Friday, March 11, 2011

My heart is with all of you!

I got to know all the bad news about earthquake & tsunami after work today... and I was shocked (my body even started shaking) - fortunately, my sis was with me to calm me down.

I´ve got many friends in Japan and overseas, so my brain was rushed with sorrows. Meanwhile, I managed to contact most of my friends - thanks god, they´re doing pretty okay according to this situation.
The stories they told me are just beyond horrible, and far more serious then what german medias tell.
Mai chan: "It felt like an apokalypse movie, but this time it was reality"

I´ll try to reach the rest of my friends now, hopefully it´ll work out now.

I didn´t make a serious prayer for long time, but tonight I´ll pray for all of you, for your family´s, neighbours, and all the people you treasure. Please be well and be sure my thoughts are with you! (It might not help you at all, but still...)