Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Design and some random spam ♥

Hey sweethearts, how are you doing? Are you having a nice time or even vacation? =D
Well, no vacation for me - and summer does punish me with 36°C in our classroom, it´s really horrible. xD"

The past weeks, I felt really fed up with my old blog design - so I quickly made a new one. =)
I´m not satisfied with the header yet, now that I see it all together. I´ll probably make a new one later or the next days. =(

I really like the animation I managed to put on my blog!
I took this widget from a japanese site, they´re offering so many other gorgeous animations - if you wanna check it out, here are my favorites! x3

Black skull rain
Bubbles, stars and bows!
Shin Chan theme! xD
(god, I love this little boy! *childish mode off*)

WE♥C theme

Oh, and if you´re bothered by the animation - you can turn it off with the switch that I embed on the right sidebar of the blog. =)

Even though it´s freakin hot outside, I´m slowly getting into fall/winter mood - I guess it´s because my favorite brands already released the fall/winter collections! xD
I so fell in love with those boots... I found them on yumetenbo´s rakuten store!
I ordered them in BlackA, all black ♥
I love how the design looks like garter stockings! x3

Argh, a random photo my BF took of me while I was busy doing my make-up... xD"
I guess I was applying concealer to my lips... (I often use concealer for creating a "nude" color). Kinda embarrassing, but I still like the photo somehow. xD"
I was wearing Lolita that day. =)

Yay, I finally managed to read out the data of my camera´s memory card! xD" ~ My card reader was broken.
Some massive photo posts coming soon! lol

My bro just told me that Emilie´s giveaway arrived at my house! I won it some weeks ago, I`m so excited now! >////<
Such a pity that I can´t pick it up this week... but as soon as I get it in my hands, I`ll make a blog entry about it!
The first giveaway I ever won... isn´t that gorgeous?! :´D
*happiest girl in the world*

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. I love your new layout, so pretty! And I know your situation. I'm also sitting in the class and suffer XD

    You look great on the picture and I wish I would have smaller feet so I could buy rakuten shoes too Q_Q

  2. If you liked those boots, have you see these?

    They were just released and are in pre-order right now ^_^

  3. @さくらガール: Wir können auch ruhig in Deutsch schreiben, wenn du magst! =D

    Das sind momentan Temperaturen hier, was? xD" Erst gar kein Sommer, und dann haben wir hier Wetter wie in Kairo! xD"

    Oh vielen Dank für das Kompliment! >///< Eigentlich gehen solche Spontanfotos ja immer in die Hosen, aber dieses mal hatte mein Schnucki ein glückliches Händchen. xD

    Die Schuhgrößen auf Rakuten sind wirklich ein Problem! Ich passe auch nur in LL rein, und die sind ja meistens gleich weg. =(

    Dein Blog ist so süß, ich folge dir ab jetzt! x3
    Und wow - dein Schmetterlings-Tattoo ist HAMMER! *__*

    @Aimiya: D:
    THOSE boots! They´re so perfect! >///<
    Thank you a thousand times for showing me, you´re such an angel! *hugs* >////<

    If I´ve got some money left for spending this month, I´ll be going for the Beige or Red ones! *__* (I guess red is going to be a big trend in fall/winter this year!)

  4. I like the new layout!! By the way, you look REALLY pretty since I hardly see pictures of yourself :) (Profile one is too bright...!)

  5. U look so beautiful in dark hair.
    And this shoes is really cute :)

  6. @Jasmine: Ahhhw, thank you so much! >///<
    Yes, I don´t often post photos of myself. I just lack a good camera, the skill of taking photos, and some self-esteem to do it well. xD" I just need to be in the right mood for it, I guess. ^^"

    You´re right, I should change my profile icon! o.O

    @Rose: Yes, I have to admit... I dress dark hair pretty well, since my natural color is a medium brown tone as well. xD"
    I wish I was blonde by nature, I would prefer that color so much more! But I´m not a blonde, so I have to dye my hair every 6 weeks. =(
    Thank youuu, and congrats on selling your house! I hope you´re staying in a more gorgeous place soon! =D

  7. I wish move to better place ;) I am so happy too. Thank U :)