ Swarovski crystals
~ plastic roses / hearts / bows / macarons / ice cream / whatever you like
~ silvery shining crowns / keys / crosses / whatsoever
~ plastic Hello Kitty / My Melody / *fill in random mascots name... xD"* figurines
~ fake flowers made of fabric
~ lace
~ bows made of fabric
~ everything you like! =D

All those pieces are glued either directly onto the item (example: Nintendo DS), or on a seperate case (example: Nintendo DS case) that can be removed easily.
If you decide to glue on the item directly, you should use a top coat (I heard of 2x coats of clear nailpolish once? =_=" Sadly, I forgot this step when I deco-ed my mobile one year ago... xD") so that you can easily fix any issues or even remove parts of your decoration.

Before using the glue, you can place the deco pieces on your item first to get a rough idea of the look you want to create. =)

Next step is to glue on the biggest parts of the decoration.
To not smudge the glue, you can use a pair of tweezers (very useful for tiny pieces like rhinestones!).
Once you´ve glued on the big pieces of deco, you can work your way round with the tiny parts.
Just have fun and be creative. =)

Now just wait until all the glue is dry, and have fun with your deco-ed item! x3

I´ve bought my deco supplies at They offer a wide range of different bling bling, sweets jewelry, flat deco stickers, and even deco cases that consist all the materials to create a super easy, quick and kawaii cell phone decoration (but beware: This case is made for decorating ONE side of a rather SMALL phone. Better buy some additional deco pieces, so that you can fill out gaps that might appear. <- my friends advice, she used this kit)

Some very handy and creative people can even make their deco pieces on their own!
I´ve mostly seen them doing sweets jewelry, like macarons, strawberries, chocolate cookies... so much cute stuff all made of clay! =D
Special kit´s with molds are also offered at Strapya: Here! Clay, mold and lot´s of glitzy is already included - I think it´s perfect for beginners, so I´ll get one soon! x3 (I want my own clay-christmas-cake this year! x3)

The easiest way of keitai (jap. = cell phone) deco: Just get some pre-made hook-and-loop fastener deco for your mobile at curvy´s rakuten store. lol
As you can see by the explanation on this page, it´s super easy. Just glue on the hook-and-loop fastener (dammit... this word seems so odd to me. @__@) with using double side tape. Next and final step: pin on the pre-made keitai deco, that already has attached the rough side of the fastener.
Yay: You can easily change the style of the mobile phone with just putting on another pre-made deco.
I loooove this set...

Alright, enough of all the text! =D
Onto the favorite part: some bling bling now! x3

Super cute Nintendo DS Case (not directly glued on the item) deco featuring My Melody ♥

*dies* ADORABLE e-guitar deco with soft plush-balls and such a cuuute butterfly. :´D

Sakurina´s famous deco nails ♥ I love this set so much... especially the cross!

This keitai deco is more on the gothic side - the crown is such an eyecatch!

I am NOT a pro in deco-den, and this should NOT be a tutorial or such. xD"
I just wanted to give a rough idea how deco-den works, and encourage people to try it out - because it´s super easy and stylish! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: HERA! My 4th follower... thank you so much! ^///^



  2. :O Naiilsss theree scarry

  3. Those nails are awesome :3
    Deco-den is so cute!

  4. your so awesome!
    and also...where do u get the decoden pieces?

  5. have you ever use silicone as whip cream? BTW those are so kawaii!!

  6. @Anonymus1: Haha, that was my first reaction when I saw those hyper deco-ed nails the first time, too! xD

    @Anonymus2: xD"

    @Anonymus3: Yes, I´m totally into deco-ed items, too! Unfortunately I so suck in doing deco recently! ~///~

    @Anonymus4: Ahhhw, thank you! As I mentioned above, strapya is a very good source for deco pieces!
    But you might also find some interesting supplies at! =D

    @Berrie: Ahhw, I heard of using silicone for that! But I never did it myself - I buy most of the deco pieces pre-made. I´m not talented enough for crafting them. =(

  7. *Drools over guitar*
    In case anyone was wondering, you can find a list of all the sites to buy decoden supplies here:

  8. amazing you just inspired me too start yay ;)

    1. Very nice to hear that, have fun! =D