Sunday, March 9, 2014

♥Hair inspo♥

Hey Gals! ;D

I used to be sporting my prisila hairpieces without a break - so it was kinda obvious I would get bored of them sooner or later. lol
I still love them a lot, and appreciate them for their good quality and versatility in styling - but since I changed to more sexy / rockish fashion styles, I also feel like they don't really match anymore.

I've been using my Clip-in hair extensions quite frequently recently, but they're getting uncomfortable on the scalp after a while... the pressure of the clips is very annoying, and even causing me headaches sometimes. x___X Never to forget that its quite hard to do cute (semi-) updo's with them...

So I was searching for alternatives, and I stumpled upon...
It's a common practice in Afro shops, and I got 2 of my girlfriends doing this type of extensions as well... so I thought I might give it a shot as well! ;D More details and photos about that next week, when I got my exte glued in (I just ordered all the "tools" I need)

It was time to get some hair inspo therefore!
I wanna go for blonde x brown x effect streaks, but I had a really hard time to choose a color! There are so many great Gals out there, sporting all kinds of rainbow colors!

Adorable ♥ One of my fav's, but I bit to dark for me atm.

Super cute! But I don't really like the look on blonde hair... makes it appear too "yellow" all over, something I definately NOT want to happen to my blonde hair...

Instantly cute, but it became too common already... even in Germany, lots of girls have pink streaks nowadays. lol

 YES. My color

 I think it'll match best with blonde x brown, I am so excited to see the outcome!

I will keep you updated! ;D

Oh, and here's some party coord I did:

 Hair: Side braids, Clip-in extensions... unfortunately the hair lost the curls quite fast. Q__Q
Shirts: (2 layers) TutuHa
Skirt: TutuHa
Belt: d.i.a
Accessory: Offbrand
Thights: Offbrand (US flag style)
Garter: TutuHa
Boots: Offbrand

Time to fluff up for the cold night!
Coat: Asos (a bit too big, but soooo fluffy ♥)

Tune of the night:

xoxo Chira


  1. Tutuha Coord = awesome! Vor allem die Haare...selbst oder nach nem tutorial?
    Und kann nicht abwarten mit roten Extensions zu sehen ;)

    1. Ahhhhw, tausend Dank ♥

      Die Haare trage ich eigentlich ziemlich oft so, weil's ziemlich einfach und schnell zu machen ist. xD" *super faul* Ein Tutorial brauchte ich dazu nicht. =)

      Habe die Seite mit einem Stielkamm eingezwirbelt, und dann einen hohen Pferdeschwanz geknotet - ein bischen toupieren und ins Gesicht ziehen, fertig. =)

      Werde bald mal ein Foto mit meinen Glue-in Extensions machen, die sind LIEBE!! ;D

      Danke für das süße Kommi ♥

  2. your coat from asos is the CUTEST thing ever! <3

    1. Thank you very much! x3
      I was so lucky to find it 2nd hand in my size, this particular coat sold out long ago back then! It's still one of my fav. winter pieces! x3