Sunday, December 5, 2010

♥ My baby arrived! ~ REVIEW ♥

My giant winter wardrobe parcel (11kg... hum. XD") finally found the way to my arms! :´D

It got caught by the customs, as I already mentioned here... I must say: The processing was really fast after I sent them the documents they asked for. Of course I`ve got to pay fees (just normal for 11kg of clothes and such. xD"), but the amount is pretty fair.
So kind of a good first experience with german customs here. =)

Anyways... I´m going to write a review now! =3


I already ordered with the help of TaoBaoBuying before, so I directly asked their shopping agent popeye for help, since I already had some good experiences with him.

He does reply very fast, the max. waiting time for a reply was 2 days (over the weekend). His english is really good, and I think he´s trying to write sentences very easy to comfort the customers with rather poor english. =) well, that´s at least my feeling about it. xD

If you once ordered from TaoBao, you will be aware that several problems might pop up - such as sold out items that are still listed at the shop, quality problems, sold out color ranges that are not listed... and so on.
Since my order was really GIANT due to a group order with my cousins, there were issues one after another. xD" Popeye and his buyers were really busy with connecting between the sellers and myself, and it was even harder for them since I replaced items or added new ones very often.
But they did a great job, by no means! I´ve been always informed very quickly, and popeye even offered me a payment plan! Yessss, that´s why he´s my fav. shopping agent. :´D

♥ FEES (5/5)
TaoBaoBuying does take 10% of the items + shipping cost, which is just normal for a shopping service - I didn´t find a cheaper method yet. o.O
If you order from them, you have to make 2 payments. First one includes the items cost + 10% fees for TBB (TaoBaoBuying).
The second payment is beeing calculated after all the items arrived at their warehouse, been packed and weight - to calculate the shipping cost. So the 2nd payment includes the shipping cost + 10% fee again.

As usual for parcels from China, the box was all over taped. (plz take a look at photos and infos below) It always makes me laugh, since this is so typical for chinese parcels. xD
They do offer shipping with EMS - which is really fast and good...
BUT... as when it comes to germany, packages that are beeing transportet via EMS China are OFTEN picked out by the german customs - so extra custom fees might appear, and the delivery time get´s extended of course. =/
UPS or DHL would be the better way of shipping to germany.

♥ 19/20 POINTS, TBB love ♥


It would be quite rediculous to write a review about every single item and shop, since it´s just too much.
So I´m only going to give you an idea about the quality of TaoBao items in general - I hope that´s okay. =)
If you´ve got further question about a special item, or if you want to know about the shops from which I´ve purchased them, feel free to ask me! ^^

So let´s get started! =D

♥ My 11kg baby ♥
Just as I mentioned... taped all over. xD"
It was kind of tricky to find a place to cut it open - however, the parcel arrived undamaged, and german customs did NOT open it! O__O"

The inside...Everything was packed and wrapped carefully!
TBB put the sensitive items (the accessory for example) in the middle of the parcel, to prevent it from beeing damaged - another plus for TBB! =)
Another thing that´s just usual for parcels from China... the chemical smell that´s coming from the items. It doesn´t last for long time, fortunately. ^^"

♥ Group photo of my items! :´D ♥

Jesus Diamante Replica Bolero, fake fur collar, off-shoulder top
Those items all have got great quality by no means!
The bolero is very warm and a perfect fit, it does feature cute details such as ruffles, bows and elegant white pearls!
The fake fur is very fluffy and warm, and look at those cuuuute pom-pom´s!
The off-shoulder top is pure love! It features soft lace fabric, cute buttons and a pin, and the cut is very flattering!

Lace off-shoulder top, basic white lace border skirt, golden velveteen skorts with lace borderNot so satisfied about the off-shoulder top. The color looked white on the shop´s page, but I got an eggshell-colored shirt. It´s also horribly see-through, so I´ve got to wear a tank top under it at least. =/
The white skirt is a perfect basic, the lace fabric on the bottom ruffles is very nice!
The velveteen skorts are gorgeous! *__* Super soft fabric, and high quality cotton lace in use! The inner lining is satin, feels really nice!

Dusty pink neckholder layered top, fake fur embroidery vest, brown lacy bottom ruffles skorts, random accessoryAgain, great quality of all items! ^^
However, the neckholder top doesn´t look very flattering on my big chest. I think I´ll pass it to my cousins - otherwise really gorgeous cut and quality, the white layers feature lace fabric!
The vest is love at first sight! *__* I´ve always wanted such a vest, and I´m so happy that I got one now! The embroidery is flawless, such as the soft fake fur!
The skorts material is kind of confusing me, I never felt something like this before. I don´t know what it is... but it feels really nice! xD" Gorgeous lace cut out on the bottom ruffles and perfect fit, will go super well with the other items I bought. x3

Pink knit twinset, 2x white bow brooches, Jesus Diamante style roses haircomb, pink skirtOnce more, all of the items are wonderful quality!
I´m wearing the twinset right now, kihihi. x3 Super soft knit in such a sweet color, and very cute cut! However, the bolero looks too big on me. I´ll wash it hot next time, so that it will run smaller. x3
The skirt is really lovely and features lot´s of sweet details! Unfortunately it´s a bit tight on me... time to start exercising again. xD"

Basic white poncho, brown millefleur top, random accessoryGuess what´s coming now... xD Yes, wonderful quality items again!
The poncho has got a snowflake of pailettes on the front, but the photo doesn´t show it - sorry. =/ I especially love the hood and tassels, very cute basic!
The top is lovely and made of good quality material, the lace on the small cut out features little hearts! So sweet! x3
If you´re curious about the black and pink patch on the clothes... they´re cell phone deco patches for my cousins. xD"

Cute bear hooded dress, yumetenbo black bow leggins, random accessoryGreat quality!
I was a bit curious when I put on the pink dress first - it was looking like a sweater on the shop´s page, but now I got a loose dress - and I love it even more! xD The bottom features sweet lace again, the print is flawless and features CORRECT english writing! xD
The leggins are from TaoBao´s yumetenbo store, they feature a black bow on the foot part! Very nice item, and a great basic!

Jesus Diamante replica - black fake fur coat
Sorry for the crappy photo, you know I suck as a photographer. xD"
That´s the original coat:PURE LOVE, best piece of the parcel! *__*
The fake fur is super fluffy, and the coat looks so flattering! There´s a waist-tie in the back that features high quality embroidery, the bottom part is really wide - perfect since I want to use it as a lolita coat, a poofy skirt can fit under this coat without any problems! x3

Hot pink underbust skirt, black lacy earmuffs, denim skirt topping, black deep cut-out shirtI´m not so satisfied about everything on this photo...
The underbust skirt is actually hot pink color, not red - sorry for the bad pic again. xD" The fabric is super soft, and the bottom features sweet chequered ruffles!
The earmuffs are super fluffy and warm, and so biiiig! Looks really cute! xD
The denim over-skirt is really unique, I think. I´ll wear it over my lacy white basic skirt - but I have to fix some parts first, since some chains came off right after I put it on first time. Not so good quality here. =/
The black shirt... it´s actually the backside! xD There´s a deep cut-out on the back, that is gathered by the 3 pink bows. The front features lot´s of glitzy gemstones that write "Barbie", and there´s another pink bow on it! This shirt is BIG LOVE! x3

koakuma-kei styled clothes: off-shoulders white dress, light pink balloon-shape dress, yumetenbo garters, random accessoryPoor quality about the white dress, the rest is fine!
The white off-shoulders top does feature lot´s of sexy details like lace on the sleeves, zipper on the bottom, and a sexy shape - but it´s so see-through and thin! Impossible to wear it without another basic underneath. =/
The pink dress is simply perfect! Great quality fabric in use, and nice craftmanship! It fit´s so flattering!
The garters are from yumetenbo´s TaoBao store again. =) The lacy part does sit on the waist, the garters itself are one-colored black.

Another koakuma-kei set: Tube high collar dress, long sleeved dress, big pink bow and pearls belt, MARS style headbow, small bow hairclipsEverythings simply HOT and perfect! *__*
The tube dress does feature a padded breast part and a gorgeous cut, I looove it!
The bottom part of the long sleeved dress has got a balloon-shape, which sit´s so flattering on my hips! There´s also a row of lace on the bottom! :´D It´s really comfortable and sexy!
The belt was custom made to my measurements, and it´s such GREAT quality!

The WIGS... part 1! x3
light brown hairbun, super curly dark brown full wig, dark blonde super curly halfwig, straight brown halfwigALL of the colors came out darker then pictured on the shops-page. But I´ll manage that problem, too. =)
The hairbun is a bit loose, I`ll fix it with Got2B hairspray (this stuff is coming from hell... can even glue wig hair, dammit! xD")!
The brown full wig features so many defined curls! However, the bangs are looking a bit weird on me... a bit Emo. o__O" I´ll fix it with some clips or maybe some sewing. xD"
The blonde hair piece is gorgeous for hime-styles! *__* Absolutely LOVE this one! The hair feels very soft, and doesn´t have a lot of fake shine!
The straight half-wig... well, it´s less hair then I thought. =/ I`m missing some volume here, will be hard to solve this problem.

And now part 2! x3
Assymetric light brown clip in bangs, soft curls brown full wig, blonde layered cut full wig, straight black china doll full wig with bangs, extra long brown full-wig with bangs
The bangs are super nice quality - just like my prisilia bangs. =)
The next wig has got very soft curls and straight bangs - it´s my favorite full wig of those who came with this parcel! x3 However... it´s not as much volume as the shop photo showed. =/

The blonde wig gave me a giant surprise, since it was looking totally different from the shops photo. xD" I don´t even know how to describe the cut of this wig... it´s just... weird. xD" The main cut is like a cute bob, but there are some thin strains of long blonde hair added as a bottom layer - I felt like a cosplayer when I wore this, especially because of the fake shine of the hair. Seriously, it´s looking rediculous - I laughed my ass off in front of the mirror, I never looked this horrible before. xD" I already got an idea how to solve this problem, and I think it´ll come out really cute in the end. I´ll show you some photos then, of course! x3

Next one is a straight long wig with a "china doll" cut - means very thick straight cut bangs, and non layered long hair! It´s wonderful soft, and super cute!
The last wig should be a extra long model, but obviously - it´s not. o.O It´s a bit layered, features straight cut bangs and nice quality. Can´t complain about it, except of the length. ^^

of shopping clothes on TaoBao:
Quality is mostly okay! You always get what you paid for, sometimes even more. ;D
What makes shopping rather uncomfortable is all the problems that are coming up (like out of stock items and such, just as I mentioned in the beginning).

Wow, so that was my winter wardrobe shopping haul. xD"
Thanks for reading, I hope I didn´t bore the hell out of you. ;D

Oh, and one day after my TaoBao items arrived, my lovelyshoes parcel was delivered! So next review coming up sooooon! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. OK dear!! first comment
    I live in Italy(here custom is worse than in Germany!!) and I'm getting addicted to YANWEN EXPRESS as shipping does cost about 126 YUAN for the first 500g then about 60YUAN every 500g and the SPECIAL features of YANWEN EXPRESS is that it ships your parcel in UK and other European countries like Spain before your country so custom don't block it(only cuz the parcel will arrive from a EU country and not China and so....)
    I know wonderful things don't last but YANWEN EXPRESS/PARCEL FORCE ,it's a collabo with UK ROYAL MAIL is GREAT!!! I was up to ask you if you wanted to share shipping costs with me but you don't know me ..... kisses

  2. second one....YOU ARE A GREAT GAL and I love you!! I'm so glad I found your blog this November!!!I can feel your passion !! and you have a great sense of humour .....I love german gals cuz they got a deep heart and soul (i've been to Germany many times and love also fav language since I was 9!!!)
    I dunno...I wish I could write you a mail to comment every single entry here cuz it's like I wrote can I explain?? <3

    anyway I love TAOBAO!!!i'm up to buy some AGEJO clothes,hair pieces(my half wigs are gorgeous but I got to try some from there),some liz lisa stuff,deco nails,JD replica coats(a white one and a black one) and accessories ...If you want here is my latest wish list -->
    I started it yesterday before LADY GAGA concert so I didnt added the best part (MA*RS and so ...)

    If you want to be friend I'd appreciate so much!!!
    with heart
    Margarita aka Madoka aka Queenie I chigo

  3. ps: POPEYE is the TAoBao agent of my boyfriend also ihihihi
    love his name..sweet

  4. wow wow wow!
    A lot of cute stuff!!!

    This black coat from JD is gorgeous, I wish have same but pink ;)
    it have lovely fur.

    This roses hair accessory
    re so cuuteeee
    I think about make same but pink :P

    Make photos on black wig's and show me :)


    Is this skirt ? :o

  6. wow, how much was your order total? & 11kg?!? so much, i'm afraid to think how much shipping mine will cost >.<

    i'm currently in the mist of an order too TT^TT i'm getting so jealous of you since you already got yours. i hope my items are as good quality as yours seem!

  7. Hey darling,
    You're so lucky to have 11kg worth of clothes, God... How much was it all together with the fees ect, sorry for asking, if its too personal thats alright. :)
    Btw, you really have epic hairstyle skills ^^

  8. @Margarita: (FIRST: Your name is so sweeeet! x3 But I´m sure a lot of people are telling you this) Oh wow, that´s really so cuuuuute of you! >///< You know, I blushed a lot when I read your comments - thank you so much, you made my day! x3
    Giant thanks for telling me about YANWEN Express, this shipping option sounds UNBEATABLE cheap and more reliable then EMS China when it comes to customs! *__*
    Oh, and I`m always interested in group orders - so thanks for your offer! =D But to be honest... as you can see, I just bought so many items. I´m not in need of anything from TaoBao now. xD"
    I just lurked your blog and wishlist - and I was so surprised since we have the same taste about so many things! (just like MA*RS clothes for example) I would love to get to know you better! So I´m following your blog now, of course! x3
    You´re an even more great gal! Me myself... I feel like I`m not even ready to call myself "gal", since I`m stilling missing so many minor skills like doing perfect make-up. Let´s say I`m an attendant. xD And you´re definately an inspiration, since you´re one hot Gal! Hope to see a looot of photos of you soon! =D
    Btw, Italy rocks! Is spent most of my summer vacation there since I was a little child - I love the lifestyle, the gorgeous leather products (shoooooes! dammit, best shoes I ever bought are from Italy. xD), and of course the food!

    @BlondHime: Oh sweety, I`m sure if you´re making such a comb with pink roses, it will look a lot better then mine - because you´re so talented when it comes to handcrafting! =D I would love to see photos of it on your blog when you finished your work! x3
    Oh, and about the skirt... it´s more like an "over-skirt" - meant to be a two piece. It´s worn like a broad belt... Uhm... so hard to explain, so I`ll just show you the shops photo! XD
    The white underskirt was sold seperately, I got it too as you can see on one photo. I love the option to combine the denim piece with any skirt I like. x3

    @Juni: Yes, the whole parcel was 11kg! xD" Me and my cousins ordered some quite heavy stuff (it was a group order) - I think the heaviest item was my black JD coat. o.O
    Oh dear, did you order from TaoBao, too? Just don´t worry too much - everything will turn out to be good for you, I think.
    Btw... I lurked your blog (kind of in stalking mood today, it seems. xD"), and I think your hair color and style is really cute! Remembers me of popteen models! x3
    But I can understand you perfectly, I got lot´s of hair-dye fails earlier - feels very uncomfortable. So I hope you can solve this problem soon! But still... I like it! xD"

    @Naomi: To be honest... I don´t even know the exact amount of money, I didn´t calculate it yet. xD" Since I did a group order with my cousins, all the fee´s were split up - so it came out super cheap, especially since TaoBao´s clothes are quite inexpensive. ^^
    Ahhhw, thanks for the compliment about my hairstyles! But it´s not such a great thing, since I`m often using hairpieces and wigs (since my natural hair is short, about shoulder length) - I do style them to achieve different looks of course, but it´s not the same as using own hair, I think. =)
    That might sound spooky, but... somehow I feel familiar with your face. O__O" Do you post photos at any online communities, like gal comms?
    Sorry for the stupid questions, but I just can´t get rid of the thought that I`ve seen your face somewhere before. xD"

  9. YOU made my weeks ^^ I saved up many of your entries in my HD ehehehe
    I was a good gyaru ...I used to be,,,Since I light down a bit my wild wearing style in summer 2010 (cuz of my muslim boyfriend -,-)-->well I dressed and dress agejo 3 out of 5 working days and so while i uses to dress it 24/7;as for the make-up and hair they are 24/7 gyaru styled] but I'm restarting now cuz this is me....
    I never 'graduate' from another style...I love gyaru since I was in Mittelschule 2002/2003 ^^

    Do you like circle lenses??

    KISSES cutie pie!!!
    ps: I want your bavarian dress so badly!!!!

  10. Certainly would not be prettier than yours because JD has the most beautiful things in the world ;)

  11. awawawa!!! beautiful things that you ordered *_*!!! taoba always very nice things. Can I ask which store you ordered from? I really like some of your links (if you do not bother telling me)

  12. Wow, amazing ! Could you tell me which was the shop which sold the Jesus Diamante coat ? It's beautiful <3

  13. Sorry for the super late reply, I`ve been so busy! >///<
    But thanks to all the sweet comments, I´m so happy that people are reading my blog! x3

    @Queenie: Oh how sweet you are! x3
    I kept on reading all your past entries - you´ve got such a great taste dear! I especially love the keitai you posted, so cute!
    Oh wow, your love for gyaru is so deep - haha, I already thought that when I´ve seen your photos, though. It´s so inspiring to see your passion for this style! Keep going your way Honey, you rock! x3
    Oh yes, I love circle lenses! I wear them every day, except some lazy days I admit. xD" (happens maybe 3times a month) My favorite series are the "King series" (because Sakurina did advertise for them... xD" *damn fangirly over here*) with a diameter of 14.5cm, I LOVE the honey brown colorway!
    What´s your favorite? =D
    May I also ask you if you went to school here in Germany? =3

    @BlondHime: EVIDENCE! xD I´ve seen your rose comb on poupee, and it IS more beautiful then my piece - since it´s piiiink! =P

    @kananhime: Hey dear, thanks for your sweet comment! x3
    Can you please tell me which items you desire, so that I can pick out the right shop links for you? =D I would love to help you, of course! But the list of links is so long, since I ordered from so many different shops. xD"
    Plz just let me know which items you want, I´ll provide you the shop links as soon as possible! x3

    @Anne: Hey Sweety, thanks for your comment! x3 I just hit the link to the Jesus Diamante coat I ordered, but the page tells me that the store does no longer exist! =/
    But I can offer you the following link, at least:
    ~List of all Jesus Diamante style coats sold on TaoBao~

    Unfortunately, the style of coat that I bought is no longer available. =/
    I`m so sorry that I couldn´t help you out perfectly! I would have loved to do more for you! =/
    Hope you find your dream-coat anyways! ^^

  14. I started with GEO angel color in brown and grey [the same design of king size u love but 14mm]
    and the GEO nudy in brown and grey
    Then I ordered 8 bigger pairs ^^
    Now i'm totally addicted to the 15.8mm 16mm 17.2mm effect....bit not in black!!i got a 16mm total black and the look like 20mm -,-
    MY FAVOURITE ARE THE PINK LENSES.I got the 16mm supernudies in pink and they are the best color i've tried!!!they look like a sand brown ...LOVE IT!!!I'M POSTING SOME PICS in my blogs.... and blogspot

    I made an exchange with an Austauschpartnerin ...I've been 3 times there. In Worms,Manheim,Freiburg,Main ecc I had the opportunity to stay in Bremen for longer but it was so cold!!NO NO


  15. Hallo von Frankreich!
    Ich liebe dein blog!!
    Entschuldigung für mein schlecht Deutsh (ich habe kein Wört gesprochen zeit 2 Jähren xD)
    Tschüss ^^

  16. @Queenie: Ya, I´ve seen it! You´ve got really big eyes, so beautiful! =D Light lenses look best on you, on think! x3
    Haha, yes! Germany is usually very cold for most of the time of the year - but when it´s getting warmer, it starts to be extremely TOO HOT. x__X Only the extreme versions over here. xD"

    I think I`ll go to Italy on vacation next summer, I just love this country. =) (seriously... I spent most of my holidays of my childhood there, since my parents are crazy for Italy, too! x3)

    @Natacha: Hallo! =D Dein Deutsch ist in Ordnung, mach dir keine Sorgen! ;D
    Ahhhw, vielen Dank, es freut mich sehr das du meinen (langweiligen) Blog magst!
    ICH LIEBE DEIN MAKE-UP! *__* Ich glaube ich kann noch viel von dir lernen, deswegen schau ich jetzt öfters in deinem Blog vorbei! x3

  17. hi dear^^ are so kindly. i want ask you whre you buy this item:
    -Dusty pink neckholder layered top, fake fur embroidery vest, brown lacy bottom ruffles skorts, random accessory

    - Pink knit twinset, 2x white bow brooches, Jesus Diamante style roses haircomb, pink skirt
    - koakuma-kei mars styled clothes

  18. @kananhime: Hey Honey! I`m going to help you out as best as I can, but I have to warn you. =/ Most of the items are sold out already, or the stores that sold them does no longer exist.

    So a huge part of my links are leading to nowhere. But I`ll give you all the working links I can find, of course! x3

    Let´s go for the list! x3

    >Dusty pink layered neckholder top:
    The store that sold this does no longer exist, sorry. =/
    But I`m selling this top at my sales post, that I just put up yesterday! Just a hint. ;D

    >Fake fur embroidered vest:
    Sorry, that store is down, too. =/

    >Brown lacy bottom ruffles skorts:

    bow belt = sold out, sorry. =/

    >Knit twinset & the skirt:
    Came from the same store I mentioned above - it does no longer exist, sorry for that. =/
    But I`m selling this skirt at my sales post, also. ;D

    >JD style roses haircomb:
    (wow, that one was tough to find. xD" My link list is eeeendless! xD)

    >koakuma-kei MA*RS style clothes
    Sorry, this shop is down as well. =/

    So as you see... the working links I can offer your are just a few. =/
    But I wanna give you a hint! o.O

    Use the TaoBao search engine and...

    ~for searching those koakuma-kei style clothes, type in words like: "Ageha", "Gal", "109", "Cecil", "MA*RS", "Golds"
    You´ll get a lot of positive hits then, with lot´s of sexy clothes that resemble mine! =D

    ~for searching cute Liz Lisa/Yumetenbo princess style clothes, type in words like: "LizLisa" (<- always write together, you can get more results usually!), "Vivi", "Dear", "Deary", "109", "Tralala"

    ~for searching elegant Jesus Diamante style items, type in:
    "JesusDiamante" (<- again, write it together! You can get more results. ^^), "Pafait".

    That´s at least how I searched for those items. I hope it can help you out as well! =D

    Have fun shopping! ;D

  19. oh dear*_*!! thank you so much^0^!!!!you're really kind!

  20. @blackkoi: I can´t see your comment under this entry for some reason, but my Email reminder shows that you commented here. O__O" So I´ll give you an answer, of course! x3

    I do own some items purchased from Yumetenbo´s rakuten store, so I can compare pretty easily. ^^
    To mention every detail, I directly compared my RAKUTEN yumetenbo garters with my TAOBAO yumetenbo garters (it´s the same style of garters anyways).

    As far as I can tell, the items are authentic.

    The lace is perfectly the same, non-itchy, stretchy and very comfortable.
    The sizing is also the same, there´s only a tiny difference of 0,5cm on the lace waist-belt. (The TaoBao garters are 0,5cm smaller on the waist part).
    Also the nylon part of the garters doesn´t show any differences when compared - both are almost see-through, quite stretchy and non shiny.
    The tag´s and packaging of the stockings was also the same, as far as I can remember (I received the Rakuten yumetenbo garters about 1 year earlier, but I`m pretty sure the packaging was the same).

    The items itself are cheaper on the TaoBao webstore, but you also have to calculate the fee´s for shipping and shopping service. (And, if you´re living in a country that has got strict customs... that do love to pick out parcels coming from China (like germany... ~..~)... you should also calculate custom fees. xD")
    Also, the TaoBao webstore does often offer items that are already sold out on the rakuten webstore! ^^

    But never to forget that ordering from TaoBao can be troublesome, unfortunately. =/ (<- not to point out on TaoBao yumetenbo, it´s just my general opinion about ordering from TaoBao. xD")

    But yes, it comes out cheaper to order from TaoBao then from rakuten. =)

    Sorry, I definately wrote too much. x__X"
    I`m having a hard time writing in english now, so I`m really sorry for my poor writing. xD"

  21. Woooow that's almost 40 items you got there xD!! You must be lucky being able to get many items. I love your choice in clothing~ Hehe, I'm also interested in the gyaru style. :3

    I'm in the process of ordering my taobao items and I know that shipping is going to kill me xD My custom sizing clothes is the reason of the delay for my order. I hope to post pictures of my order!

  22. @Jasmine: Haha, yes - I got a bit crazy about this order. XD" But it was definately worth it! =)

    I saw you´re ordering a Maid dress with the help of Miss Zeng? Haha, your dress is such a CUTE choice! Looks gorgeous, I hope the outcome will be as wonderful as the picture does promise! =D
    Plz post photos of it on your blog! x3

  23. Oh wow! You're my first follower...thank you so much! :D

    Oh man I checked with Ms.Zeng about the weight of my items and since I also ADDED more stuff in, it's estimated to 5.5~6kg!! I went crazy...because it's my first order with taobao.

  24. how much did you have to pay for the tax?
    i'm just wondering, because i'm ordering the same weight

  25. @Jasmine: I saw you got your items! =D (saw it on your blog) They´re so lovely! x3

    @Anonymus: I`m very sorry, but I don´t remember anymore. =( I even checked the folder where I keep all of my bills, but I already threw out the tax bill (since it was from 2010 - I always clean out at new year. xD")
    I´m very sorry!
    I hope you didn´t have to pay a lot of taxes for your parcel! =)


    i had found that thi seller selling some cute item , ^^

  27. @Lenny: Ahhhw, unfortunately I don´t have facebook (yet), so I can´t view the items. But thanks a thousand times for providing the link anyways! =D

  28. I am really thankful to your promotion for taobaobuying. Thanks a lot.