Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time is flying by...

Finally I got my lazy ass up for cleaning my computers hard drive today - delating old datas, defrag... you know what I mean. xD"

I also found some old folders and files that I almost forgot... like my arts folder.
I always loved drawing since I was a little child! I spent 5 hours in front of my crayon box rather then playing out in the sun. xD" (Well, not really healthy, I confess... ^^")

I continued drawing until now, but I often switched medias. I used so many different techniques, but the one that cought my interest the most was definately digital drawing with a pen tablet!

Nowadays, unfortunately I don´t often find the time and inspiration to draw. But my love for arts and drawing will never end, that´s for sure ♥

Since I don´t have a lot of recent artworks around here, let me show you some of my old drawings as well - like a little timeline! =)

Little Warning: My drawing style always contains a little naked skin, but the delicate parts are mostly covered up! xD"

Fall 2008
Just a very very simple sketch I drew at school - it only took me 15 minutes to draw this, but I`m still pretty satisfied with the outcome. =)

Summer 2009
One of my very few colored artworks... I actually H A T E coloring, because I simply S U C K in it, as you can easily see in this pic. xD" I have a strong imagination about colors that are suitable, and also about the looks I wanna create... but I still don´t have the SKILL to do it well. =(
I should try harder to improve it, but as I said... I lack the time to do so. ^^"
That was when I started drawing with comission partners! xD" (I`m mostly doing the line-arts, my partner does the coloring)
Even though this art is very FAR from perfect, I still like it - especially the dynamic movement. Haha, and I remember that I so loved the horse when I finished that drawing in 2009! xD But in the end, only a few watchers could find it... can you see the horse? ;D

Spring 2010
I drew this line-art for a collaboration - the topic was: "Generation Dark"
I still so love this artwork... to me, it´s the best drawing I ever made.
I so hope I can revive this skill one day... nowadays my drawing ability had decreased a lot due to less practise. =(
Of course it´s not perfect though - one more reason to practise drawing again. =)

Fall 2010
Argh, here you can see the most how my drawing skill decreased compared to the artwork earlier... =(
It´s a Halloween related pic that was actually was planned to be up on my blog last october - but my partner was too busy for doing the coloration part, and I didn´t want to upload it plain black&white until now... xD"
Maybe he´ll manage to do the coloration until 31. October 2011? ;D

Hmmm, I feel melancholy now... ;__;
I should try to draw some more whenever I´ve got some time left, I guess. Will be useful to relieve stress, too. =)

I´m doing spring-cleaning right now, which doesn´t only influence my computer. xD"
I also fought against the mess in my closet (not as if it´s dirty... just a whole lot of unfolded clothes. xD"), where I found some interesting pieces that I just had to throw on again. :´D

Trying my almost forgotten half-wig hairpiece with my prisila bangs...
...turned out to look quite well when it comes to the shape. But the colors are slightly different, which pop´s out in photos even more. =(
Sorry about my weird face expression. xD"
I hate the fact that I have no upper lip at all, even with lip booster gloss... ~__~

I found my old maid cosplay costume as well! :´D
おかえりなさいませ、ご主人様 ♥
Haha, bought that one from Bodyline ages ago. =)
Still available on the webstore here!
It was the only less kinky and tacky looking costume back then. xD"

Thanks for reading! =D
I´m taking turns on replying comments now, sorry for the delay... but I have been busy as usual - plz forgive me. =(

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fell in love with April´11 Ageha ♥

Hey sweeties, how are you all doing? I hope you´re all fine, and enjoying wonderful spring weather! =)

I had far more down´s then up´s recently ~ the catastrophy in Japan that made me feel nervous all the time, a horrible working schedule, far too loud neighbours (nya, I can´t sleep more then 3 hours every night... surrounded by party people here. ^^"), and due to last point my health is badly influenced already. ~__~"
But it´ll be getting better by now, I´m sure. Best time of my life will start on 23rd April - 4 weeks in heaven will start then! lol (I´ll keep it a secret for now, but be sure that I`ll let you know about it soon. ;D)

I´m already planning on some Reviews now! On my list are topics like "erokawa undies" (where to buy, where to get big sizes suitable for western breasts... lol), "One day tattoo: real lasting eyeliner" (as far as I know, it´s Sakurina´s fav. eyeliner. o.O), and "heavy deco-ed nails" (where to buy cheap and nice quality).
Also thinking about a giveaway, but I gotta collect some items suitable for summer time first. =)

As for now, I wanna talk about April´11 Ageha issue! ♥
I wanna be honest... the last issues of Ageha were quite boring to me. =(
I don´t get the hype about mode gyaru, and all those super simple hairstyles. Even the make-up tutorials are starting to look all the same to me. =(

I didn´t expect much from April´s issue, therefore.
Then more happy I was when I read it! :´D
I´m so crazy about all the flowery, warm colored spring wear! So many big hair tutorials again, even some hime-vibe coming from it! AND... a big section of gal lolita!! :´D
Ageha... I fell in love with you again ♥

Here are some peeks at the new Ageha! =)

MA*RS lovely flower prints!
I so LOVE the new flowery prints of MA*RS! ♥
So getting the spring vibe from it. :´D
I often saw coordinate combinations of MA*RS and Liz Lisa items, it goes so well together! (Especially MA*RS dresses and cute Liz Lisa boots/sabot!)
I was already shopping for some items, hope they´ll arrive soon. x3

High waisted denim jeans
I was working with little kid´s at a psychiatry hospital for the past months, which made it quite impossible to wear skirts. xD" (also because of the kind of diseases some of them had. ^^")
I´ve never been a pants person, but now I really got into it somehow. o__O"

Those high waisted jeans are really an eyecatch! I´ve already seen them up for sale last year, but I never really bothered about them (if I remember right, they were often featured in popteen magazine). But now I would so love to get a pair of those!
I´ve got a more sophisticated business gal look in my mind... Tight white blouse with deep collar, high heeled black sandals with gems on them, and a black clutch. Works out well in my imagination, I hope the final look will do so too! xD

Some other gorgeous coordinates!
Even though this coordinate is so simple, it´s extremely cool and also cute, I think! x3
Not digging her new red hair, though ~ I guess I gotta get used to it. xD"
Her nails are EPIC again!

HIMENA (if I´m right... o__o" Feel free to correct me! xD)
This coordinate was love at second sight for me. xD"
I first thought it´s too costumey, especially due to the poodle purse.
But now I really love this edgy look! It´s definately outstanding, I especially love the top! ♥

Cute couple pictures ♥
One of the topics in Ageha seem to be dating styles. =)
I really love those two pictures, they´re so cuuuute! :´D (especially the right picture... the boys glance is just fabulous!)
Makes me wanna date now ♥

Extensions showing? What do you think? o__O"I had to take a blink at it twice, I confess.
Looks like the bonding parts of the extensions are showing? But I`m not sure about it... what do you think?
Maybe I´m just mistaken.
But it´s funny anyhow. xD
Besides, I really love her look! That eyemake is amazing, and I really got a crush on those circle lenses! (I suppose Barbie king size brown? o.o)

BEST PART (for me)! :´D
GAL LOLITA!Oh come on...
...who says Gal Lolita isn´t working out?! xD
To me, it´s the cutest style I could ever imagine ♥
Perfect make-up, perfect hair, accurately dressed. Ahhhw, that´s what I`m yearning for - I wish I manage to pull off this style perfectly one day! ^////^
(Even though I´m not digging the brown Baby bag on the last pic. xD")

Well, I could post half Ageha mag here... it´s a really gorgeous issue, and so worth to take a deeper look at it! =)

Oh, and I finally found some time to download some photos from my cellphone. xD" (Didn´t do it for months, I was running out of saving capacity already. xD")

Bunch of recent buys yesterdayNothing special, really. =)
But you can see I`m really into the spring vibe now ~ I´m totally into flower scents and light colors. xD"
♥ bebe skincare for sensitive skin (got some make-up cleaning tissues for free with it, yay! xD)
♥ body peeling (got really dry skin now, somehow. I hope it´ll help me out! =/)
♥ cute ballerina flats homewear (so cute, I couldn´t resist buying them! xD)
♥ sakura hair treatment (according to hanami season! xD)
♥ eyebrow pencil (FINALLY they got my color - I was waiting for it 2 weeks!)
♥ bath salt (rose, dragonfruit, honey smell)

Presents I got from my little patients at kid´s psychiatry
Still makes me wanna cry when I look at it. ;__;
I had a gorgeous time working at the kid´s psychiatry! (I was working with 4~8 year old kid´s with deep mental disorders) It was very exhausting for body and soul, but also so much fun and so lovely! Kid´s are so pure and honest...
When I had to leave the hospital, I got all those cute presents - and of course, started crying. xD"
I got a big white rose with a bunny doll hanging on it, lot´s of letters and drawings (only 3 of them showing here), and a little plush dog... ;___; (This dog doll was sitting on the bed of a little boy every night, to protect him from monsters during the night - he loved this little dog to death, but still he insisted of presenting it to me. I got so touched by that! ;__;)

Fail. lol
Found that advertise on the window of my fav. chinese restaurant.
american nEIls = english fail. lol
But still such a cute mistake! xD
And the price they charge for doing UV nails seems to be really fair... I guess I´ll go for that! o.O
I already met the nail artist if this nail studio once... it´s a vietnamese guy that seems to be so talented! Well, as long as he´s not writing something in english on my nails... I`ll give it a try! xD
Oh dammit... you can see my reflection in that window. xD" My skirt was riding up again, it seems... but fortunately, not wide enough to provide a panty shot! xD"

And since I`m already talking about FAIL english...
Bodyline´s new website layout.
Shose... dammit.
I really dislike this new layout, looks so tacky! The last one was far more suitable. =/

That´s it for now! Thanks for reading! =D
I´ll answer some comments now, sorry for late reply! ^^"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?