Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prince-spiration & Prisila new collection ♥

I recently had to clean up the external drive of my PC, where I found a lot of Lolita inspirational pics. Thanks to that, I re-discovered my love for a male sub-style of Lolita: Dandy

My prince-spiration ♥
Photos mostly taken from taobao stores like Ichigo15, Infanta, HMHM.
So elegant! I love Dandy style, but I absolutely dislike Kodona (it’s a bit too tomboy-ish for my taste).

Since I'm already talking about Lolita-related things, I wanna introduce the new collection of Prisila wigs to you!
God knows I’m a sucker for prisila hairpieces! :´D

They came up with a brandnew Lolita-themed series and a new, brighter blonde haircolor! Sad point: They don’t come in the usual prisila color range, but only in light blonde, brown and black. =(
You can check out the new collection here

Some of the styles I love the most:

Awesome straight Hime-cut wig!
Do want! >///<

Fluffy curly short wig
Will go well with all styles, but I mostly get the classic vibe from it! <3

Curly hairfall
It’s actually a piece of their usual series – I do own two of them in LIYE, and often use them for my hairstyles. =)
They’re absolutely gorgeous, just as usual for prisila hairpieces ♥

From tomorrow on, I have to go back to school... I so lack the motivation for that. xD" But after day 2 is over, it'll get better, I know - starting off is the hardest part, just as always. xD"

I know school is starting for a lot of students tomorrow - how do you feel about it? How do you spend your last day of vacation?

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?

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