Sunday, February 27, 2011

H&M finds!

I´m doing quite bad now... so it was time for some window-shopping.

I found some random stuff on H&M that remembered me recent gal trends, and so decided to share it with you. =)

College jacket
(also sold in blue colorway)

Remembered me of one of Tsubasa´s latest coords so much! Mostly because of the big "M" emblem, I guess. xD"
This pic is taken from Universal Doll, check out this great Gyaru blog HERE! =3

The jacket definately has got the "school-girl" vibe, but I´m not sure if it´s as flattering as the light cardigan that Tsubasa is wearing - I didn´t see the jacket modeled yet, unfortunately. But might be a nice fit, I`ll definately try it on during my next visit at H&M! =)

Chunky high heeled clogs
(spring 2011 collection)

This style of shoes have already been famous amongst japanese Gals for about 1 year ago, if I remember right. Liz Lisa released a lot of shoes in this style - I´ve seen some with lace and flowers deco, and also some pairs with lovely fluffy fur! =)

By Liz Lisa, with cute flowers deco! x3
The style is almost the same - the H&M clogs just miss 2 fancy flower clips. =)

I´m not sure if this is new to you, but...
H&M is selling usamimi hairbands for quite a while already.
(You get a set of 2 usamimi. Those hairbands are also sold in grey colorways! ^^)

I got those two, they´re really cute!
These usamimi are even cuter, don´t you agree? :´D
This lovely millefleur design is so sweet! Sold @ yumetenbo. =) (But they might be sold out already)

Thanks for reading! Have a great start into a new week (wishing you all a stress-less Monday! xD")!

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: My exams went very well! I studied hard for it, and it was really worth all the effort. I`m feeling so relieved now. x3

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still alive!

Hey Sweety´s, how are you doing?
I hope you´re all doing great! x3

I`m so sorry for the lack of updates, but I have to work very hard recently. I`m having a super important practical exam on Thursday - I can´t even find words for how scared I am. ;__;
(Normally, I don´t have problems with exams. But this is an practical exam, so my teacher will watch every movement I make, and take notes until she´s out of paper to write on... no wonder I`m nervous. ;__;)

Still, I don´t want to abandon my blog perfectly. ;D

So just a quick update on my recent purchases, including Rose Toilette photos I owe for such long time already! ^^

My sweet Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette OP in mint ♥
I started crying happy tears when I unwrapped it first time. xD"
I just felt so overwhelmed, finally holding my lolita dream dress in my arms... such a good feeling!
It´s so pretty! Even prettier then I remembered it ♥

Rose Toilette Bonnet mint
I used to avoid Bonnets, since I thought they´ll make my face look even rounder then it already is... BUT. When I tried this baby on, I found out it really suits me! o////o I was so surprised, and even more happy that I bought this set! xD"

Close up of the Print
It´s so detailed, and so delicate! There are sparkles all over the print ~ but my favorites are the cute butterfly´s all over ♥

Hime Keitai deco case
Time to bling up my phone! xD
Haha, this case was actually a be-lated christmas present from my grandma - thank you so much, oma! (<- german for "granndma")
This case was custom made by gorgeous PinkyAnela, find her shop here! (<- But she´s currently doing NO custom orders, since she´s so busy! Just to mention. o.O)
I love the bling so much! *___* So many things on it that suit my lifestyle and preferences, like a little bottle of nailpolish, a crystallized Kitty, a big rose, a princess crown... ahhhw, I could stare at it for hours and still find new details to fall in love with! xD

Actually, that´s it for the purchases part. xD
I spent most of my money on furniture recently, since I didn´t feel comfortable with my bare appartment anymore. =/
As soon as I finished my mission "princess room", I´ll show you all. ;D

Last but not least ~ Proof that I`m still (more or less) alive.
But actually I`m looking like a ghost again (bad lightning. ~__~) ~ so maybe I´m more on the dead side now? xD"
I must admit, I was too lazy for eye make-up that day. =/
Actually I hate it a lot... I´m on this minimum styling trip right now, since I spend most time learning and working. Makes me so lazy when it comes to styling... which leads to making me feel uncomfortable. xD" It´ll be better after Thursday, I hope... ~_~

Thanks for reading, I´ll promise some more reasonable posts as soon as I`m not so busy anymore! xD"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?