Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trip to Herren-Chiemsee! ♥

So, Germany is pretty famous for having wonderful castles - especially "Neuschwanstein" is a very famous sight, and typical tourist hot-spot. =)
But did you know that the king that build this castle, King Ludwig of Bavaria, also built a lot of other wonderful castles? One of them is build on a very small island in the middle of a big lake - Castle Herrenchiemsee.

It´s very close to my town, and my absolute favorite place around here!
I just recently went there on a trip with my BF, and I took some photos! If you see this amazing building, you will understand my love for that castle ♥

*Sorry, no photos of me that day. I was looking horrible since I had to hurry in the bathroom. lol I just try to protect your eyes! xD

Binny (my BF) and me decided to leave in the early morning already, since we wanted to spend as much time on the island as possible.
But... I wasted too much time in the bathroom (...and yet failed styling myself to look at least properly. <.<), so we missed our train and had to wait one hour for the next one! xD"

Pissed off Binny is pissed off.
Haha, actually he wasn´t really angry - he just tried to cheer me up with pulling faces, as he always does. xD"

As we arrived at the harbour, we took a little ferry to reach the island. There were so many sailing boats on the lake back then! =DI really love the landscape at Chiemsee ♥

As soon as we entered the ferry, Binny had to grab a bite of the sandwiches we prepared that morning.
He can eat so much, but yet doesn´t gain any weight! I`m so freaking jealous! xD

When we arrived at the Herren-Chiemsee island, we had to walk for about 15 minutes until we reached the castle that is in the center of the area. They´ve got so many beautiful fountains in the park! This is the one of the highest ones:
About 12m high! It´s so beautiful, the theme is an old legend.
King Ludwig of Bavaria has had an amazing personality and fantasy! He was a big supporter of theatres, and he was in love with old fairytales and legends. And he tried to make his life a fairytale, too. That´s why he´s sometimes called "The Moon King" or "The fairytale King".

The big castle!
You might recognize it´s looking like castle Versaille in France? Yes, it is actually a Replica! xD"
King Ludwig was a big admirer of King Louis XIV, he build this palace to show his fascination for the great french king.

Of course we also went to a big tour inside the castle, but taking photos there was prohibited, sorry. =(
But just to let you know, it was GORGEOUS! So many details, so much gold, glass chandeliers, a lots of expensive clocks (King Ludwig was collecting them), a bathtub with the size of a small pool, and a whole bedroom dedicated to King Louis XIV (but he actually never slept there).

After we finished the tour, we went outside for taking some more photos!

Here´s another very beautiful fountain!
And Binny beeing AWESOME again. lol

This fountain is telling the legend of a goddess. She was once dressed as a poor woman, walking along the fields where a lot of farmers were working. She was very thirsty, so she asked the farmers for some water - but they refused. So the goddess got very angry at this merciless behaviour, so she used her magic to turn the farmers into frogs.
There should be water floating down the fountain, but they turn it on and off in a 20 minutes rythm - sorry, we just caught the off mode when we took the photo. =(

We strived around the area, and found a big park area with lot´s of deers! I met my big love! :´D Sorry Binny... xD"
This is the most cutest deer I´ve ever seen! He wasn´t shy at all, we could even feed him with some toast and grass! Such a cute little thing!
We decided to call him "Schmogger". :´D

But then...
I got refused. I wanted to give a chu, but Schmogger refused me! My heart is broken... still now. ;__;

We also visited some other great sights on the island! One of them is an old abbey, that has got some special rooms like a biiiig art gallery, some gorgeous fresco, 2 rooms that King Ludwig used as his little residence, and a room where the german code of law was written!
It´s not as beautiful as the castle, but still... so idyllic! And I absolutely LOVED the paintings in the art gallery!

It was getting late and cloudy, but we still had some time left... so we went on a stroll around the island.

Along the coast side, I was able to take this beautiful photo!
I LOVE the lightbeams!
This photo means a lot to me, I´m usually not a good photographer, you know. xD"

So that was our trip to the island, we stayed for about 9 hours in the end! It was really lovely, and I´ll go back there soon! There´s going to be a lolita meetup at the castle soon, I`m so looking forward to it! =D

Last but not least...
Photo of Binny and me.
Oh well, I`m not really wearing make-up here, nor am I dressed or styled properly. xD"
That photo was taken after working at the hospital, and the rules there are pretty strict, as you know. xD" The thing on my forehead is a tiny scar from when I had varicella as a child - it´s usually not showing that much. XD"
I hope you´re not too shocked, but I like this photo of Honey and me a lot - it´s easy to see how happy I am with this boy. He makes me feel so comfortable every second, and he does treat me like a real princess 24/7. I`m such a lucky girl! :´D

Does somebody share my love for castles, or did you ever visit a castle in Germany? =3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yukata time ♥

Fav. Song atm.: Totoro OST - The path of Wind :´D

As I blogged yesterday, I finally managed to get some photos off my camera's memory card! *__*
I really need a new set of camera, memory card and card reader soon. I'm having a lot of trouble with them recently - sometimes my camera doesn't even recognize the memory card on the inside, or it does randomly switch to off mode. <.<

I already have a camera in mind that I would really love to buy soon, it has got a magic function that makes the skin look really smooth and even! *__*
(Actually, my BF has got that camera - but he just took it with him to a working travel to Canada. xD" Oh how I miss the magic function. ;__;)

Anyways! Here are some of the Yukata photos I took a while ago! =D
There will be some more coming in sooner or later, they're safed on Chiho-chan's Iphone (god, Iphone photo quality is so gorgeous, too!)

Close upQuite simple - Dolly Wink lashes, Geo Princess Mimi brown lenses, Prisila hairpieces. I wanted to do a fluffly side-tail with my half-wig, but I kinda failed - it wasn't poofy enough. =(
(I'm so glad to get my matching prisila hairfalls soon, I´m really in need of them. xD")
God, my face is so round... maybe I should leave out the bangs next time. =(
But I really liked my eye-make, and it lasted so long! I'm using the "Real Lasting Eyeliner" by One day Tattoo recently, that´s such a gorgeous liner! I'm in love! *__*

Full BodyI actually planned on wearing my Yukata off-shoulder, but I found that the overall design of the Yukata is too princessy for that style - just not sexy enough. So I went for the traditional way. =)
It was a big FIGHT to put that thing on - I wanted to wear the Obi-belt a bit over my chest, but it just wouldn't stay in place, it kept sliding down. Dx
Oh, and the shoes... xD" I actually got matching sandals with the Yukata, but they broke the moment I put them on. Dx So I was relying on my JD replica heels - I guess it's okay.
I really liked the overall look, even though it wasn't perfect at all.
I got many compliments, too - that was really embarrassing somehow, I just can't handle compliments given to me in real life. >///<

Woah. What an unflattering photo. xD" Fat ass is fat. xD"
I promise I´ll be working on that! xD"
I decorated the obi-bow with an organza veil - there is some cute lace attached to the endings of the veil, very romantic! =D

The obi...Actually nothing special. =)
I decorated it with some lace and ribbons, my golden ribbon belt, a big flower pin and one of my shoe clips. xD"

And just as always... some webcam shots that are horribly overblended. xD"
(It's getting even worse now... but I have to admit that I didn't treat my webcam carefully the past weeks, stuffed in the darkest corner of my cupboard. xD")

Wah, I just realized I'm taking photos from the same angle everytime. O_O"
I'll try the other side next time, it can't get worse anyways. xD"

Overall I have to say... that evening, I sweat a freaking LOT in this Yukata! x__X
It was so hot outside - around 40°C in the sun, and 36°C in the shadows. Even though I really loved wearing this beautiful garment, it was a pleasure to take it off after the festival. XD"

The fabric of the Yukata does not let any air go through, I guess it's manufactured for very cheap - tiny bit of a minus for Yumetenbo's Yukatas. But the design and price is gorgeous anyways! xD"


The last weekend I spent sunbathing and swimming at a river! xD
Look what a cute little thing we found!

I called him Jimmy!
(100 points if you can guess why! xD ~ Solution can be found in comment section! ;D)

It's a small water turtle, so unusual in Germany! They don't live in rivers or lakes around here - so we guessed that somebody abandoned him. ;__;
So my sister and me caught him and went to the vet with him. But the doctor just told us that Jimmy's behaviour is very wild, and that he's living in the river for long time already. And since he seems to be doing very well there, she told us to bring him back to there.

So now he's having a great time in the wilderness, while all the neighbours are keeping an eye on him. He's a big superstar in my neighbourhood now. xD

I'll have to study for an important exam now, hope you're all having a much greater evening then me! ;D Be well sweethearts!

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Design and some random spam ♥

Hey sweethearts, how are you doing? Are you having a nice time or even vacation? =D
Well, no vacation for me - and summer does punish me with 36°C in our classroom, it´s really horrible. xD"

The past weeks, I felt really fed up with my old blog design - so I quickly made a new one. =)
I´m not satisfied with the header yet, now that I see it all together. I´ll probably make a new one later or the next days. =(

I really like the animation I managed to put on my blog!
I took this widget from a japanese site, they´re offering so many other gorgeous animations - if you wanna check it out, here are my favorites! x3

Black skull rain
Bubbles, stars and bows!
Shin Chan theme! xD
(god, I love this little boy! *childish mode off*)

WE♥C theme

Oh, and if you´re bothered by the animation - you can turn it off with the switch that I embed on the right sidebar of the blog. =)

Even though it´s freakin hot outside, I´m slowly getting into fall/winter mood - I guess it´s because my favorite brands already released the fall/winter collections! xD
I so fell in love with those boots... I found them on yumetenbo´s rakuten store!
I ordered them in BlackA, all black ♥
I love how the design looks like garter stockings! x3

Argh, a random photo my BF took of me while I was busy doing my make-up... xD"
I guess I was applying concealer to my lips... (I often use concealer for creating a "nude" color). Kinda embarrassing, but I still like the photo somehow. xD"
I was wearing Lolita that day. =)

Yay, I finally managed to read out the data of my camera´s memory card! xD" ~ My card reader was broken.
Some massive photo posts coming soon! lol

My bro just told me that Emilie´s giveaway arrived at my house! I won it some weeks ago, I`m so excited now! >////<
Such a pity that I can´t pick it up this week... but as soon as I get it in my hands, I`ll make a blog entry about it!
The first giveaway I ever won... isn´t that gorgeous?! :´D
*happiest girl in the world*

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jenny goes Gal ♥

She´s like the japanese form of Barbie! =D

The "Takara Barbie" was first produced in 1982 by the japanese toy manufacturer Takara. They had an agreement license with Mattel, the famous manufacturer of the western doll "Barbie". The japanese Barbie was altered to suit the taste of the japanese customers: She´s shorter and more slender then the western "Barbie", her eyes are drawn in Manga style, her mouth is closed, the face is rounder, and the body does not have a lot of curves.
The "Takara Barbie" was selling rather worse, since there were other famous dolls, for example "Licca". The license agreement with Mattel came to an end, and the doll´s name has been changed to "Jenny". Jenny went through a lot of style changes, and became more and more popular with young girls.
If you wanna see the evolution of Jenny, you can check it out here! ;D

The Jenny doll is famous for always following the latest fashion trends, so right now the dolls of the series are pulling off Gyaru!! :´D

It´s so gorgeous, and really makes me wanna buy a doll again. >///< Dammit, that´s so childish! But they´re all so pretty! :´D

Come take a look with me! x3

Pulling off Gal style so well! ~ The coords give me somekind of "Popteen" magazine feeling. *__*
(Even though the Lolita in me is screaming: Scratchy laaaace! D: ~ lol, can´t help it)
I wish I had that "DIVA" shirt! xD

And Jenny´s friends are uber stylish, too! Nagosa! xD

Such a wonderful idea, and so many sweet coords!
I really love this one, since I´ve always been a fan of Kogyaru style in general - but I wish they would have also released a sportswear outfit for her (even though all those seifuku rock!) >///<

This is perfection. I NEVER even imagined I can be this childish again, but really so want a Jessica doll (preferably in the 1st or 5th outfit) now! xD
The 5th outfit does look like MA*RS style, don´t you think so? ~ Haha, look how perfectly they´re all posing - like in Ageha! :´D

My second favorite - haha, so obvious why. xD"
The 5th outfit does even remind me of Lolita - the skirt just needs some more length! x3
I`m totally into her hairbow and wavy locks!
Oh, and I wish I had her room. xD

Or maybe even Retro Girly? I couldn´t decide, but her main outfit screamed "ONEE" to me. o.O"
I like how her face structure does fit her overall look, and I`m totally in love with her 4th outfit! x3



Fake lashes galore! xD
So freakin cool! xD
As far as I understand it right, you will get this decoration Set with every purchase of a Gal series doll.
It does include some glitter "eyeliner", lashes, and glitter stickers to decorate the face of the dolly.
That´s so gal ~ I`m ashamed.
She´s pulling off the style far better then me! lol

What do you think about those dolls? What´s your favorite?

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend plans ♥

Hey sweethearts, how are you doing? =D - I hope you´re all having a gorgeous time! x3

~This one will be more of a personal entry, not really an informational one - just to let you know, I don´t wanna bore you. =)~

This weekend, there´s a japanese festival held at my city - there will be a lot of visitors from Japan, that are coming from a japanese partnership-town of my city! My dear friend Chiho-chan will be coming, too - I´m so looking forward to meet you again, Krümelchen! x3

And since it´s a summer festival - I figured it´s the best decision to wear my Gal Yukata! *__*
I would love to try wearing it a bit more sexy and unique... this!
Really challenging, since I don´t wanna look cheap. I hope I can pull it off like the model does, she´s so BREATHTAKING pretty! >///<

So, I didn´t wear Yukata for about 1 year...
That´s why I spent this afternoon trying to relearn how to put it on perfectly. lol

Even though I´ve got a lot of equipment that makes putting on the Yukata pretty easy (koshi himo, obi ita, etc.), I still needed 1 1/2 hours (!) to finish. x__X
Too many bows to tie, too many laces to get in place, too much accessory to pin on.
But well, that´s what makes a Gal Yukata pretty much... Gal. XD" = I simply suck in putting it on right now. lol

I used to even tie my obi on my own, which is quite complicated - but managable.
Now I got a pre-tied one, and guess what - takes me the same time to put that one on, since it´s tied with a string that just doesn´t want to stay in place. ~__~

*bothered me the most this afternoon*

Anyways, I´ll give it another try tomorrow. I need to practise so that I won´t look too silly this weekend.
If I really can´t manage it, I´ll just go out in my new Liz Lisa dress. lol

When I was looking for inspirational photos on yumetenbo, I found these cute kid´s modeling in Yukata!

Enough space for diapers! xD
That´s really somewhat cute, don´t you think so? :´D

But I like this one even better!2piece set with a cute bow!

I´ll try to take some photos of my outfit and the festival, and post it here soon! =)

My recent nails. ^^
It´s school time now, so I´m finally allowed to wear long/fake nails again! :´D
It´s a bit more rokku style - I`m really into that right now!
The thumb nail has got a big crown on it. And there´s a little pendant attached to the ring finger, it has got a bow and a heart that is saying: "Made with love"

Have a gorgeous time! =D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Monday, August 8, 2011

:´D ♥

I so love Vanquish for those panty´s!
Goes straight to my one-hot-panty collection! xD

No beating around the bush...
made of some extra coolness.

I remember one saying... The way to the heart goes through the stomache?
Now I got the meaning. :´D

More reasonable entry coming up soon, I swear! xD"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A day in the life of Satomin ♥

Today, I wanna share an article with you - maybe some of you know that one already. =)
It´s a report about the daily life of Ageha model Satomi Yakuwa, aka Satomin!

A team of CNN reporters followed her on a photoshooting for one day, also asking some personal questions about her work as a hostess as well! It´s a very interesting article, check it out here:
A day in the life of a japanese "hostess"

Did you know that some of the gyaru trends are started by the models themselves? I didn´t know that they often bring their own outfits to the shootings - they´re influencing the latest trends, so gorgeous!
Stupid me always thought that there are a lot of stylists around the models everywhere. o__O"

Now all those beautiful Gyaru models deserve my deepest respect even more then ever before. They put so much effort in everything!
It does really encourage me to put some more effort in the style, too! >///<

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gyaruo Yukata LOVE ♥

I´m currently working on the nightshift, so my day-night rythm is messed up perfectly. I feel like a vampire now... everytime I see the sunlight, I feel a horrible headache. Too liiiight! xD"

Anyways, I´ll get over that.

Time for blogposting now! =D

A very famous trend for Gyaru around summer(festival) time: Wearing a super cute over the top deco-ed Yukata!

Sakurina is showing it off so well... I still love her for all the Yukata photoshootings she did.
Some possible elements of a Gal Yukata: Less traditional print (lace, butterfly´s, bows, etc.), lace details, big hair and hair accessory, a lot of deco on and around the obi belt.

And now for the best accessory: Sexy Gyaruo date/boyfriend/whatever who´s wearing a smokin hot Gyaruo Yukata. xD
*lame joke is lame, sorry - blame it on my lack of sleeping. lol*

Finally getting to the point: Today´s post will be about Gyaruo Yukata - I´ll also provide you some webshop links, where to shop for them! =D

But first...
Ahhhw... how gorgeous they look alltogether! Main pieces (visible) of a Gyaruo Yukata: Yukata (main garment), obi (belt), geta (sandals)
Some possible elements of a Gyaruo Yukata: less traditional pattern (pinstripes, leo print, tiger print, etc.), obi worn in a low position, necklaces

I really love the Yukata that CRAZE is selling atm, check them out at their webshop:
They also have got a lot of other really hot Gyaruo items, including some really nice jewelry! =)

Leo print Yukata set (Yukata, obi, geta)*__*
I´m a sucker for leo prints in grey or blue, so I can´t help it but love this one! ~///~
Even though I don´t really like the model in it... he looks lost a bit. xD"

Pinstripe Yukata set (Yukata, obi, geta)
Ever since I saw my first pinstripe Yukata somewhere, I deeply fell in love.
But I got the feeling that a silver-ish obi might be looking even more gorgeous with it. o.O"

Next store on my list is VICE FAIRY - my absolute all time favorite when it comes to Gyaruo fashion! ~///~
Come to visit their webshop here: royal courageux - vice fairy

A bit more colorful... (Yukata, obi)
Obviously, most Gyaruo Yukata are dark colored - for example grey, blue, black. This is the first lilac one I stumbled upon, really nice! =D
And gosh, that model is gorgeous! I wish I knew his name, he´s pulling every pose so perfectly! Maybe one of you readers can help me out with it? I would appreciate a lot! ~///~

My favorite! (Yukata, obi)
Oh yes, I deeply love this coordinate! The cool silver Yukata with a bit more traditional pattern, combined with a black obi with leo print (not really visible, sorry).
And look how low he´s wearing his obi! Must look kinda sloppy to most japanese people, but I can´t help but find it handsome! ~////~

The little black one... (Yukata, obi)
...with a smashing red obi! *__*
Simply hot! And again, a low worn obi ~

The last store on my list is SILVER BULLET, which is selling a bunch of lovely Gyaruo Yukata by CavariA! Come to check them out here: silver bullet

Rather simple look from far... (Yukata, obi)
But the print of the Yukata contains a very fine leo print and pinstripes combined together! :´D Haha, it´s a nice detail I think!

Black feather Yukata (Yukata, obi)
This print is just stunning to me! *___*
I´m a sucker for feather prints, and this one is just EPIC! I especially love the combination with the grey leo printed obi ♥

Haha, I kinda feel like playing dress up with my BF now ~ xD

Anybody sharing my weird Gyaruo Yukata love now? =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?