Monday, March 18, 2013

Sales, Get's and all the nice things in life! ♥

Guess who's back again, haha! ;D
Hope you're all doing well!

First of all, I wanted to let you know about my recent sales! Yumetenbo & d.i.a stuff included, plz check it out! ;)
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Weather is absolutely crazy in Germany at the moment! 2 weeks ago, it used to be sunny and warm - I even had the chance to wear a flowy spring dress! Q__Q (How I miss those days! *granny mode off ~ lol*) Then it suddenly started snowing again, and at the moment we're drowning in rain. =/

I hope it'll be warm again soon! I'm a bit sick of wearing my winter clothes while so many cute new spring stuff is sitting in my closet waiting to be worn out! xD

I'm a bit tense recently, since I'm having my big mid-term exams on Thursday & Friday! x__X
As you might know I'm studying nursing - I'm in the last year of my education period now, which simply means: Tests, tests, tests. xD"
I'll be taking exams in human anatomy (physiology & pathology), patients care of all ages (newborn to elderly), and nursing science (theory of nursing). Especially the last topic is killing my nerves, because I gotta remember the names and theories of so many famous nurses... x___X

I'll try my best anyways, can't wait to finally get my full nurse degree and start helping patients as THEY NEED IT, not following the "saving time, saving money" rule. <.<
I'll be an awesome nurse for sure! ♥

The best way to distract myself from those quite stressfull event is... SHOPPING, of course! xD
My biggest love and my greatest habit, yeah... but well, that won't stop me from drooling over my recent bought treasures! I don't regret anything, haha. ♥

My Gets!

Ma*rs Garter Pants
Oh yes, they finally arrived to their new loving home! ♥
These are my "motivation pants" to loose some more weight, haha! They're a size 25, and I can already fit into them (which is a huge success for me anyways, lol) - I'm not 100% confident about the fit, though. I think I'll feel more comfortable wearing those when I lost some more kg. Wish me luck! ;)

Ma*rs skirt
Believe it or not, I saw myself in a dream, wearing exactly this skirt - I had to get it, no matter what! *__* (crazy bitch is crazy.)
I love it to death, it's even more beautiful then I ever imagined! Now I cannot wait to get the matching top ♥

Perfume & Bodylotion Set "Everose" by Jil Sander
It's a present from my BF! OMG I was wishing for that Perfume for a couple of months already, I was so super happy that he remembered! Q___Q
He got me this awesome Perfume & Bodylotion Set for White Day, isn't it cute? ^///^ I only took a photo of the box, though - I was too excited trying out the perfume after I unwrapped it, I absolutely forgot taking further photos. xD"

Everose is perfect for all girls that are into sweet and elegant scents! It slightly smells like roses, but in a very pleasant way! (Rose perfumes mostly tend to smell like good old grannys toilet potpourri... <.<)

I have the infamous d.i.a Moon Belt waiting in our local customs office atm (oh what a pleasure to go there meet my BEST FRIENDS again. ~__~ *sarcasm off*), and 2 pairs of cute lenses will arrive soon ♥ So excited to get my stuff soon! ♥

I'll end this entry with the usual photo spam, beware. ;) 

I'm really into the mood for Agejo now, as you might already guess from my recent Ma*rs buys, haha! ;) So I couldn't wait to wear out my new Ma*rs skirt! 
Oh well, always striking the same pose recently... how boring. <.<
I'll try to remember doing something different next time, plz bear with me until then! xD"

Necklace: La Pafait
Jacket & Skirt: Ma*rs
Top: (not visible) H&M
Overknees, Shoes, random accessory: Offbrand

Close up!

Tried a hairstyle that I found in an old Ageha magazine, what a bad choice. Unfortunately it makes me look like a horse face. x___X Oh well, at least I learned something from it. xD
I was pleased with the make-up though, it's inspired by one of Sakurinas recent eyemake tutorials! (Once again I didn't manage to take a decent photo of it. I suck. Forever. ~__~)

I'll be posting again when exams are over, wish me luck! ;)
Wishing you an awesome time ♥

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Cute outfit! I love your hair~

    1. Thank you so much, dear! ^////^
      I was happy to see that you also have a blog, it is so cute! I'm following you now! x3

  2. Please stop being so beautiful! You make me feel envious >_> and I don't see any horse face, quit it or I'll hit you! XD you're perfect as always. Good luck for your exams (I'm graduating too, sooooo anxious @_@")!

    1. Oh Honey, you're the best! xD *huggies* I'm always so happy to get a comment from you, it really makes my day!

      Wah, you're also graduating! x___X My soulmate! xD It's so stressfull, I'll be crying happy tears when this is over! x__X Good luck to you, too!

      Btw. I managed to drop 1 more kg due to your workout-tips! You really helped me a lot, thanks a million dear! x3

  3. great gets and good luck for you!!
    You look awesome!

    1. Thank you so much, your support means a lot to me! ^////^
      Btw. I really love to read your blog, its so funny and you're so inspirational! So great to see pale skin girls rocking Gyaru! (I'm quite pale myself, so you're really a huge inspiration!)

  4. Your hairstyle is so perfect Princess. I love your necklace too <3 cute!

    1. Ahhhw, thank you so much, Princess! I wish I had real hair like that, haha! Just as long and wavy as yours, I'm so envious! xD

      I was very glad to also get the matching headpiece to that necklace, lucky me! I plan to wear it with my next Lolita outfit! x3