Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yukata time ♥

Fav. Song atm.: Totoro OST - The path of Wind :´D

As I blogged yesterday, I finally managed to get some photos off my camera's memory card! *__*
I really need a new set of camera, memory card and card reader soon. I'm having a lot of trouble with them recently - sometimes my camera doesn't even recognize the memory card on the inside, or it does randomly switch to off mode. <.<

I already have a camera in mind that I would really love to buy soon, it has got a magic function that makes the skin look really smooth and even! *__*
(Actually, my BF has got that camera - but he just took it with him to a working travel to Canada. xD" Oh how I miss the magic function. ;__;)

Anyways! Here are some of the Yukata photos I took a while ago! =D
There will be some more coming in sooner or later, they're safed on Chiho-chan's Iphone (god, Iphone photo quality is so gorgeous, too!)

Close upQuite simple - Dolly Wink lashes, Geo Princess Mimi brown lenses, Prisila hairpieces. I wanted to do a fluffly side-tail with my half-wig, but I kinda failed - it wasn't poofy enough. =(
(I'm so glad to get my matching prisila hairfalls soon, I´m really in need of them. xD")
God, my face is so round... maybe I should leave out the bangs next time. =(
But I really liked my eye-make, and it lasted so long! I'm using the "Real Lasting Eyeliner" by One day Tattoo recently, that´s such a gorgeous liner! I'm in love! *__*

Full BodyI actually planned on wearing my Yukata off-shoulder, but I found that the overall design of the Yukata is too princessy for that style - just not sexy enough. So I went for the traditional way. =)
It was a big FIGHT to put that thing on - I wanted to wear the Obi-belt a bit over my chest, but it just wouldn't stay in place, it kept sliding down. Dx
Oh, and the shoes... xD" I actually got matching sandals with the Yukata, but they broke the moment I put them on. Dx So I was relying on my JD replica heels - I guess it's okay.
I really liked the overall look, even though it wasn't perfect at all.
I got many compliments, too - that was really embarrassing somehow, I just can't handle compliments given to me in real life. >///<

Woah. What an unflattering photo. xD" Fat ass is fat. xD"
I promise I´ll be working on that! xD"
I decorated the obi-bow with an organza veil - there is some cute lace attached to the endings of the veil, very romantic! =D

The obi...Actually nothing special. =)
I decorated it with some lace and ribbons, my golden ribbon belt, a big flower pin and one of my shoe clips. xD"

And just as always... some webcam shots that are horribly overblended. xD"
(It's getting even worse now... but I have to admit that I didn't treat my webcam carefully the past weeks, stuffed in the darkest corner of my cupboard. xD")

Wah, I just realized I'm taking photos from the same angle everytime. O_O"
I'll try the other side next time, it can't get worse anyways. xD"

Overall I have to say... that evening, I sweat a freaking LOT in this Yukata! x__X
It was so hot outside - around 40°C in the sun, and 36°C in the shadows. Even though I really loved wearing this beautiful garment, it was a pleasure to take it off after the festival. XD"

The fabric of the Yukata does not let any air go through, I guess it's manufactured for very cheap - tiny bit of a minus for Yumetenbo's Yukatas. But the design and price is gorgeous anyways! xD"


The last weekend I spent sunbathing and swimming at a river! xD
Look what a cute little thing we found!

I called him Jimmy!
(100 points if you can guess why! xD ~ Solution can be found in comment section! ;D)

It's a small water turtle, so unusual in Germany! They don't live in rivers or lakes around here - so we guessed that somebody abandoned him. ;__;
So my sister and me caught him and went to the vet with him. But the doctor just told us that Jimmy's behaviour is very wild, and that he's living in the river for long time already. And since he seems to be doing very well there, she told us to bring him back to there.

So now he's having a great time in the wilderness, while all the neighbours are keeping an eye on him. He's a big superstar in my neighbourhood now. xD

I'll have to study for an important exam now, hope you're all having a much greater evening then me! ;D Be well sweethearts!

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Grand solution of the riddle! xD

    My Gyaru Idol Sakurina is acting in the movie "Girl's Life", maybe you´ve seen that one already! =D She´s got a pet turtle in this movie, and his name is Jimmy! x3
    Haha, so of course i had to go for this name... xD"

  2. you look totally awesome! And jimmy is cute too *o* awesome. Hope you can get a new cam soon. Which one do you mean :)pyou look totally awesome! And jimmy is cute too *o* awesome. Hope you can get a new cam soon. Which one do you mean :)p

  3. Ohhh Sweety U look so gorgeous! I love your hair!

  4. @さくらガール: Thank you a thousand times! >///<
    Actually I forgot the exactly name of that camera, I just remember it´s from FujiFilm! I´ll ask my BF for the actual series code if you want to! =D

    @Rose: Thank you so much princess! >///< But I still have a lot to improve! I wish I could create gorgeous Mori-style hair - even though it´s just with my hairpieces (since my natural hair is too short)
    Your hair is so perfect... did I ever tell you how much I admire your long hair? It´s so romantic!