Thursday, May 22, 2014

スジ盛り ♥♥ Sujimori!!

Hey Gal's, long time no see. ;)
Today I'm gonna give a short explanation about the most Gyaru-ish hairstyle of all:  

What is "Sujimori" / スジ盛り?
Sujimori is a special way of hairdo, that is very popular not only in Gal styles - it can also be seen in Visual Kei, Oshare Kei and many other japanese fashion styles.
Most important for Sujimori: VOLUME & DEFINED STRANDS.
Sujimori is probably one of the most detailed hairstyles EVER, so it takes lots of practise and time to perfect it. If you look at the following pictures, you will understand why. ;D

 Gyaru Sujimori

Gyaruo Sujimori

Example of Visual Kei Sujimori

Different Variations - be creative!
Sujimori can come in different styles as well! There are countless cute updo's, hairsets with sexy braids, with short hair, straight hair... and the list goes on! Here are some examples:

Suji x Cornrow

Suji x Updo

Suji x straight hair

Suji x short hair

Sujimori evolves too... MEGAMORI!!
While Volume is a MUST for Sujimori anyways, there are HUGE over-the-top hairstyles as well! They are still very famous for Kurogyaru and Goth Gyaru! Such big hairstyles often come in different haircolors, and adorned with little feathers or flowers ♥
"Black Diamond" Gyaru-sa made those "MEGAMORI" hairstyles really famous in the west!


makes your head twice as big ♥

How to Sujimori ♥
Japanese girls will most likely go to a hairsalon to get a hairset done by a professional. It's still something special to most of Gyaru, but there are certainly girls who get a Suji done every day (I am mostly talking about hostesses - having great hair is somewhat of their job requirements, i guess. lol).

Since westerners don't really have access to hairstylists beeing capable of Sujimori, we have no choice but to do the hairset on our own. lol
For obvious reasons, this is not the easiest job to do. Making a hair arrangement on your own head is quite hard already, so creating hundreds of perfect strands for Sujimori is really tough. It takes lots of practise, time, patience and motivation.

If you still wanna challenge Sujimori, here's what you'll probably need!
- Layered haircut (MOST IMPORTANT!!)
- Wig with a layered cut
- Teasing comb
- Hairspray with strong hold
- Hairties & Bobby Pins for updo's or creating fake layers
- Curling Iron / Flattening Iron OR (hot) rollers
- Hair accessory if wanted

Obviously, I am not a master in Sujimori - so I don't even wanna start giving instructions or whatever. xD
But I wanna encourage you to watch some Sujimori Videos on youtube, they're really helpful! I'd show you my favorite ones! =)

Suji Updo


Cute half updo

My last 50 Cent:
Sujimori is probably the most GAL hairstyle of all, but it requires lots of practise and EVEN MORE patience. But obviously, it's totally worth it! Sujimori is an absolute EYECATCHER!!

I already failed countless times, giving good laughs to my BF because of looking like an exploded broom. ~lol
But I won't give up trying to perfect my Gal style, and hairstyling is a big MUST for me! So Suji is the way to go ♥

I hope I could inspire you a little bit. ;D

Let me end this blog with a little photo spam... lol

That day, I only wanted to practise Suji... but ended up fully dolled up. Stupid me. :'D
Accessory: Offbrand
Scarf: Nightmarket in Taipeh
Shirt: Dictionair in Tainan City
Skirt: Dictionair in Tainan City
Stockings: Ma*rs
Boots: Offbrand

Shirt: Fernoopa
Boots: Offbrand
Accessory: Offbrand

xoxo, Chira ♥

Thursday, May 1, 2014

♥New Look♥

I just feel like celebrating my new blog layout with you! ♥♥♥

Thanks to the help of my wonderful BF, everything turned out PERFECTLY!! SO HAPPY right now!! ♥

The old look of my Blog was way too princessy, that's no longer ME since I stopped wearing overly cute style 1 year ago... 
I wanted to have the layout more sexy and mature, and darker colors to tone it down a bit - I think it worked quite well! x3

You might recognize that the structure of the Header is almost the same as before - I just couldn't think of anything better then that, sorry. xD

Enough of the Spam, I hope you like the new Layout as well! ;D 
Thanks for reading my Blog ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥