Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty wedding dress ♥

We all know: Hello Kitty is everywhere. XD
There are so many unusual Hello Kitty themed things up on the market, just like the Hello-Kitty-Chainsaw, the Hello-Kitty-Motorbike (wasn´t Paris Hilton doing Promo for it some years ago? I remember something like that... she incidentally started the bike on the red carpet - poor girl, she was looking so shocked! xD"), and never to forget, my kinky favorite: The Hello-Kitty-Vibrator. lol

Now I´ve found pics of Hello Kitty wedding gowns at this blog!
(Don´t get me wrong, I`m not going to get married... as far as I know. xD I got linked to this site when I was searching for Hello Kitty pics)

Look at those cute robes! :´D

Looks so elegant and sexy! *__*
The little Kitty deco isn´t that obvious on this dress, I really like that!
I´m in love with red wedding dresses - unfortunately, I`m not the type for it. xD

Ahhhhw... I like the heart patches, I admit! And silver x blue is always a plus!
But besides that... this dress looks very cheap unfortunately. More like Cosplay. =/

This dress remembers me of the ballet "Swan Lake" so much! o__o
The shape of the dress is wonderful, and the little Kitty angel is so cute!
But I don´t like the fluffy fur on this one, looks cheap. =/

...uhm. xD"
Okay. This one is simply ugly for my taste. XD"
Looks like a granny dress - just imagine it in dark and dirty green! x__X
Even the cute Kitty details can´t convince me. =/

My pink dream! :´D
I´ve always wanted to change gowns at my wedding - not only wearing a classical white wedding dress, but also something colorful. Of course, it has to be a pink dress! >////<
This ones just so super cute! The shape, the ruffles, rose details, Hello Kitty! xD
I definately want something like this... but maybe with more tiny bling deco (I want deco den details on my pink dress! >///<), and higher quality materials. o.O

What do you think of those dresses? Too much or too less? xD
Which one is your favorite?

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

♥ Black hime & lolita ♥

Recently, I´m very much into the darker styles of hime and lolita.
Seems I`m going back to my kuro lolita roots, somehow. o__o" (I started with this style long ago)

While pastel colored dresses are super cute and feminine, I think that black dresses are a lot more elegant and sexier.

I picked out my favorite examples of JD. x3

Classical hime cut of the dress!!
I love the big lace border on the bottom! ♥

The top of this dress looks less fiminine since it doesn´t give the boobs any shape... but still so cute!


Very cute bow details mixing up with plain black - simple but so stylish!

Such a simple cut of the dress, but still so flawless and elegant!
The skirt is falling so lovely and wide! ♥

And since i´m so in love with this style... I bought myself a new black lolita dress a while ago! x3
Check the shops images since my photo sucks. xD"
It´s such a great quality, and so elegant due to all the details!
It´s also very sexy since the dress features a corset top!
I`m going to wear it for both, kuro hime and kuro lolita - I already got so many coordination ideas, can´t wait to wear this baby out! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Just a Quicky. ;D

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas holiday! x3

As for me... I got a christmas cookie overdoze now. I think I`m going to vomit if I see one more macaron. x__X
Time to head to the gym now! xD" <- not joking - that´s the reason why I`m only writing a Quicky now. ;D

My christmas presents! x3
Big big biiiig thanks to my family, nao chan, mai chan, yuya chan and Laurie! I love all of you so much! >///< (And you know I would love you without getting your presents too, ne? ;D)
You all were so creative, trying to perfectly hit my taste! It´s so touching that you all thought about me and my weaboo taste xD" so carefully... I hope you all feel the same about the presents I gave to you! x3

Just some of the things I got:
♥Koakuma Ageha Dec. 2010 issue♥
♥Milk chan usagi cellphone pouch♥
♥Nyanpire plushie♥
(if I push his hand, he´s saying: "chii kure nya!" -> "I want your blood, nya!" So cuuute! :´D)
♥Hello Kitty calendar 2011♥
♥Sushi starter kit. lol♥
♥Hello Kitty pajama♥
♥"Angel Heart" perfume♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas to all of you, may you all have a wonderful holiday full of joy and happyness!

Santa Nyanpire ufo-catcher!
Sweet as sugar, isn´t he? :´D
I bet he wants to wish you all a Happy Holiday, too! x3
Merry Christmas, let me drink your blood, NYAAAA~N! x3

Pic sponsored by nao nao chan, thank youuuuu~! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Monday, December 20, 2010


First of all... it´s an old story, but I wanna mention it again. xD"
I`m very sorry for the lack of updates and request to comments (especially super sorry about the comment thing, because I really don´t want to be rude! Plz don´t feel offended! >///<) but I`m just really busy now. Horrible shift plan + overtime + christmas preparations = taking way too much time. xD" It´ll be better around new year, when the big festival days are over. ^^

Anyways - as I mentioned some weeks ago, I did a big shoe and bags order at!

Some years ago, I did participate in a group order for lovelyshoes, and I got wonderful items from them! I definately had a positive feeling about them, so I decided to order again. ^^
I just needed some new fashionable shoes to match with my outfits, and since lovelshoes is offering really cheap stuff... I went for a big haul. xD

Here´s my review about them!

Soon after I placed my order, I got a message from lovelyshoes staff. She told me some of the shoes that I ordered are sold out already, even though they were shown as available when I put them into my shopping cart. She mentioned that stock changes quickly at their store, since a lot of customers purchase from lovelyshoes. Sounded like a rather bad excuse in my ears, of course - they should rather take care of updating their site quickly. =/
Fortunately, none of my MUST-HAVE items were sold out. :´D

The girl offered me to switch to other items, or getting a credit for their site that I can use for my next order. Refund is NOT possible. =/

Anyways, I switched to other items. ^^

Due to the stock problem + no refund rule, only 3 of 5 points here.

♥ REPLY ON MESSAGES (5/5) The staff girl replied super fast, and she´s always been very friendly! Her english skill was fabulous, so no communication problems at all! ^^

♥ FEES (5/5)

The shipping fee´s that lovelshoes does charge depends on the items weight and size. Since shoes are pretty heavy in general, and boots (just to give an example) are quite big, SHIPPING is what increases the price of the order.
Anyways, since the shoes are unbeatable cheap and you can get lot´s of different styles at once, I didn´t care about the shipping fees that much.
What they charge is really fair in my eyes (cheap shoes + fair shipping price), I`ll give them 5 of 5 points!


My items arrived in a very big box, and dammit - it wasn´t taped all over! xD" What a giant surprise! The first parcel from China that isn´t taped all over! xD"

But maybe that ridiculous amount of tape would have been useful, since my parcel arrived with a little hole on the side. The heel of my boots caused the damage, I think. =/

Even though there was a hole in the box, and it looked squished all over, all of my items arrived undamaged. ^^

Shipping was done by EMS China, and of course... it got cought by the german customs. ~__~ (Pretty usual for parcels carried with EMS China...) Again, handling the customs wasn´t a big thing - I was just bothered because they held my precious items for 3 more days! I´m too impatient for such happenings! Dx
But I admit that it was my fault - lovelyshoes does offer different ways of shipping, and I`ve chosen EMS myself since it sounded most reasonable to me. Can´t complain therefore... XD

4 points of 5 because... tape, plz? ^^"

♥ Quality of items (4/5)
It differs from one item to another, since the shoes are made by different manufacturers.
What I can say is... the quality is usually okay! You get what you paid for, and sometimes even a bit more. ^^
The common issues about the shoes are loose threads and glue stains, but they can be easily removed with scissors and nail varnish. ^^

(21/25) points for!

Since photos are sometimes telling more then 1000 words...

The giant box! xD
(almost as big as the box with TaoBao items that arrived one day earlier then this baby!)
As I mentioned... a hole in the box, caused by the heel of my boots. =/
The heel was popping out of the box when the postman handed it over, and he nervously mentioned it was there before he even touched the box. xD" (really cute, somehow)
The box itself was made of quite soft paper-card material, so it got squished easily. Fortunately, none of my items got damaged by that! ^^"
It was really hard to figure out a place to cut in there. x__X

When I cut off the top...
...I got a first positive surprise: All the items were packed seperately in soft foam plastic bags!
They also got stored carefully and reasonable inside the box. All the heels of my shoes were pointing to the OUTSIDE of the parcel, so that no item on the inside could get damaged by them. ^^ (Well... they damaged the box therefore. xD")
The chemical smell was just TOO MUCH.
Seriously, I´m used to chemical smell coming from such parcels... but this time it was unbearable, I even got a headache some minutes after I opened the box! x__X
I put all the items into a basket and stored them outside of my house for 2 hours, to air them. ...I aired my room after that, too - and immediately threw the damn box outside. xD"
After 2 hours of fresh air, the chemical scent was as good as gone. ^^

Now for the items! =D
(I`m using the original titles of lovelyshoes item description - plz don´t wonder, they´re usually L O N G and senseless. xD")

Crystal patent leather high-heeled cuspate toe high boots Z-XL811 green
I bought those to go with my Angelic Pretty "Melty Chocolate" replica - I just needed some mint colored shoes. ^^
I wanna decorate them with choco brown fur and some mint colored bows, since they´re looking too "plastic" just the way they are. ^^

The boots are looking exactly like the shop´s photo, and the measurements are the same as the items description tells.
However, there´s a little (almost invisible) grey stain at the side of one shoe - I can´t definately say what it is (since it´s too thin for a glue stain), but I managed to remove it with nail varnish. o.O

Patent leather waterproof increased high heel rabbit middle heel boots Z-BGE-B-1 white
SHIT QUALITY and absolutely NOT as pictured!
I was looking forward to some fluffy-furry white boots, but what I got in the end freaked me out so much!
The fur doesn´t even have the same color as the boots have! (Fur = off white/eggshell, Boots = snow white)
The fake leather isn´t sewn onto the boots carefully, so that tacky edges show off!
The ugly faux fur is sewn into a seam that was supposed to hold ONLY the boots together! Dx I mean... how fu*** bad craftmanship is this? Even though I was so angry, I really had to laugh about this, I confess. xD"
At least the inner material = leopard fabric rocks (Haha, hello irony - nobody will ever see it when worn... ~__~"), and so do the tall sexy heels...
I`ll simply try to rip off that freakin ugly fur, to see what I can do with them... so disappointed!

Wholesale Kvoll Designer pumps D4097
The shop´s photos are true to color, my photos suck in this way - sorry. xD" The shoes are actually hot pink, not red!
Bought them to go with my koakuma-kei outfits, and they´re even more fabulous then I imagined!
Perfect fit, sexy bling, cute details!
Not one single issue with them!
By the way... I strongy recommand KVOLL items! I do own several pairs of shoes and bags from them, they´re all gorgeous quality! ^^

fashionable and lovely leisure boots SY-XJ2018-2 apricot
Once again... LOVE!
I immediately thought of Liz Lisa when I saw them, so I just NEEDED them to be part of my collection!
Material is gorgeous from top to bottom! No size issues, no damaged or stained parts, absolutely true to the shop´s photo!

Korean version of round toe bowknot patent leather shoes for flexible size 30-43 xl-651
Almost the same model as the pink pumps above - and really nice! ^^
I wanted a pair of silver shoes to go with one of my lolita outfits that features a silvery print. So I went for those, since they´ve got many cute details!
Quality is okay - the back ribbon isn´t desolated at the edges, so I worry that it might fray... one of the shoes also arrived a tiny bit squished, but I already fixed it with stuffing the shoes with newspaper for some hours. ^^
Definately NOT as good quality as promised, and they´re quite different from the shops photo (especially the tassels, they´re so small in reality. =/)
They also run a tiny bit smaller then the measurements in the item description promise - and the material is NOT stretchable.
However... those boots have got a GREAT FIT! *__*
They make the legs appear slender and long, I think´s it´s due to the velveteen-like material! (It does give a bit of shine, too!)
One of my favorite items of this shoe order, I definately can´t complain about them since they were so cheap as well! x3

2010 wedge heel Single-row gold buckle knee boots SY-MM999-3 black
They´re looking so damn ugly on my photo, I`m sorry! xD"
It´s due to the reason that they´re not closed with all the rubber bands, but laying openly on my blanket. Plz rely on the shop´s images to see what they look like closed. =)

They´re overknee boots, not knee-boots as the shop images tell!
Smokin hot boots, they´re sexy as hell!
I`m a big fan of wedges, another PLUS! x3
I´ll be going to coordinate them with my military outfits, I´ve seen that on lot´s of gal magazines before! x3
They´re a tinyyyyy bit big on my legs, but just because some of the rubber bands are too loose in some parts (like the ankles).
Those boots will fit a wide range of sizes (due to the rubber band closure), so I definately recommand them to girls with bigger calves and such! =D

Hot on the streets shall cut lace knitting yarn mill face boots Z105 rice
Cute as ever! :´D
Those boots are simply perfect! The lace cutout features so many details, such as the lovely knit does!
They´re exactly as pictured on the site, and the measurements are true to reality. =)
I love them to death! x3

fashion high Ribbon Crystal Boots
Those boots are not snow white as pictured, but some kind of off-white. =/
The quality of the material isn´t the best, such as the craftmanship - there were glue stains on the boots! I removed them with nail varnish anyways.
Besides those things, the boots are a great fit, and they´re looking really lovely and cute! The row of bling on the sides is definately an eyecatcher!

Fashion bowtie leisure wild multi-function portable bag H-BY12345 rose
This bag is actually hot pink, such as the pumps above! Sorry for crap photo again. xD"
The bag´s material is perfect, and I like the overall look!
But there´s a flap in the handle that can´t be fixed, and it looks a bit silly. =/
And also another stain on the bow... this time, it was quite hard to remove it. Looks like the grey shadow is part of the enamel skin... I managed to take most off it, but there still remains a grey shadow when you take a close look at it!

shoulder bag B2437
It´s just gorgeous from top to bottom, not a single thing to complain about it!
I love the cute big bow!
It´s absolutely true to the description and photos, sweet as ever!
Oh, and by the way... made by KVOLL. ;D (just a hint, just a hint. xD)

Rhombic profile denim shoulder bag L810BK
I needed a simple but stylish bag for carrying around my sportswear when I´m going to gym.
(I find the usual sports bags pretty ugly and too HUUUGE to be cute. =/)
It´s perfect, and just as pictured + described. ^^
The material is really soft and nice!

That´s it! =D
If you have any questions, plz feel free to ask me - I won´t bite, and I promise to reply faster from now on! o////O *trying my very best*
Haha, I already linked the items, so that you can access them easier. ^^

Thanks for reading!

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Monday, December 6, 2010

♥ Fröhlichen Nikolaus-Tag! ♥

Peropero chan (my rabbit plushy... xD") want´s to tell you something! x3

In Germany, we have some kind of small celebration on 5th or 6th December, before the actual big christmas event on 24th December happens!
On this day, St. Nikolaus (Santa Clause) will visit little children at their home. He´s coming to praise the good kid´s behaviour, but "punish" bed behaviour with the help of his monsters "Kramperl" or "Knecht Rupprecht".
Check a photo of them here! x3
After the children received all their compliments and "punishments" (really not a big thing, mostly the monsters only start growling), they get a little present - like a choco Santa! xD
As you can see, I´ve been a very GOOD girl this year! ^___^

Haha, to be honest: Santa doesn´t visit me anymore, but I still get choco Santa´s from my mum and grandma every year. It´s like our family´s tradition. =)
When I was a kid, those monsters scared the shit out of me, I really hated St. Nikolaus day to death! xD"

Oh, and since I`m already spamming...
I waited for this moment the past 2 weeks... (oh dear, I should go and get a life... xD")

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

♥ My baby arrived! ~ REVIEW ♥

My giant winter wardrobe parcel (11kg... hum. XD") finally found the way to my arms! :´D

It got caught by the customs, as I already mentioned here... I must say: The processing was really fast after I sent them the documents they asked for. Of course I`ve got to pay fees (just normal for 11kg of clothes and such. xD"), but the amount is pretty fair.
So kind of a good first experience with german customs here. =)

Anyways... I´m going to write a review now! =3


I already ordered with the help of TaoBaoBuying before, so I directly asked their shopping agent popeye for help, since I already had some good experiences with him.

He does reply very fast, the max. waiting time for a reply was 2 days (over the weekend). His english is really good, and I think he´s trying to write sentences very easy to comfort the customers with rather poor english. =) well, that´s at least my feeling about it. xD

If you once ordered from TaoBao, you will be aware that several problems might pop up - such as sold out items that are still listed at the shop, quality problems, sold out color ranges that are not listed... and so on.
Since my order was really GIANT due to a group order with my cousins, there were issues one after another. xD" Popeye and his buyers were really busy with connecting between the sellers and myself, and it was even harder for them since I replaced items or added new ones very often.
But they did a great job, by no means! I´ve been always informed very quickly, and popeye even offered me a payment plan! Yessss, that´s why he´s my fav. shopping agent. :´D

♥ FEES (5/5)
TaoBaoBuying does take 10% of the items + shipping cost, which is just normal for a shopping service - I didn´t find a cheaper method yet. o.O
If you order from them, you have to make 2 payments. First one includes the items cost + 10% fees for TBB (TaoBaoBuying).
The second payment is beeing calculated after all the items arrived at their warehouse, been packed and weight - to calculate the shipping cost. So the 2nd payment includes the shipping cost + 10% fee again.

As usual for parcels from China, the box was all over taped. (plz take a look at photos and infos below) It always makes me laugh, since this is so typical for chinese parcels. xD
They do offer shipping with EMS - which is really fast and good...
BUT... as when it comes to germany, packages that are beeing transportet via EMS China are OFTEN picked out by the german customs - so extra custom fees might appear, and the delivery time get´s extended of course. =/
UPS or DHL would be the better way of shipping to germany.

♥ 19/20 POINTS, TBB love ♥


It would be quite rediculous to write a review about every single item and shop, since it´s just too much.
So I´m only going to give you an idea about the quality of TaoBao items in general - I hope that´s okay. =)
If you´ve got further question about a special item, or if you want to know about the shops from which I´ve purchased them, feel free to ask me! ^^

So let´s get started! =D

♥ My 11kg baby ♥
Just as I mentioned... taped all over. xD"
It was kind of tricky to find a place to cut it open - however, the parcel arrived undamaged, and german customs did NOT open it! O__O"

The inside...Everything was packed and wrapped carefully!
TBB put the sensitive items (the accessory for example) in the middle of the parcel, to prevent it from beeing damaged - another plus for TBB! =)
Another thing that´s just usual for parcels from China... the chemical smell that´s coming from the items. It doesn´t last for long time, fortunately. ^^"

♥ Group photo of my items! :´D ♥

Jesus Diamante Replica Bolero, fake fur collar, off-shoulder top
Those items all have got great quality by no means!
The bolero is very warm and a perfect fit, it does feature cute details such as ruffles, bows and elegant white pearls!
The fake fur is very fluffy and warm, and look at those cuuuute pom-pom´s!
The off-shoulder top is pure love! It features soft lace fabric, cute buttons and a pin, and the cut is very flattering!

Lace off-shoulder top, basic white lace border skirt, golden velveteen skorts with lace borderNot so satisfied about the off-shoulder top. The color looked white on the shop´s page, but I got an eggshell-colored shirt. It´s also horribly see-through, so I´ve got to wear a tank top under it at least. =/
The white skirt is a perfect basic, the lace fabric on the bottom ruffles is very nice!
The velveteen skorts are gorgeous! *__* Super soft fabric, and high quality cotton lace in use! The inner lining is satin, feels really nice!

Dusty pink neckholder layered top, fake fur embroidery vest, brown lacy bottom ruffles skorts, random accessoryAgain, great quality of all items! ^^
However, the neckholder top doesn´t look very flattering on my big chest. I think I´ll pass it to my cousins - otherwise really gorgeous cut and quality, the white layers feature lace fabric!
The vest is love at first sight! *__* I´ve always wanted such a vest, and I´m so happy that I got one now! The embroidery is flawless, such as the soft fake fur!
The skorts material is kind of confusing me, I never felt something like this before. I don´t know what it is... but it feels really nice! xD" Gorgeous lace cut out on the bottom ruffles and perfect fit, will go super well with the other items I bought. x3

Pink knit twinset, 2x white bow brooches, Jesus Diamante style roses haircomb, pink skirtOnce more, all of the items are wonderful quality!
I´m wearing the twinset right now, kihihi. x3 Super soft knit in such a sweet color, and very cute cut! However, the bolero looks too big on me. I´ll wash it hot next time, so that it will run smaller. x3
The skirt is really lovely and features lot´s of sweet details! Unfortunately it´s a bit tight on me... time to start exercising again. xD"

Basic white poncho, brown millefleur top, random accessoryGuess what´s coming now... xD Yes, wonderful quality items again!
The poncho has got a snowflake of pailettes on the front, but the photo doesn´t show it - sorry. =/ I especially love the hood and tassels, very cute basic!
The top is lovely and made of good quality material, the lace on the small cut out features little hearts! So sweet! x3
If you´re curious about the black and pink patch on the clothes... they´re cell phone deco patches for my cousins. xD"

Cute bear hooded dress, yumetenbo black bow leggins, random accessoryGreat quality!
I was a bit curious when I put on the pink dress first - it was looking like a sweater on the shop´s page, but now I got a loose dress - and I love it even more! xD The bottom features sweet lace again, the print is flawless and features CORRECT english writing! xD
The leggins are from TaoBao´s yumetenbo store, they feature a black bow on the foot part! Very nice item, and a great basic!

Jesus Diamante replica - black fake fur coat
Sorry for the crappy photo, you know I suck as a photographer. xD"
That´s the original coat:PURE LOVE, best piece of the parcel! *__*
The fake fur is super fluffy, and the coat looks so flattering! There´s a waist-tie in the back that features high quality embroidery, the bottom part is really wide - perfect since I want to use it as a lolita coat, a poofy skirt can fit under this coat without any problems! x3

Hot pink underbust skirt, black lacy earmuffs, denim skirt topping, black deep cut-out shirtI´m not so satisfied about everything on this photo...
The underbust skirt is actually hot pink color, not red - sorry for the bad pic again. xD" The fabric is super soft, and the bottom features sweet chequered ruffles!
The earmuffs are super fluffy and warm, and so biiiig! Looks really cute! xD
The denim over-skirt is really unique, I think. I´ll wear it over my lacy white basic skirt - but I have to fix some parts first, since some chains came off right after I put it on first time. Not so good quality here. =/
The black shirt... it´s actually the backside! xD There´s a deep cut-out on the back, that is gathered by the 3 pink bows. The front features lot´s of glitzy gemstones that write "Barbie", and there´s another pink bow on it! This shirt is BIG LOVE! x3

koakuma-kei styled clothes: off-shoulders white dress, light pink balloon-shape dress, yumetenbo garters, random accessoryPoor quality about the white dress, the rest is fine!
The white off-shoulders top does feature lot´s of sexy details like lace on the sleeves, zipper on the bottom, and a sexy shape - but it´s so see-through and thin! Impossible to wear it without another basic underneath. =/
The pink dress is simply perfect! Great quality fabric in use, and nice craftmanship! It fit´s so flattering!
The garters are from yumetenbo´s TaoBao store again. =) The lacy part does sit on the waist, the garters itself are one-colored black.

Another koakuma-kei set: Tube high collar dress, long sleeved dress, big pink bow and pearls belt, MARS style headbow, small bow hairclipsEverythings simply HOT and perfect! *__*
The tube dress does feature a padded breast part and a gorgeous cut, I looove it!
The bottom part of the long sleeved dress has got a balloon-shape, which sit´s so flattering on my hips! There´s also a row of lace on the bottom! :´D It´s really comfortable and sexy!
The belt was custom made to my measurements, and it´s such GREAT quality!

The WIGS... part 1! x3
light brown hairbun, super curly dark brown full wig, dark blonde super curly halfwig, straight brown halfwigALL of the colors came out darker then pictured on the shops-page. But I´ll manage that problem, too. =)
The hairbun is a bit loose, I`ll fix it with Got2B hairspray (this stuff is coming from hell... can even glue wig hair, dammit! xD")!
The brown full wig features so many defined curls! However, the bangs are looking a bit weird on me... a bit Emo. o__O" I´ll fix it with some clips or maybe some sewing. xD"
The blonde hair piece is gorgeous for hime-styles! *__* Absolutely LOVE this one! The hair feels very soft, and doesn´t have a lot of fake shine!
The straight half-wig... well, it´s less hair then I thought. =/ I`m missing some volume here, will be hard to solve this problem.

And now part 2! x3
Assymetric light brown clip in bangs, soft curls brown full wig, blonde layered cut full wig, straight black china doll full wig with bangs, extra long brown full-wig with bangs
The bangs are super nice quality - just like my prisilia bangs. =)
The next wig has got very soft curls and straight bangs - it´s my favorite full wig of those who came with this parcel! x3 However... it´s not as much volume as the shop photo showed. =/

The blonde wig gave me a giant surprise, since it was looking totally different from the shops photo. xD" I don´t even know how to describe the cut of this wig... it´s just... weird. xD" The main cut is like a cute bob, but there are some thin strains of long blonde hair added as a bottom layer - I felt like a cosplayer when I wore this, especially because of the fake shine of the hair. Seriously, it´s looking rediculous - I laughed my ass off in front of the mirror, I never looked this horrible before. xD" I already got an idea how to solve this problem, and I think it´ll come out really cute in the end. I´ll show you some photos then, of course! x3

Next one is a straight long wig with a "china doll" cut - means very thick straight cut bangs, and non layered long hair! It´s wonderful soft, and super cute!
The last wig should be a extra long model, but obviously - it´s not. o.O It´s a bit layered, features straight cut bangs and nice quality. Can´t complain about it, except of the length. ^^

of shopping clothes on TaoBao:
Quality is mostly okay! You always get what you paid for, sometimes even more. ;D
What makes shopping rather uncomfortable is all the problems that are coming up (like out of stock items and such, just as I mentioned in the beginning).

Wow, so that was my winter wardrobe shopping haul. xD"
Thanks for reading, I hope I didn´t bore the hell out of you. ;D

Oh, and one day after my TaoBao items arrived, my lovelyshoes parcel was delivered! So next review coming up sooooon! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?