Sunday, March 9, 2014

♥Hair inspo♥

Hey Gals! ;D

I used to be sporting my prisila hairpieces without a break - so it was kinda obvious I would get bored of them sooner or later. lol
I still love them a lot, and appreciate them for their good quality and versatility in styling - but since I changed to more sexy / rockish fashion styles, I also feel like they don't really match anymore.

I've been using my Clip-in hair extensions quite frequently recently, but they're getting uncomfortable on the scalp after a while... the pressure of the clips is very annoying, and even causing me headaches sometimes. x___X Never to forget that its quite hard to do cute (semi-) updo's with them...

So I was searching for alternatives, and I stumpled upon...
It's a common practice in Afro shops, and I got 2 of my girlfriends doing this type of extensions as well... so I thought I might give it a shot as well! ;D More details and photos about that next week, when I got my exte glued in (I just ordered all the "tools" I need)

It was time to get some hair inspo therefore!
I wanna go for blonde x brown x effect streaks, but I had a really hard time to choose a color! There are so many great Gals out there, sporting all kinds of rainbow colors!

Adorable ♥ One of my fav's, but I bit to dark for me atm.

Super cute! But I don't really like the look on blonde hair... makes it appear too "yellow" all over, something I definately NOT want to happen to my blonde hair...

Instantly cute, but it became too common already... even in Germany, lots of girls have pink streaks nowadays. lol

 YES. My color

 I think it'll match best with blonde x brown, I am so excited to see the outcome!

I will keep you updated! ;D

Oh, and here's some party coord I did:

 Hair: Side braids, Clip-in extensions... unfortunately the hair lost the curls quite fast. Q__Q
Shirts: (2 layers) TutuHa
Skirt: TutuHa
Belt: d.i.a
Accessory: Offbrand
Thights: Offbrand (US flag style)
Garter: TutuHa
Boots: Offbrand

Time to fluff up for the cold night!
Coat: Asos (a bit too big, but soooo fluffy ♥)

Tune of the night:

xoxo Chira

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hey sweethearts, thanks for staying tuned!
So happy to see that I didn't loose any followers so far, but gain some instead! Thank you so much, I'm the happiest girl in the world! xoxo

Seeing how "My Idol is..." posts are ever-so-popular, I thought I might as well make one! ;D 
Sakurina used to be my fav. for really long time, but now my taste seems to have changed... I still love her style, but other Models inspire me far more nowadays! Maybe because my own style changed a bit?

However, here's my listing! ;D (No particular order)

 She is not sooo famous nowadays, but neverthless has an AWESOME taste in fashion ♥ I love her rocking so many different styles and haircolors/hairstyles, and her face is just soooo cute and perfect

Come on, everybody loves her, right? :´D
She's a bag of surprises, and she's so *** funny! I absolutely love the positive aura of hers, and her style is RAD. She never fails to give me inspiration - and she's the reason I got into D.I.A at all

Goshikku at its best ♥ Whenever I think about this style, she immediately pops up in my head ♥ In my opinion, there's nobody that can compare to her. You are perfection, Amihamu  

She's so perfect, I don't even know where to start. I adore her fashion style so much, there's no word for it! She never fails to motivate me to work on myself even harder (style and weight-loss), if I could just reach half of her level I could die peacefully. :´D
Even thought about cutting half bangs like her. Didn't have the balls for it yet. ~__~

She's a very well known AV Gyaru - and not only famous for her AV movies, but also for her rad style and make-up! 
Now that Gyaru style is shifting towards natural style, I just wanna kling onto Gals with heavy make-up like hers... This is how I would like to see Gyaru ♥ I absolutely adore any of her make-up styles, that heavy eyeliner is simply PERFECT

I am trying to work really hard on myself, in order to become as perfect as they are... I might never ever reach that level, I am quite sure - but it still keeps me motivated to see their photos! I got so many ideas from them, I wish I could thank every single one of them personally
THANKS GALS! ♥ You're forever perfect to me

Oh well, before I end this post, I might as well photospam a bit. =P
Took them on the same day, was not sure about my outfit. =/

Dress: Liz Lisa (Sailor Dress)
Leather Jacket: Lodispotto
Boots: Esperanza (OMG I LOVE THEM)

Dress: Ma*rs
Boots: Offbrand
Garter: Ageha

Now I feel like the outfits were kinda boring and under-accessorized. Gotta do it better next time. =/
But I was really fond of my hair ♥ I wanna stop using prisila hairpieces and use my own hair + extensions in the future - I find it suits me a lot better

Ooooh, and a photo of the latest Iphone5 case I made
My Mero

See you next time, bye bye ~

xoxo Chira