Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time is flying by...

Finally I got my lazy ass up for cleaning my computers hard drive today - delating old datas, defrag... you know what I mean. xD"

I also found some old folders and files that I almost forgot... like my arts folder.
I always loved drawing since I was a little child! I spent 5 hours in front of my crayon box rather then playing out in the sun. xD" (Well, not really healthy, I confess... ^^")

I continued drawing until now, but I often switched medias. I used so many different techniques, but the one that cought my interest the most was definately digital drawing with a pen tablet!

Nowadays, unfortunately I don´t often find the time and inspiration to draw. But my love for arts and drawing will never end, that´s for sure ♥

Since I don´t have a lot of recent artworks around here, let me show you some of my old drawings as well - like a little timeline! =)

Little Warning: My drawing style always contains a little naked skin, but the delicate parts are mostly covered up! xD"

Fall 2008
Just a very very simple sketch I drew at school - it only took me 15 minutes to draw this, but I`m still pretty satisfied with the outcome. =)

Summer 2009
One of my very few colored artworks... I actually H A T E coloring, because I simply S U C K in it, as you can easily see in this pic. xD" I have a strong imagination about colors that are suitable, and also about the looks I wanna create... but I still don´t have the SKILL to do it well. =(
I should try harder to improve it, but as I said... I lack the time to do so. ^^"
That was when I started drawing with comission partners! xD" (I`m mostly doing the line-arts, my partner does the coloring)
Even though this art is very FAR from perfect, I still like it - especially the dynamic movement. Haha, and I remember that I so loved the horse when I finished that drawing in 2009! xD But in the end, only a few watchers could find it... can you see the horse? ;D

Spring 2010
I drew this line-art for a collaboration - the topic was: "Generation Dark"
I still so love this artwork... to me, it´s the best drawing I ever made.
I so hope I can revive this skill one day... nowadays my drawing ability had decreased a lot due to less practise. =(
Of course it´s not perfect though - one more reason to practise drawing again. =)

Fall 2010
Argh, here you can see the most how my drawing skill decreased compared to the artwork earlier... =(
It´s a Halloween related pic that was actually was planned to be up on my blog last october - but my partner was too busy for doing the coloration part, and I didn´t want to upload it plain black&white until now... xD"
Maybe he´ll manage to do the coloration until 31. October 2011? ;D

Hmmm, I feel melancholy now... ;__;
I should try to draw some more whenever I´ve got some time left, I guess. Will be useful to relieve stress, too. =)

I´m doing spring-cleaning right now, which doesn´t only influence my computer. xD"
I also fought against the mess in my closet (not as if it´s dirty... just a whole lot of unfolded clothes. xD"), where I found some interesting pieces that I just had to throw on again. :´D

Trying my almost forgotten half-wig hairpiece with my prisila bangs...
...turned out to look quite well when it comes to the shape. But the colors are slightly different, which pop´s out in photos even more. =(
Sorry about my weird face expression. xD"
I hate the fact that I have no upper lip at all, even with lip booster gloss... ~__~

I found my old maid cosplay costume as well! :´D
おかえりなさいませ、ご主人様 ♥
Haha, bought that one from Bodyline ages ago. =)
Still available on the webstore here!
It was the only less kinky and tacky looking costume back then. xD"

Thanks for reading! =D
I´m taking turns on replying comments now, sorry for the delay... but I have been busy as usual - plz forgive me. =(

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. You're a great artist! <3

    Like you, I rarely draw anymore. It's really sad, because back when I was terrible at drawing, I drew all the time. Now that I've gotten really good, I never feel like it, lol.

  2. I have to sign that, you are an amazing artist and a very entertaining blogwriter.

    And ya, hey... "Ghost of Christmas Past" here, I have to ask you something (it's really important) and I hope you won't freak out. Please give me the chance to ask you that. If I had your Email I would send it right there, but I haven't and I have no other idea how I could reach you, except here. I am kinda confused right now... Don't know which language, if the method I use to send signs of life is appropriate and so on. ^^'

    Yeah, I hy and give me the chance to ask you my question. I hope you'll react to this stupid, stupidity anyhow...

  3. @Aimiya: Oh thank you so much! >///<
    Just by chance, do you have some of your artworks uploaded anywhere on the net? I would so love to check them out! It´s always so inspiring to watch other artists works! =D

    @Metatron: I stared at your blog in disbelief, I must confess. Your art, and way of drawing - using those pulsating colors... You remember me of a person that I once treasured very much, but I lost this person due to my own stupidity.
    It kinda hurts to face the minor faults that I made in the past, but it also feels so nice to remember that person. So your blog is definately giving me the chills, but in a amazingly good way! I´ll follow ya of course - let me get to know you a bit. =)

    Feel free to Email me to anytime you want! I´m sorry if I´m unable to reply fast ~ I´m quite busy unfortunately. ^^"
    My native language is German, but I´m also able to speak english quite fluently - not as good as your skill, but I`ll try my best! xD

  4. I do have a DeviantART account ^^

  5. You're soooo pretty!!
    And those drawings looks fantastic!
    I'm jealous for people who can draw so well like you ;__;

  6. i like your drawer^o^!!! i want tavblete so XD!!! and your look it's wonderful dear^^! i want your hair XD!

  7. Your half-wig look great on you :). Where you get it xD?
    And btw, you should totally keep on drawing ^^~

  8. Hi! How've you been? ^^

    OMG You sketch very well!! :D Do you love art?

  9. you and your drawings is very very good :)

  10. your drawings are amazing! and you look super pretty. Just saw you are from germany too, do you have facebook or something like that?

  11. @Aimiya: GORGEOUS, you´re so much more talented then me! I wish I had this skill now! >///<

    @Meri&Anni: Thank you so much, but I really suck in drawing at the moment - so no need to be jealous. xD"

    @kanan: Thank youuu, but I`m wearing hairpieces - it´s not my own hair. ^^ My natural hair is at about shoulder length, and I find it quite boring - that´s why I`m using wigs and hairpieces often! =)

    @blackkoi: The bangs are from prisila, and the hairfall clip is from a random shop at taobao. =)
    Ahhhw, thank you so much cutie - I just wish I had the time for drawing recently. ;__;

    @Sheridan: Oh yes, I really love art! I could spend hours browsing online gallery´s like deviantart, but I also love to visit art exhibitions! (There´s a gorgeous artwork museum in Munich called "Pinakothek", it´s my favorite place of the city! >///<)

    @beyaz esya: Ahhhw, thank you!

    @Rui: Woooow, I´ve seen so many of your photos online, you´ve got such a gorgeous style! >///<
    But I recently browsed your blog, seems you quit Gyaruo... sadly. =(
    But I´d love to follow your new ways, so if you´ve got a new blog, plz let me know! >////<
    I`m sorry, but I don´t have a facebook account - but I could provide you my skype addy or email addy if you like to! =D
    Sag mal... können wir eigentlich auch in Deutsch reden? O__O" Bin gerade etwas unschlüssig. XD" *und doof*