Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Resolution #2: Loosing weight! ♥

So, my weight has been going up and down the past years, which bothered me a lot all the way through – I think a lot of girls can understand me pretty well! Weight is always an important topic for us. =(

I’ve never been a slim girl, and I think I will never be – and it’s not my goal to look like a model. I just wanna look the best for ME, my size and figure. With a weight of 55~56kg, I always feel most comfortable – so that’s my goal. =)

The reasons why my weight is changing drastically and fast, I know very well…
When I am working at the hospital, I have to move around a lot – in that case, it’s not a big deal for me to stay at the 56kg border.
During school periods (which means a couple of weeks), I gain a MINIMUM of 2kg because I clearly lack that exercise! I do really study a lot (for school and driving license), which takes quite a lot of time… but besides that, I am really lazy – I have to admit it. xD

Those changes in my weight are really bothersome and frustrating, and I feel it’s time for me to try finding the perfect solution for me – which will definitely include a flexible exercise plan (that I can adjust to my shiftplans), a change in lifestyle and eating habits! Ò__O/

~ Rope jumping 3~4 times a week, at least 6 x 5minute periods
~ Train my problem areas after that
~ Reward myself with a hot bath. :´D
~ No carbs after 5 p.m.
~ Try to eat breakfast (I often skip on that, I admit… ^^”)
~ No energy drinks (The only kind of softdrinks I really LOVE. ;__;)
~ Drink Fruit Tea when I have the feeling that I wanna taste something sweet

With that method, I already lost 6kg last year – since I know it’s working for me, I’m very motivated to do this again! Ò__O/
Wish me luck! ;D

If you have any tips on dieting and home exercising (especially for arms and legs), I would appreciate a lot! =D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Hope you maintain a balanced lifestyle! ^^ How tall are you? I'm 168 cm

  2. Oh wait never mind! I just glanced over to your about me... sorry about that ^^"

  3. No problem at all. ;)
    I actually always thought I am 1,60m, but some months ago my doctor took my height measurement again - seems I did shrink for 2cm! D:

    I never guessed you're that much taller then me, what a surprise! =D

  4. > I’ve never been a slim girl,
    > and I think I will never be

    For me you are definitely a slim girl with a size of 1,60 or less and a weight between 55 and 65 kg ^_^

    I do not know any exercises, but perhaps you can do some of the exercises that you did at school for warming up? You might also find something via google.

    I hope to see you at some of our next lolita meetups!

    1. Ahhhw, thank you so much! <3 (Ich texte jetzt einfach mal in englisch weiter. xD)

      Thanks for your advice! I managed to create a balanced exercise routine now, and its working really well for me! x3

      Be sure I'll attend some more meetups soon! ;D (Jetzt hab ich ja bald ein Auto und einen laaaangen Schul-Block. ;D)

  5. oh honey i'll do the same !!! <3 with hulahoop exercises and massages for my legsss


    1. My friend does do the hulahoop exercise as well, she lost 6kg in 1 month and toned her body so well! *___* It seems to be working so well, so I'll try that next! <3

      I'm currently focussing on swimming, since it's terribly hot in Germany atm! :´D

      You'll look super hot in no time, I'm sure! ;D