Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Summary of the past weeks! ♥

Hey Gals, how was your summer?
My summer was basically non-existant, due to horrible rainy weather in Germany... I rarely go the chance to wear any of my sexy summer clothes, what a giant waste!! I'm still upset that autumn is already here... Q__Q

I've been asked why I went on a hiatus again... it actually has a very happy reason! I'm getting married this month! ♥ (Just at the register office for now, but yay! xD)
I'm super excited and happy, I hope you all can be happy with me! 25.10. will be the big day ♥

Well, but such an important event also comes with lot's of preparation work... which explains my hiatus, I think. ;D

I'm going to wear my Jesus Diamante dress for the wedding
I hope I can be a beautiful bride ♥

Some of you might know that my future husband is coming from Taiwan... his native languages are Taiwanese and Chinese (but he's also fluent in English and German), so I decided to learn Mandarin!
Obviously, this is just a random page of one of my study books. lol ~ Way too advanced Chinese here! I'm still at a beginner level. =P
It's still quite hard for me, especially because of the writing... I have to work out a learning strategy. xD" Thanks god I have the best teacher at my home ♥

Besides Chinese, I also improved my Gel-Nail skills, I guess! ♥
Favorite Nail-Set so far... I especially liked the middle finger! That's gonna be my wedding nails ♥
My coworkers always make fun of me, because any of my nails looks different... they won't believe it's supposed to be like this. lol

That was my Mermaid-style Nail-Set... wasn't too happy with this, but at least it gave me a little summer vibe.^^"

I also got new clip-in hair extensions from dirtylooks! They're really fabulous ♥ But I had a hard time to tone them to the matching color...
Left: Original Color, Right: After toning 3 times
And it's still not perfect yet! xD" Don't know if it'll ever be, but I'm not giving up! xD"

So... as I'm already talking about my shoppings...

 2nd hand d.i.a shorts ♥
I'm so happy to fit into d.i.a pants, I can't even describe the feeling! ='D

Super sexy d.i.a pants! Needed them in my life after I saw Yumachi wearing them on an EGG photoshooting ♥

 2nd hand d.i.a top! It's super sexy as usual, but unfortunately it makes my boobs look like meatloafs. ~.~ I guess I'm going to sell it soon!

The first time I saw it on mbok was in February... but I couldn't bring myself to buy it, because it was quite expensive. Same thing in April, and then I couldn't forget about it anymore. (God, I am so sick. lol) When I saw it still for sale on mbok last month, I took a heart and bid on it! BEST DECISION EVER!
The skirt has built in shorts, and the material is fluffy and warm! I already have unlimited outfit ideas with this! :´D

Super comfy Ghost of Harlem shirt, because I'm absolutely into wings atm! ♥

Super cute Ma*rs Set I exchanged with Chewiee ♥ That's actually the back of the top, the front is just plain black - thought this side is more interesting. =P

Somehow I didn't take any full outfit photos recently, just some snapshots... but better then nothing, I guess. =/

That's actually a year old, I just happened to find it on my cellphone. lol
I was in Tokio back then, this was my cozy outfit for exploring Ikebukuro. =) I've met some super sweet girls at the train-station back then, they were all like "Wah, kawaii! Neko-chan!!" I wish I would have been brave enough to ask for a photo with them, they were so pretty and cute! Q__Q *forever too chicken*

Topic of the day: Put as much d.i.a on your body as you can. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. lol

Aaaand the cute Ma*rs Babydoll I just bought from Sui Princess ♥

What a mixed entry this has become! xD" But that pretty much sum's up the past weeks! =)
Thanks for reading, I'll try to blog again soon!

xoxo, Chira ♥