Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! ♥ Spring inspiration ♥

Happy Easter sweet Princesses and Princes!
Hope you found a lot of choco bunnies and eggs waiting for you, haha! ;)

It started snowing again at my place! x___X So I'm trying my very best to not get my easter holiday mood ruined, haha!
I already got a small milk choco bunny from my Mum, it is so cute! I have a hard time eating chocolate figures, because I just can't sacrifice to rip off the cute wrapping! :´D *silly girl is silly*

I'll spend the day with my family, it has become a tradition in my hometown that everybody is gathering on Easter Sunday. I'm so happy to see my godson again, he has grown soooo fast! ♥

Do you also have plans for Easter Holiday? =)

I might be very busy soon, because I just got myself a 2nd job at an outpatient care service! I'm not announcing a hiatus though, I will still keep on blogging every now and then - but the entry's might decrease a bit, or become shorter in general. Plz bear with me until summer. =/

I took the 2nd job in order to safe some money for a biiiig vacation in Taiwan and Japan this year ♥
I'm having a hard time to control my spending habits, not going to deny this. xD" *obvious habit is obvious* So the only way to get that money is working even harder. ;) 
(Sounds like a punishment, haha - but I actually really like it. When I had to work really hard for something, I enjoy finally getting it even more!)

I wanna travel to Tainan City, Khaosiung on of course Taipeh ♥
Beautiful Khaosiung Love River ♥

Yesterday I had some time to check the latest issues of Egg and Ageha! 
I was kinda disappointed with Ageha again. =/ The make-up tutorials are way too toned down for my taste (I miss the times when HEAVY EYELINER was the real deal... Q__Q), and the outfits were just so-so. =/

From Ageha:
Beloved Sakurina ♥
Red x Black is always KILLER, I love how she combined it with that chunky jewelry all over!

I'm definately gonna try that out as soon as I got my new (second hand) prisila hairpiece! >////<

From Egg:
Old trends like high waisted Jeans seem to continue, just as long denim skirts (perfectly pulled off by Yun here, love her ♥)

Not that awesome at first glance, but I love how she mixed Kuronba & Ora Ora elements! 

Flower prints on white base tone might be trendy next season! Perfect match with dark, distressed denim - love that look ♥ 

My fav. Outfit of all ♥
I find it a very creative mix of pattern and material, and it's just TOO HOT to resist ♥

I'll be off hunting for some more choco bunnies now! =P Cross your fingers for me, haha!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

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