Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend plans ♥

Hey sweethearts, how are you doing? =D - I hope you´re all having a gorgeous time! x3

~This one will be more of a personal entry, not really an informational one - just to let you know, I don´t wanna bore you. =)~

This weekend, there´s a japanese festival held at my city - there will be a lot of visitors from Japan, that are coming from a japanese partnership-town of my city! My dear friend Chiho-chan will be coming, too - I´m so looking forward to meet you again, Krümelchen! x3

And since it´s a summer festival - I figured it´s the best decision to wear my Gal Yukata! *__*
I would love to try wearing it a bit more sexy and unique... this!
Really challenging, since I don´t wanna look cheap. I hope I can pull it off like the model does, she´s so BREATHTAKING pretty! >///<

So, I didn´t wear Yukata for about 1 year...
That´s why I spent this afternoon trying to relearn how to put it on perfectly. lol

Even though I´ve got a lot of equipment that makes putting on the Yukata pretty easy (koshi himo, obi ita, etc.), I still needed 1 1/2 hours (!) to finish. x__X
Too many bows to tie, too many laces to get in place, too much accessory to pin on.
But well, that´s what makes a Gal Yukata pretty much... Gal. XD" = I simply suck in putting it on right now. lol

I used to even tie my obi on my own, which is quite complicated - but managable.
Now I got a pre-tied one, and guess what - takes me the same time to put that one on, since it´s tied with a string that just doesn´t want to stay in place. ~__~

*bothered me the most this afternoon*

Anyways, I´ll give it another try tomorrow. I need to practise so that I won´t look too silly this weekend.
If I really can´t manage it, I´ll just go out in my new Liz Lisa dress. lol

When I was looking for inspirational photos on yumetenbo, I found these cute kid´s modeling in Yukata!

Enough space for diapers! xD
That´s really somewhat cute, don´t you think so? :´D

But I like this one even better!2piece set with a cute bow!

I´ll try to take some photos of my outfit and the festival, and post it here soon! =)

My recent nails. ^^
It´s school time now, so I´m finally allowed to wear long/fake nails again! :´D
It´s a bit more rokku style - I`m really into that right now!
The thumb nail has got a big crown on it. And there´s a little pendant attached to the ring finger, it has got a bow and a heart that is saying: "Made with love"

Have a gorgeous time! =D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Have a great party Princess!
    Japan festival! I wish have same party in my city, or country, whatever, so I was there. This is so exciting! I can't wait for your photo in yakuta =]
    Actually, I never had it on myself, and I do not like to get it cut, but some yakuta have pretty print.

  2. is it like the one in DUSSELDORF???

    well I cant wait to see the full look!!!!



  3. @Rose: Oh, it was AMAZING! >///< I´ve met so many interesting people, and it was my first time eating Okonomiyaki - so tasty! xD
    I think every girl looks gorgeous in Yukata - it´s like a magic garment! =D

    @Queenie: Oh my city´s festival was a LOT smaller! Only a few hundred people werde coming, but lot´s of guests from my city´s partnership town in Japan! It was really gorgeous, I wish I could turn back time! :´D

    I took some Outfit photos of course, I´ll post them the next days. ;D And some festival photos will be incoming until then, too. x3 (Unfortunately my own camera died during taking outfit photos. ~__~)

    Come here, and if you come here, let me know! >///< I´d so love to meet you, Honey!