Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty wedding dress ♥

We all know: Hello Kitty is everywhere. XD
There are so many unusual Hello Kitty themed things up on the market, just like the Hello-Kitty-Chainsaw, the Hello-Kitty-Motorbike (wasn´t Paris Hilton doing Promo for it some years ago? I remember something like that... she incidentally started the bike on the red carpet - poor girl, she was looking so shocked! xD"), and never to forget, my kinky favorite: The Hello-Kitty-Vibrator. lol

Now I´ve found pics of Hello Kitty wedding gowns at this blog!
(Don´t get me wrong, I`m not going to get married... as far as I know. xD I got linked to this site when I was searching for Hello Kitty pics)

Look at those cute robes! :´D

Looks so elegant and sexy! *__*
The little Kitty deco isn´t that obvious on this dress, I really like that!
I´m in love with red wedding dresses - unfortunately, I`m not the type for it. xD

Ahhhhw... I like the heart patches, I admit! And silver x blue is always a plus!
But besides that... this dress looks very cheap unfortunately. More like Cosplay. =/

This dress remembers me of the ballet "Swan Lake" so much! o__o
The shape of the dress is wonderful, and the little Kitty angel is so cute!
But I don´t like the fluffy fur on this one, looks cheap. =/

...uhm. xD"
Okay. This one is simply ugly for my taste. XD"
Looks like a granny dress - just imagine it in dark and dirty green! x__X
Even the cute Kitty details can´t convince me. =/

My pink dream! :´D
I´ve always wanted to change gowns at my wedding - not only wearing a classical white wedding dress, but also something colorful. Of course, it has to be a pink dress! >////<
This ones just so super cute! The shape, the ruffles, rose details, Hello Kitty! xD
I definately want something like this... but maybe with more tiny bling deco (I want deco den details on my pink dress! >///<), and higher quality materials. o.O

What do you think of those dresses? Too much or too less? xD
Which one is your favorite?

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. i think those dresses are super-cool! :D
    Even i like all of those, my favorite is
    that white one <3

  2. Aww, I like that heart one~
    Not that I would wear it for a wedding though, lol. I'd take it in apron form though!

    I think the weirdest HK related thing I saw was an S&M Hello Kitty room I saw many years ago O_O It was red and white, and there was a Hello Kitty plush on the wall dressed in bondage!

  3. the pink one is like my dream ball gown lol

  4. @Meri & Anni: I could definately imagine that dress on you, but... without the fur! xD

    @Aimiya: Yesss! Would work perfectly as an apron! xD
    Are you talking about this room, by chance?
    Haha, stumbled across it a while ago, too! It´s a room of a love hotel - would love to see it with my own eyes, I confess! xD

    @Lain BarbieEyes: AGREE. ^__^ It´s a pink dream!

  5. I think that is it!
    Haha, Japan is so interesting! I mean, I bet people do tons of fanart and fanfiction on that sort of thing, but a whole S&M room that you can actually buy some time in? I don't think any other country would do it!

  6. Yesssss, that´s why I love Japan so much! So many unusual, kinky, stylish, futuristic, fashionable... and so on... things! It´s really special. =D

  7. I don't like this HK dresses... they look so trash..

  8. I love the Hello Kitty dresses. Wish I could get the red, white or blue one. So Japanesey. I guess that's where they came from. I'd be happy to have a Hello Kitty Wedding!

    1. I absolutely understand! They're so unique!! x3