Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prisila loves Cecil McBee ♥

Hey sweethearts, are you enjoying summer? ;) 
Weather finally got better in Germany, no more rainclouds! Let's see if I manage to get a tan this year! xD

My favorite wig brand "prisila" came out with a new line dedicated to the japanese clothing brand "Cecil McBee"!
Cecil McBee is a brand that you can mostly file under the keywords "adult cute". Their clothes have a cool, but playful look onto them. The wigs are created towards this image! 

Let's take a look at them!

 Wavy extensions - 4,725 Yen
Nothing too special, they don't differ a lot from prisila's usual extensions. o.O

Curly ponytail - 4,935 Yen
It's an extra curly ponytail to give some more fluffy volume, I absolutely adore that! *___*
Once my ponytails are dead, I'll go for this type!

Dango with removable braid - 4,935 Yen
Adding a braid is such a simple, but cute idea! I love that, but I guess it's cheaper to buy a normal dango wig and add a simple braid hairband. o.O

 Wavy curl full wig - 9,660 Yen
See more styling ideas here
Not really my thing, since I dislike the bangs and lack of volume here. But it might be very appealing with more adult fashion styles!

Little curl full wig - 9,660 Yen
I really love the girly cute look this wig does create! ♥

 Braided bangs full wig - 9,660 Yen
See more styling ideas here
Braids are a big trend in Gyaru for the past years, but I never saw a wig like this one! Very cute idea ♥

As you can see on the product pages of those wigs, they're coming with a limited Cecil McBee wig purse! Very cute to keep your make-up inside I think
The prices of some wigs differ a little from prisilas usual range, Cecil McBee series tend to be a tiny bit more expensive. But they're cute neverthless. I just love brand collaborations ♥

To end this post, some more photos of moi ~ as if you would be interested in that, hahaha. xD"

 Tried out retro girly...
...and decided I'm too chubby for that style. lol
It was fun wearing that neverthless! But the flowy dress isn't really flattering. =/

Promo photo for monthly contest
Oh my face wtf. xD"
But it was the only photo you can see the blue lenses nicely, so well... ^^"

 Yaya, I admit it. I only wanted to show off my nails... lol
I really have a problem with my nose make-up recently! I have the feeling it makes my nose look way bigger then actually making it look smaller! I guess I have to practise a lot more on that... if you have suggestions for me, I would so love to hear them! ♥ I'm always eager to learn!

After going out...
...looking like a hot mess. xD"
I'm having a hard time keeping that ponytail tamed, since I'm too scared to spray loads of hairspray onto it. xD" (I fear it'll damage the wig fibers)

 Obligatory webcam snapshot!
 Okay, I love those glasses. I admit. 
They make me look smart at least once my life. :´D *forever blonde*

I'll be working on traumatology ward from tomorrow on, which I really look forward too ♥ It is one of my favorite fields in medicine, even though most ppl would find it horribly disgusting. xD"
Hope you're all having a fun time, too! ;D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photo Dump ♥

Hey sweethearts! ♥

During my absence, a few photos have piled up. =) ~ Just wanna show you I am still alive. ;D

Photo taken during class
Argh, my classmate wanted to try her new phone camera, and cought me... not so... following the class. xD"
Look at that bow overload. lol ~ It was a rainy and cold day, so I just wanted to wear something cozy and cute to feel good. ♥

I also got my Ice Blue lenses in the mail! ♥
 (upper left corner: "This could be the perfect place for your advertise! lol")
 I was a little disappointed, because they don't really pop out on my dark eyes. =(
Maybe I'll do a review about them later!
That day, I was wearing a Kogyaru-like outfit, but I didn't manage to take a decent photo of it. ;___;

Therefore I'll serve you with a crappy webcam shot. lol

When spring finally got here, I started to feel like wearing something Hime-like again - my favorite style of all ♥
It really sucks that I can't wear it every day. ;___; I feel so comfortable with that style!

Just wanted to play a little with my wig...
But I am not really satisfied with the result.xD"
This time I wanted to leave out the fringe, because it does tend to make my face look even more chubby then it already is. Q__Q But well... fail. =/
At least the outfit is okay! xD"

And of course... the notoric webcam snapshot! xD"
I also used this one in the header. =)

I'll be trying to create a cute new signature for my blog now, wish me luck! ;D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?