Sunday, January 29, 2012

A short update! ♥

Hey sweethearts! Yes, I am still alive! ;D

The past weeks, I had to focuss on studying a lot - and the hard work paid off! :´D

My midwife exam!
Haha, plz excuse my crappy handwriting! The exam contained 5 pages full of questions to answer within 45 minutes, so I had to hurry a lot. xD"
In Germany, we have the grades 1 to 6 to rate the sucess in an exam. 1 is the best grade, the list goes down until 6, which is the worst grade.
Sooo... YES, I ROCKED IT! *___* *high five myself* xD
I wrote 5 other exams the past weeks, and they all went really well! No grade below 2, yessss! :´D

I admit that I neglected my driving school for the sake of my grades... angry driving teacher is angry, gotta work hard on my license the next weeks to calm him down. lol

I've been asked why I'm not doing any "recent buys" postings anymore, or if I lost interest in Gyaru. I'm flattered that there are some people even caring about that, thank you so much! ;__;
And to answer that: I still love Gyaru style a lot! ♥

I just don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes at the moment, since driving school costs me up to 200€ every month. xD"

This question made me think about myself a lot, though.
How can I say "I quit Gyaru" if I've never been one... I probably stay a gyaru attendant forever. xD" ~ I just don't have what it takes to make a good gyaru, there are so many requirements to reach.
But I feel soooo good with how it is now. I still want to try hard and improve, but I don't want to feel the pressure to fit the term "Gyaru". If I once reach the quality to proudly call myself "Gal", it'll be gorgeous - if not, who cares. =)

Enough about the whining and ups/downs of my life, I also brought some photos for you! xD

Before I forget - I've been asked which camera I am using, since I once mentioned the "magic function".
I'm having a "Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR", with the magic portrait function that makes skin appear smoother! ;) (like a purikura machine, haha!)

Tried sujimori again!
The strands are still too big, but I'm slowly getting into it! Ò__O/
My eyes look so derpy, haha!
I still want bigger lenses... my next buy is dedicated to a pair with a diameter of a minimum of 15mm! >////<

Making faces is funny sometimes...
...just to derp it out to the maximum. xD

Upcoming entrys (will be more reasonable then this one, I promise! lol):
The Macaron recipe I promised long ago! =)
I also wanna make a new blog design, but I don't know when I will find time for that... xD"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prince-spiration & Prisila new collection ♥

I recently had to clean up the external drive of my PC, where I found a lot of Lolita inspirational pics. Thanks to that, I re-discovered my love for a male sub-style of Lolita: Dandy

My prince-spiration ♥
Photos mostly taken from taobao stores like Ichigo15, Infanta, HMHM.
So elegant! I love Dandy style, but I absolutely dislike Kodona (it’s a bit too tomboy-ish for my taste).

Since I'm already talking about Lolita-related things, I wanna introduce the new collection of Prisila wigs to you!
God knows I’m a sucker for prisila hairpieces! :´D

They came up with a brandnew Lolita-themed series and a new, brighter blonde haircolor! Sad point: They don’t come in the usual prisila color range, but only in light blonde, brown and black. =(
You can check out the new collection here

Some of the styles I love the most:

Awesome straight Hime-cut wig!
Do want! >///<

Fluffy curly short wig
Will go well with all styles, but I mostly get the classic vibe from it! <3

Curly hairfall
It’s actually a piece of their usual series – I do own two of them in LIYE, and often use them for my hairstyles. =)
They’re absolutely gorgeous, just as usual for prisila hairpieces ♥

From tomorrow on, I have to go back to school... I so lack the motivation for that. xD" But after day 2 is over, it'll get better, I know - starting off is the hardest part, just as always. xD"

I know school is starting for a lot of students tomorrow - how do you feel about it? How do you spend your last day of vacation?

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Resolution #2: Loosing weight! ♥

So, my weight has been going up and down the past years, which bothered me a lot all the way through – I think a lot of girls can understand me pretty well! Weight is always an important topic for us. =(

I’ve never been a slim girl, and I think I will never be – and it’s not my goal to look like a model. I just wanna look the best for ME, my size and figure. With a weight of 55~56kg, I always feel most comfortable – so that’s my goal. =)

The reasons why my weight is changing drastically and fast, I know very well…
When I am working at the hospital, I have to move around a lot – in that case, it’s not a big deal for me to stay at the 56kg border.
During school periods (which means a couple of weeks), I gain a MINIMUM of 2kg because I clearly lack that exercise! I do really study a lot (for school and driving license), which takes quite a lot of time… but besides that, I am really lazy – I have to admit it. xD

Those changes in my weight are really bothersome and frustrating, and I feel it’s time for me to try finding the perfect solution for me – which will definitely include a flexible exercise plan (that I can adjust to my shiftplans), a change in lifestyle and eating habits! Ò__O/

~ Rope jumping 3~4 times a week, at least 6 x 5minute periods
~ Train my problem areas after that
~ Reward myself with a hot bath. :´D
~ No carbs after 5 p.m.
~ Try to eat breakfast (I often skip on that, I admit… ^^”)
~ No energy drinks (The only kind of softdrinks I really LOVE. ;__;)
~ Drink Fruit Tea when I have the feeling that I wanna taste something sweet

With that method, I already lost 6kg last year – since I know it’s working for me, I’m very motivated to do this again! Ò__O/
Wish me luck! ;D

If you have any tips on dieting and home exercising (especially for arms and legs), I would appreciate a lot! =D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

d.i.a - Encounter the rockish side of life! ♥

I realized I didn’t do any informational entrys lately, so today I wanna leave some informations about a brand that is getting really famous at the moment: d.i.a!

d.i.a is a brand dedicated to a playful, sexy and glamorous rokku-gal style. They do describe the style of the brand as “USA sexy” – pretty suitable I think, since they’re playing with denim, leather and plaid theme a lot. =)

The brand is getting more and more famous at the moment, it is mostly featured in egg magazines! Here are some photos out of egg 12/2011 for you! =)
(scans taken from
Those photos represent d.i.a very well, I think – they show off the sexy and glamorous clothes, such as the always blingy-belts which are definately d.i.a’s best-sellers! ♥

These boots so catchy! *___*

Style elements that d.i.a does often use are animal prints, very used denim, sexy knit-wear, golden buttons, chains and the like.

The cut of the clothes are definitely more revealing then covering. A combination of tank-top with matching arm-warmers is often seen recently. Most shirts also have a very deep cut-out on the back, often decorated with golden chain accessorys. Not to forget that d.i.a does also offer a range of sexy printed Tees with a deep neckline. Pants/Shorts are mostly very tight fitting and made of very used or even ripped denim.

As mentioned above, d.i.a is mostly famous for their hot belts! They’re made of high quality leather, decorated with extreme blingy elements like giant belt buck-buckles, golden chains, rabbit fur, feathers, skulls… and the list goes on!

Following photos are taken from d.i.a tumblr, check it out here! =D

And god said: "Let there be BLING!"
A shop staff showing off her sexy d.i.a belt! Now if that isn't rockish! *___*

d.i.a's display window
Furry legwarmers are a big trend since winter 2010, and it doesn't seem to stop! =D

Random sexy girls purikura ♥
Showing off typical d.i.a coordinates! I love how they twin ♥

d.i.a’s sizes do definitely run small, I would say a tad smaller then japanese clothes already are by nature. Most of the clothes by this brand do run as “free-size”, which will fit an S size comfortably. On an M size it will be a very tight fit already, L size should be kinda impossible to fit in. =/
The price range of this store is on a medium level. Most shirts go by 50€~70€, depending on how detailed the design is. The infamous blingy belts go for 100€~140€!

If you now cought an interest in this brand, here’s the tricky part:
d.i.a does NOT host an webstore - their clothes are exclusively available in stores only. You can find them in Tokyo (Shibuya 109), Kyoto (OPA) and Okinawa (??).

So how to get d.i.a wear at all?
The magic word is “mbok”. ♥ mbok (or “mobauko) is a japanese auction site, just like Ebay.

As many Gal brands, d.i.a does have an own tag there – at this moment, there are 2899 items for sale! Now if that isn’t a count! *___*
Check all of them out behind this link!

To shop from mbok, you will need a shopping service that caters japanese auction sites. Here are two of them, that I can recommand:

~ Japonica – Very nice staff, fast handling, good packaging of goods, taking paypal and credit card.
~ Celga – (I don’t use them as much, since one shop staff once got rude at me – their service is very great, otherwise.) fast handling, easy ordering system, does require a sign-up, taking paypal and credit card, fast shipping

Not to forget!
Since d.i.a is getting so famous amongst Gals at the moment, the brand is often sold second hand at the western gal sales community! But beware, you need to be very fast to catch the items – a lot of girls are after them. ;)

If you’re searching for an cheaper or bigger sized alternative, you might want to try Yumetenbo’s Glamorous Line. They have a few items up that resemble d.i.a’s style, like this hooded Tee, lace-cut out shirt, and this cardigan with golden buttons and detachable collar.

To end up this informational post, I wanna show you two of very impressive shop staffs from d.i.a! They’re pulling off the style so super well – so inspiring!

She's mostly famous for her amazing hair and style!

I would kill for that hair...

She does pull of the recent trend of grey hair so well!
A straight sujimori hairstyle is often seen with rokku gal! ♥

Not a d.i.a coordinate, but I love just love Yayo so much in this photo...
Now I want a dark Yukata to pull off that style, too. XD"

Does go for the more simple pieces of d.i.a!

She is so cute! I will try this hairstyle after I got my haircut this week! *__*

White suits her so well!

But she does also rock black... so hard to decide which outfit is better! :´D

I do absolutely admire this brand, since it is so unique for me! I’ve never seen that edgy, sexy and glamorous rokku style before but at d.i.a. And… look at all the bling! D: How could I not love that? XD”

I hope I got everything right – those are the informations I collected over a long time, but I’m not an expert after all. Lol

Did you ever hear about d.i.a? How do you like that style? It is extreme for sure! ;)

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

(Belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR! ♥

Belated post since I've been travelling and studying a lot the past days, so sorry for that! The next upcoming entry I've written on the train. lol

I wanna wish you all a happy new year, may 2012 be greater and happier then every year you experienced before! Stay happy, healthy and fashionable! ;D

Thanks for following me all the way through 2011, I'm so thankful to have so many readers that like my crappy blog! ;___; You motivate me to keep going, thanks so much!

Did you make new year resolutions?
I rarely keep mine, but that doesn't stop me from making some. xD"

- move together with my BF
- loose a little weight (on my list EVERY year. lol)
- do my driving license
- try to not be as sensitive anymore
- wear lolita more often / attend more meetups

I went snow hiking some days ago!
This is the view we had when we reached the viewing platform ♥

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?