Monday, April 8, 2013

Follow me ♥

Just a shortie today. ;)

I decided it's time to renew my blog a little. I started with adding two more options for following my blog!

I embed two icons in the sidebar on the right, you can now follow me with bloglovin' and blogconnect! Please check it out! =) 

At this point I wanna thank all of my followers so far, I really appreciate that you're reading all that random stuff I'm throwing on here! >///< Thank you very much!

If you have any wishes for future entries, just let me know! I'll do my best to make this blog more interesting! =D

I just got my new Tutuha onepiece in the mail last week, absolutely couldn't wait to wear it out ♥ That kinda more mature style is slowly growing on me!

Onepiece: Tutuha
Top: H&M
Shorts (not visible), Stockings, Accessory: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline

Dammit, I really need a new halfwig - it's getting really hard to style it the way I want! >///< Absolutely hate the gap in my hair on this photo! Q__Q
I wasn't really sure how to coordinate the Onepiece, in the end I went for a layered look. I think it didn't come out too bad at all, but I'll try another code soon (already got something in mind, hihi)

Love that skull ♥

I also bought a second-handed Ma*rs set, and I LOVE IT TO PIECES. ♥

Shirt, Skirt: Ma*rs
Stockings: Yumetenbo
Shoes, Accessory: Offbrand
Hairpiece: La Pafait

Gotta admit that I wasn't brave enough to wear those stockings out. xD" I'm such a chicken, I know... but maybe they'll grow on me one day. =) (I don't feel THAT comfy about my body yet)

I'm was kinda pleased with my hair that day! I took inspiration from Ma*rs models, a lot of them wear a hairstyle that is kinda flat on the top, but very curly on the bottom ♥

Close up
Yeah, absolute make-up disappearance. 
Thanks Fuji Finepics. ~__~

Enough of my face-spam. :´D

I got my big pracitcal exams the next two days... I'm not really nervous, but too lazy to do all the work. xD" (It requires writing a lot of documents) 
And just now, the sun finally started to come out in my area - spring fever! I just wanna go out and have fun! :´D

Seems I gotta delay it for a while...

Well, I'm off to study now! ;)

 I don't want to...


It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?