Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! ♥ Spring inspiration ♥

Happy Easter sweet Princesses and Princes!
Hope you found a lot of choco bunnies and eggs waiting for you, haha! ;)

It started snowing again at my place! x___X So I'm trying my very best to not get my easter holiday mood ruined, haha!
I already got a small milk choco bunny from my Mum, it is so cute! I have a hard time eating chocolate figures, because I just can't sacrifice to rip off the cute wrapping! :´D *silly girl is silly*

I'll spend the day with my family, it has become a tradition in my hometown that everybody is gathering on Easter Sunday. I'm so happy to see my godson again, he has grown soooo fast! ♥

Do you also have plans for Easter Holiday? =)

I might be very busy soon, because I just got myself a 2nd job at an outpatient care service! I'm not announcing a hiatus though, I will still keep on blogging every now and then - but the entry's might decrease a bit, or become shorter in general. Plz bear with me until summer. =/

I took the 2nd job in order to safe some money for a biiiig vacation in Taiwan and Japan this year ♥
I'm having a hard time to control my spending habits, not going to deny this. xD" *obvious habit is obvious* So the only way to get that money is working even harder. ;) 
(Sounds like a punishment, haha - but I actually really like it. When I had to work really hard for something, I enjoy finally getting it even more!)

I wanna travel to Tainan City, Khaosiung on of course Taipeh ♥
Beautiful Khaosiung Love River ♥

Yesterday I had some time to check the latest issues of Egg and Ageha! 
I was kinda disappointed with Ageha again. =/ The make-up tutorials are way too toned down for my taste (I miss the times when HEAVY EYELINER was the real deal... Q__Q), and the outfits were just so-so. =/

From Ageha:
Beloved Sakurina ♥
Red x Black is always KILLER, I love how she combined it with that chunky jewelry all over!

I'm definately gonna try that out as soon as I got my new (second hand) prisila hairpiece! >////<

From Egg:
Old trends like high waisted Jeans seem to continue, just as long denim skirts (perfectly pulled off by Yun here, love her ♥)

Not that awesome at first glance, but I love how she mixed Kuronba & Ora Ora elements! 

Flower prints on white base tone might be trendy next season! Perfect match with dark, distressed denim - love that look ♥ 

My fav. Outfit of all ♥
I find it a very creative mix of pattern and material, and it's just TOO HOT to resist ♥

I'll be off hunting for some more choco bunnies now! =P Cross your fingers for me, haha!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Friday, March 22, 2013

♥Kyabajo LOVE♥

 I'm sure many of you share my obsession with sexy Kyaba Gals, so I thought I'd make an entry about that. ;)


Kyabajo are basically Hostesses, working at "kyabakura" (Hostesses Clubs, counter part of a Host Club)

I'm sure most of you know this fact already, but to complete the list: Kyabajo are NO prostitutes. 
Most of the kyabakura are just clubs were you can drink, play games and have fun with pretty ladies for a specific amount of money - Sex is an OPTION, but not a MUST. To make it more specific, Sex is even discouraged!

Sweet Amani has put it very well in the comments section, here's a quote:
With Kyabajo, sex is -usually- discouraged since the job is all about manipulation really... You're sweet-talking and trying to make good conversation and stuff and trying to make guys buy more drinks. But once you sleep with them there's always the risk of loosing that customers interest in the process, and that's very detrimental to your employment at the lounge. So unless it's a really shady club or something that pushes you to prostitute yourself, sex is usually a huge no. 
Thank you Amani

So there are definately Pro's and Con's regarding this Job, but I don't wanna start a big discussion now. =)

For me, the most important PRO is the fashion Kyabajo mostly wear ♥


Kyabajo mostly wear Agejo fashion including the typical Agejo hairstyles (like Sujimori). The make-up tends to have an extra bling, layered eyelashes and thick eyeliner ♥ 
Also, heavy deco-ed nails (Sakurina style!) are often seen, along with nice sparkling jewelry to complete the look. 
For a sexy touch, Kyabajo tend to wear a deep neckline showing much bust, and hot garter stockings. 
During daytime, big sunglasses are beeing worn (mostly to cover the black circles after a night of party).

The brand that mostly fits these specifics is, by no means: MA*RS! =)

Hmmm, sounds nice, but not that special... right? 
So what actually makes Kyabajo really special for me is...


Kyabakura are famous for holding "theme nights" or "costume events". During these events, Kyabajo will dress according to the topic of the night. Here are some examples!

Gown Night (my absolute favorite ♥)
 Love the mix of light pink & turquoise ♥

So sexy! *___*

 Kimono-style gowns are also very famous!

Oh how I wish I would also have any occassion to wear such a dress... I would buy one in an instant, so beautiful! ♥

Suit Night
 Set by Ma*rs. Pink x black color combination is very famous amongst Kyabajo!

 Another Ma*rs Set - I love the chain detail sooooo much! 

 This set is done by Yumetenbo, it was featured on Ageha! ♥ (A tad too sexy for my taste, but very nice to look at nonethless. ;D)

Costume Night
 Oh well... since easter holidays are coming... xD

The infamous Santa costume! All over the Gal shops every year during November & December, haha. =)


Mostly getting up in the afternoon, Kyabajo have to get ready for work SOON. And I mean SOON
The coordination of the outfit has to be done, as well as the heavy make-up. Also, the usual preparations mostly require a hairset by a professional hairstylist, which can take up to 2-3 hours (especially complicated Sujimori hairstyle). And that's not even counted as "working time" yet!

Work starts in the late evening at the Kyabakura - that means playing out all social skills, constantly keep your smile up, keep flirting, keep trying to sell drinks (because that's what Kyabakura actually make their money with) and keep drinking. 
Sounds like a big Party, but imagine you have to do this EVERY DAY, 6 DAYS A WEEK. x___X

Closing time is mostly in the early morning, which basically means: Hurry home and go to bed, to get up in the afternoon again. And the circle is repeating... 

As you see, keeping up a "normal" life as a Kyabajo is kinda hard.
Donki & Conbini stores are the best friend of those Gals, because they're open 24 hours a day. 
There's even a solution for shopping clothes during the evening and nighttime! Around famous Kyabakura districts, you will always see a couple of clothing shops carrying Kyabajo-style clothing. The opening times absolutely fit with the working times at the Kyabakura +/- 3 hours! Quite handy - at least a few stores for them to shop in! =)

Working mostly at night and sleeping at day surely costs a lot of energy, and they still manage to look absolutely flawless - I pay a lot of respect to all those Kyabajo out there! >///<


Some of Kyabajo made it really far, becoming actresses, models and the like. 
I once heard that Himena Ousaki, the role-model of all Himegyaru, used to be working at a Kyabakura before!

Makes her even more adorable, I think! ♥

If you have more info for me to add to this post, please let me know! =D 
Special thanks to my better half over there in Japan, Mai-chan - thanks for sponsoring so much input (maybe...70%? xD) for this entry! ;)

Now some personal things... I'm happy that I could successfully complete my last big exam today, I'm so happy its over! It was really exhausting! x___X Now I'm excited to see my grades... xD" (Hope they're not too bad...)

During all this stressful time, my boyfriend was a big help for me! He was coping with my mood swings all the time and without complaining, always trying to cheer me up and care about me... Such a sweetie! Q__Q

One day, I was very down... so he allowed me to play dress-up with him! :´D It was so much fun, I dressed him like a korean idol, kihihi ♥

Ahhhw, I love this photo a lot. :´D
But it is so NOT him, haha. xD 
He felt kinda awkward in this outfit, even wearing make-up and shit. And to be honest... I also like him a lot better in his usual style, haha. 
But we both had a blast playing dress-up, thanks for that awesome day Honey ♥

Today, a very embarrassing thing happened to me... I'm still blushing when I think about it! xD"
I wanted to post a message to my facebook journal, just some personal spam about weight loss AND my latest measurements... BUT I accidentally posted it public at the Gal Sales, so embarrassing! And I didn't realize that until 45 minutes later, OMG... Please let me dig a hole and jump into it. xD"
I really hope I didn't disturb anybody, since the Gal Sales are for SELLING & BUYING things, but not for personal bullshit. =/

Anyways, I wonder what is the most embarrassing situation that happened to YOU recently? Let's share some funny experiences, haha! ;D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sales, Get's and all the nice things in life! ♥

Guess who's back again, haha! ;D
Hope you're all doing well!

First of all, I wanted to let you know about my recent sales! Yumetenbo & d.i.a stuff included, plz check it out! ;)
Follow meeeeeeee ~

Weather is absolutely crazy in Germany at the moment! 2 weeks ago, it used to be sunny and warm - I even had the chance to wear a flowy spring dress! Q__Q (How I miss those days! *granny mode off ~ lol*) Then it suddenly started snowing again, and at the moment we're drowning in rain. =/

I hope it'll be warm again soon! I'm a bit sick of wearing my winter clothes while so many cute new spring stuff is sitting in my closet waiting to be worn out! xD

I'm a bit tense recently, since I'm having my big mid-term exams on Thursday & Friday! x__X
As you might know I'm studying nursing - I'm in the last year of my education period now, which simply means: Tests, tests, tests. xD"
I'll be taking exams in human anatomy (physiology & pathology), patients care of all ages (newborn to elderly), and nursing science (theory of nursing). Especially the last topic is killing my nerves, because I gotta remember the names and theories of so many famous nurses... x___X

I'll try my best anyways, can't wait to finally get my full nurse degree and start helping patients as THEY NEED IT, not following the "saving time, saving money" rule. <.<
I'll be an awesome nurse for sure! ♥

The best way to distract myself from those quite stressfull event is... SHOPPING, of course! xD
My biggest love and my greatest habit, yeah... but well, that won't stop me from drooling over my recent bought treasures! I don't regret anything, haha. ♥

My Gets!

Ma*rs Garter Pants
Oh yes, they finally arrived to their new loving home! ♥
These are my "motivation pants" to loose some more weight, haha! They're a size 25, and I can already fit into them (which is a huge success for me anyways, lol) - I'm not 100% confident about the fit, though. I think I'll feel more comfortable wearing those when I lost some more kg. Wish me luck! ;)

Ma*rs skirt
Believe it or not, I saw myself in a dream, wearing exactly this skirt - I had to get it, no matter what! *__* (crazy bitch is crazy.)
I love it to death, it's even more beautiful then I ever imagined! Now I cannot wait to get the matching top ♥

Perfume & Bodylotion Set "Everose" by Jil Sander
It's a present from my BF! OMG I was wishing for that Perfume for a couple of months already, I was so super happy that he remembered! Q___Q
He got me this awesome Perfume & Bodylotion Set for White Day, isn't it cute? ^///^ I only took a photo of the box, though - I was too excited trying out the perfume after I unwrapped it, I absolutely forgot taking further photos. xD"

Everose is perfect for all girls that are into sweet and elegant scents! It slightly smells like roses, but in a very pleasant way! (Rose perfumes mostly tend to smell like good old grannys toilet potpourri... <.<)

I have the infamous d.i.a Moon Belt waiting in our local customs office atm (oh what a pleasure to go there meet my BEST FRIENDS again. ~__~ *sarcasm off*), and 2 pairs of cute lenses will arrive soon ♥ So excited to get my stuff soon! ♥

I'll end this entry with the usual photo spam, beware. ;) 

I'm really into the mood for Agejo now, as you might already guess from my recent Ma*rs buys, haha! ;) So I couldn't wait to wear out my new Ma*rs skirt! 
Oh well, always striking the same pose recently... how boring. <.<
I'll try to remember doing something different next time, plz bear with me until then! xD"

Necklace: La Pafait
Jacket & Skirt: Ma*rs
Top: (not visible) H&M
Overknees, Shoes, random accessory: Offbrand

Close up!

Tried a hairstyle that I found in an old Ageha magazine, what a bad choice. Unfortunately it makes me look like a horse face. x___X Oh well, at least I learned something from it. xD
I was pleased with the make-up though, it's inspired by one of Sakurinas recent eyemake tutorials! (Once again I didn't manage to take a decent photo of it. I suck. Forever. ~__~)

I'll be posting again when exams are over, wish me luck! ;)
Wishing you an awesome time ♥

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?