Monday, April 8, 2013

Follow me ♥

Just a shortie today. ;)

I decided it's time to renew my blog a little. I started with adding two more options for following my blog!

I embed two icons in the sidebar on the right, you can now follow me with bloglovin' and blogconnect! Please check it out! =) 

At this point I wanna thank all of my followers so far, I really appreciate that you're reading all that random stuff I'm throwing on here! >///< Thank you very much!

If you have any wishes for future entries, just let me know! I'll do my best to make this blog more interesting! =D

I just got my new Tutuha onepiece in the mail last week, absolutely couldn't wait to wear it out ♥ That kinda more mature style is slowly growing on me!

Onepiece: Tutuha
Top: H&M
Shorts (not visible), Stockings, Accessory: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline

Dammit, I really need a new halfwig - it's getting really hard to style it the way I want! >///< Absolutely hate the gap in my hair on this photo! Q__Q
I wasn't really sure how to coordinate the Onepiece, in the end I went for a layered look. I think it didn't come out too bad at all, but I'll try another code soon (already got something in mind, hihi)

Love that skull ♥

I also bought a second-handed Ma*rs set, and I LOVE IT TO PIECES. ♥

Shirt, Skirt: Ma*rs
Stockings: Yumetenbo
Shoes, Accessory: Offbrand
Hairpiece: La Pafait

Gotta admit that I wasn't brave enough to wear those stockings out. xD" I'm such a chicken, I know... but maybe they'll grow on me one day. =) (I don't feel THAT comfy about my body yet)

I'm was kinda pleased with my hair that day! I took inspiration from Ma*rs models, a lot of them wear a hairstyle that is kinda flat on the top, but very curly on the bottom ♥

Close up
Yeah, absolute make-up disappearance. 
Thanks Fuji Finepics. ~__~

Enough of my face-spam. :´D

I got my big pracitcal exams the next two days... I'm not really nervous, but too lazy to do all the work. xD" (It requires writing a lot of documents) 
And just now, the sun finally started to come out in my area - spring fever! I just wanna go out and have fun! :´D

Seems I gotta delay it for a while...

Well, I'm off to study now! ;)

 I don't want to...


It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. U look so sweet Princess. Love your hairstyle<3

    1. Thank you millions, dear! ♥
      I wish I could do a really loooong hairstyle like yours, though! >///<

  2. Replies
    1. Ahhhw, vielen Dank! =D
      Hast du evtl. auch einen Blog?

  3. Ahh! Those outfits suit you so well! (*__*)
    I love the stockings and tights and your hair too!!

    1. Thank you so much! ♥ That really means a lot to me, made my day ♥

      I'm slowly developing to more adult styles, it's a whole new experience to me. xD

  4. Argh my heart is melting, stop being so adorable!!!
    I love your hair ;_; especially the last hairstyle, you're so stunning!
    And the tutuha onepiece is a kinda new look for you xD you surprised me but I liked it a lot, I want to see you wearing it more! Pretty please?
    Good luck for your exam, I'm sure you'll pass it<3<3

    1. Ahhhw that's so cute of you, thank you so much dear! >///< *huggies* It really flatters me a lot to get a compliment from such a cute Gal, proves that I'm on the right way, haha. x3

      Oh yeah, I really fell in love with TutuHa and Glavil recently, planning to get a few more pieces soon <3

      Exams were okay so far, I hope I can endure this pressure some longer! xD" Still wayyyy to go until exam period is over!

  5. Hey!
    I saw your picture on the fuckyeahwestergal tumblr and thought I'd have a look at your blog aha :3 You're so cute! I love your style <3 MA*RS suits you so well *_*

    I've tagged you in my latest post as one of my recently found blogs :3

      Haha, sorry for that outbreak, but you just really surprised me A LOT! I never expected to show up on any tumblr, especially not on THAT PARTICULAR ONE. :´D *somehow... feeling proud*

      Anyways, I'm very happy that you came to my blog! I actually follow yours for quite a while already, haha. x3 *little stalker* Aaaaah, I'd kill for your body and your make-up skills... :´D

      Thanks for the compliments and mentioning me in your blog entry, it really means a lot to me! x3 I'll do that meme as soon as I find time ;)

  6. du siehst echt gut aus! und..zeig ruhig deine strümpfe :3!

    1. Ahhhw, hab tausend Dank für das Kompliment! Das motiviert mich echt dazu das nächste mal etwas mehr Mut zu haben, und die Strümpfe auch wirklich zu tragen, haha. xD (Selbstvertrauens-Boost! Ò__O/)
      Du hast nen tollen Blog, ich folge dir von nun an! =)

  7. Waah~
    You are so pretty, I love your style..oh ~ the hair!! ♡ ♡

    Hope your exams went well. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Thank you so much, dear! x3

      Yes, the exams went well indeed! Thanks a million for your wishes, I guess that granted me the success as well, haha! ;)

      You've got such a super sweet style! I'll be following you from now on, what an awesome mixture of Lolita x Gyaru! ♥

  8. wünsche für zukünftige einträge:
    1. blog meeeeeeeeeeehr
    2. zeig noch mehr outfit fotos
    3.zeig doch mal ein foto von dir mit der neuen ma*rs hose *-*
    das wär toll :3
    du bist echt hüpsch & trägst tolle outfits deswegen wäre es schön noch mehr fotos zu sehen ^-^Y
    achja ich finds klasse das du die anonymus funktion bei den kommis hast, ich bin immer anmelde faul & leute die das nicht haben denen schreib ich auch fast nie was drunter >w<''

    1. Haha, vielen Dank für das tolle Kommi und die Vorschläge! Das ist wirklich total hilfreich für mich! =D

      1. Werde ich auf jeden Fall machen! Jetzt da die Zwischenprüfungen vorbei sind, hab ich ein paar Wochen Ruhe vom Lernen. ;)

      2. Ich verspreche dran zu arbeiten! Ò__O/ Leider vergesse ich auch ganz ganz oft überhaupt Fotos zu machen - im Nachhinein ärgert mich das immer fürchterlich. xD"

      3. Hab schon ein Outfit mit der MA*RS Hose im Kopf, ich warte nur noch darauf das das passende Oberteil mit der Post eintrifft. ;D (Leider hab ich noch viel zu viele "süße" Klamotten im Schrank, z. B. Liz Lisa Sachen - die passen einfach gaaarnicht zu der Hose. Q__Q)

      Hab tausend Dank für die Komplimente, ich strahle gerade von einem Ohr zum anderen! :´D So glücklich!
      Ich will die Anonymus Funktion auch weiterhin drinlassen, mir geht es da nämlich genauso wie dir! xD *forever faul*

  9. Heyy! You look good in ma*rs! Like a model for ma*rs in Japan!
    I like the look! :)

    Btw, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You don't have to do it but I just want to let you know ^__^

    1. OMG, thank you so much! Such a big compliment, I'm blushing all over! >////< (MA*RS models are my idols ♥)

      Wohoooo, I got an award!!! Thanks a million, I'll make it my next blog entry! =D
      Congratulations for getting the award yourself, you really deserve it! I love your photo tours through Osaka ♥ Everytime I see your blog, I cannot wait to go to Japan in October - so excited!

  10. Hello Christina,
    I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Versatile blog award, you can find out about it here:

    1. Waaaah, first of all: I'm so happy to see you commenting on my humble blog, I'm following yours for quite a while already! You really rock Hime & Himekaji! ♥

      Thank you millions for that award, I'm so lucky to get nominated for it twice only under this entry! HAPPY HAPPY ♥
      Congratulations for getting the award yourself! You absolutely deserve it, your blog is so entertaining! ♥