Wednesday, January 4, 2012

d.i.a - Encounter the rockish side of life! ♥

I realized I didn’t do any informational entrys lately, so today I wanna leave some informations about a brand that is getting really famous at the moment: d.i.a!

d.i.a is a brand dedicated to a playful, sexy and glamorous rokku-gal style. They do describe the style of the brand as “USA sexy” – pretty suitable I think, since they’re playing with denim, leather and plaid theme a lot. =)

The brand is getting more and more famous at the moment, it is mostly featured in egg magazines! Here are some photos out of egg 12/2011 for you! =)
(scans taken from
Those photos represent d.i.a very well, I think – they show off the sexy and glamorous clothes, such as the always blingy-belts which are definately d.i.a’s best-sellers! ♥

These boots so catchy! *___*

Style elements that d.i.a does often use are animal prints, very used denim, sexy knit-wear, golden buttons, chains and the like.

The cut of the clothes are definitely more revealing then covering. A combination of tank-top with matching arm-warmers is often seen recently. Most shirts also have a very deep cut-out on the back, often decorated with golden chain accessorys. Not to forget that d.i.a does also offer a range of sexy printed Tees with a deep neckline. Pants/Shorts are mostly very tight fitting and made of very used or even ripped denim.

As mentioned above, d.i.a is mostly famous for their hot belts! They’re made of high quality leather, decorated with extreme blingy elements like giant belt buck-buckles, golden chains, rabbit fur, feathers, skulls… and the list goes on!

Following photos are taken from d.i.a tumblr, check it out here! =D

And god said: "Let there be BLING!"
A shop staff showing off her sexy d.i.a belt! Now if that isn't rockish! *___*

d.i.a's display window
Furry legwarmers are a big trend since winter 2010, and it doesn't seem to stop! =D

Random sexy girls purikura ♥
Showing off typical d.i.a coordinates! I love how they twin ♥

d.i.a’s sizes do definitely run small, I would say a tad smaller then japanese clothes already are by nature. Most of the clothes by this brand do run as “free-size”, which will fit an S size comfortably. On an M size it will be a very tight fit already, L size should be kinda impossible to fit in. =/
The price range of this store is on a medium level. Most shirts go by 50€~70€, depending on how detailed the design is. The infamous blingy belts go for 100€~140€!

If you now cought an interest in this brand, here’s the tricky part:
d.i.a does NOT host an webstore - their clothes are exclusively available in stores only. You can find them in Tokyo (Shibuya 109), Kyoto (OPA) and Okinawa (??).

So how to get d.i.a wear at all?
The magic word is “mbok”. ♥ mbok (or “mobauko) is a japanese auction site, just like Ebay.

As many Gal brands, d.i.a does have an own tag there – at this moment, there are 2899 items for sale! Now if that isn’t a count! *___*
Check all of them out behind this link!

To shop from mbok, you will need a shopping service that caters japanese auction sites. Here are two of them, that I can recommand:

~ Japonica – Very nice staff, fast handling, good packaging of goods, taking paypal and credit card.
~ Celga – (I don’t use them as much, since one shop staff once got rude at me – their service is very great, otherwise.) fast handling, easy ordering system, does require a sign-up, taking paypal and credit card, fast shipping

Not to forget!
Since d.i.a is getting so famous amongst Gals at the moment, the brand is often sold second hand at the western gal sales community! But beware, you need to be very fast to catch the items – a lot of girls are after them. ;)

If you’re searching for an cheaper or bigger sized alternative, you might want to try Yumetenbo’s Glamorous Line. They have a few items up that resemble d.i.a’s style, like this hooded Tee, lace-cut out shirt, and this cardigan with golden buttons and detachable collar.

To end up this informational post, I wanna show you two of very impressive shop staffs from d.i.a! They’re pulling off the style so super well – so inspiring!

She's mostly famous for her amazing hair and style!

I would kill for that hair...

She does pull of the recent trend of grey hair so well!
A straight sujimori hairstyle is often seen with rokku gal! ♥

Not a d.i.a coordinate, but I love just love Yayo so much in this photo...
Now I want a dark Yukata to pull off that style, too. XD"

Does go for the more simple pieces of d.i.a!

She is so cute! I will try this hairstyle after I got my haircut this week! *__*

White suits her so well!

But she does also rock black... so hard to decide which outfit is better! :´D

I do absolutely admire this brand, since it is so unique for me! I’ve never seen that edgy, sexy and glamorous rokku style before but at d.i.a. And… look at all the bling! D: How could I not love that? XD”

I hope I got everything right – those are the informations I collected over a long time, but I’m not an expert after all. Lol

Did you ever hear about d.i.a? How do you like that style? It is extreme for sure! ;)

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. heyy :) Thx for following, I read your d.i.a. entry and I just can say THAT I´M SEARCHING for a d.i.a. belt for so long qqqqqq I will try to get one from mbok but i dont understand how to order with this shipping-shit ~__~ (oh du komst aus deutschland seh ich gerade xD) ja jedenfalls war dein eintrag megaaa nützlich *__* viel dank dafür :3

  2. @BÄMS: Hiiii! =D Ich hab eueren Link auf mexx gefunden, und war gleich ganz begeistert von euerem Blog! <3
    Wenn du fragen zu den Shipping Services hast, kannst du dich gerne an mich wenden - oder an einen Service-Staff von denen natürlich, haha. ;D
    Ahhhw, es freut mich immer total wenn ich anderen weiterhelfen kann! Sehr, sehr gern geschehen! :´D

  3. omg !!! for me with Celga is the opposite!!! they are so kind and lovely w me >,> once they bidded for me and sent me ma*rs garter long denim for free( i didnt know they did!!! but they knew i wanted them badly and won them for 50€... so i spent 50€ total cuz the EMS and fees where 0€ !!!!) ; once again i had to pay 70$ but they discounted me that amout of money and once thry charged me only 3$ for fee,handling and domestic shipping!!!!! ahah maybe they love me or i'm lucky LOOOOOL i love them too ;P

    1. Lucky girl, I wish I had the same impact on people as you have! xD That sounds so gorgeous, but everytime I try to order with celga, something goes terribly wrong. =/

      Anyways, I know you'll rock those denims BADLY. I'm happy you got them! ;D

  4. This is THE poste I needed, thank you so much. I want stuff from DIA since such a long time.