Monday, August 15, 2011

Jenny goes Gal ♥

She´s like the japanese form of Barbie! =D

The "Takara Barbie" was first produced in 1982 by the japanese toy manufacturer Takara. They had an agreement license with Mattel, the famous manufacturer of the western doll "Barbie". The japanese Barbie was altered to suit the taste of the japanese customers: She´s shorter and more slender then the western "Barbie", her eyes are drawn in Manga style, her mouth is closed, the face is rounder, and the body does not have a lot of curves.
The "Takara Barbie" was selling rather worse, since there were other famous dolls, for example "Licca". The license agreement with Mattel came to an end, and the doll´s name has been changed to "Jenny". Jenny went through a lot of style changes, and became more and more popular with young girls.
If you wanna see the evolution of Jenny, you can check it out here! ;D

The Jenny doll is famous for always following the latest fashion trends, so right now the dolls of the series are pulling off Gyaru!! :´D

It´s so gorgeous, and really makes me wanna buy a doll again. >///< Dammit, that´s so childish! But they´re all so pretty! :´D

Come take a look with me! x3

Pulling off Gal style so well! ~ The coords give me somekind of "Popteen" magazine feeling. *__*
(Even though the Lolita in me is screaming: Scratchy laaaace! D: ~ lol, can´t help it)
I wish I had that "DIVA" shirt! xD

And Jenny´s friends are uber stylish, too! Nagosa! xD

Such a wonderful idea, and so many sweet coords!
I really love this one, since I´ve always been a fan of Kogyaru style in general - but I wish they would have also released a sportswear outfit for her (even though all those seifuku rock!) >///<

This is perfection. I NEVER even imagined I can be this childish again, but really so want a Jessica doll (preferably in the 1st or 5th outfit) now! xD
The 5th outfit does look like MA*RS style, don´t you think so? ~ Haha, look how perfectly they´re all posing - like in Ageha! :´D

My second favorite - haha, so obvious why. xD"
The 5th outfit does even remind me of Lolita - the skirt just needs some more length! x3
I`m totally into her hairbow and wavy locks!
Oh, and I wish I had her room. xD

Or maybe even Retro Girly? I couldn´t decide, but her main outfit screamed "ONEE" to me. o.O"
I like how her face structure does fit her overall look, and I`m totally in love with her 4th outfit! x3



Fake lashes galore! xD
So freakin cool! xD
As far as I understand it right, you will get this decoration Set with every purchase of a Gal series doll.
It does include some glitter "eyeliner", lashes, and glitter stickers to decorate the face of the dolly.
That´s so gal ~ I`m ashamed.
She´s pulling off the style far better then me! lol

What do you think about those dolls? What´s your favorite?

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. OMG where can we order one Christina?? I really want an Agejo Jenny too! *0*

    -ps- has your parcel arrived yet? I posted it on friday! <3

  2. OMG!!! they are so beutiful I want the ageho one. They look even better than me.

  3. so cuuteee, i'm more into himekaji style, but love gyaru too <3

    btw, please check out my giveaway and join if you like :D

  4. @Emilie: The parcel has arrived at my parents house today, I`m so happy! :´D
    Unfortunately I can´t go home this week due to studies, so I´ll pick it up next week... My heart is breaking! I`m too excited to wait! xD"
    Thank you so much for everything!

    Ahhhw, I was searching for Agejo Jenny - the cheapest doll I found was listed on Ebay!

    @Pamelicious: I had exactly the same feeling! xD

    @cominica: himekaji is one of my favorites, too! =D
    Oh god, what a gorgeous giveaway you´re holding - I`ll enter for sure! *__*
    I`m also following your blog! x3

  5. I love takara dolls! Jenny is my favorite! I actually own one, but she has a sexy Volks body.(I should post pictures of her)
    I bought mine at