Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fell in love with April´11 Ageha ♥

Hey sweeties, how are you all doing? I hope you´re all fine, and enjoying wonderful spring weather! =)

I had far more down´s then up´s recently ~ the catastrophy in Japan that made me feel nervous all the time, a horrible working schedule, far too loud neighbours (nya, I can´t sleep more then 3 hours every night... surrounded by party people here. ^^"), and due to last point my health is badly influenced already. ~__~"
But it´ll be getting better by now, I´m sure. Best time of my life will start on 23rd April - 4 weeks in heaven will start then! lol (I´ll keep it a secret for now, but be sure that I`ll let you know about it soon. ;D)

I´m already planning on some Reviews now! On my list are topics like "erokawa undies" (where to buy, where to get big sizes suitable for western breasts... lol), "One day tattoo: real lasting eyeliner" (as far as I know, it´s Sakurina´s fav. eyeliner. o.O), and "heavy deco-ed nails" (where to buy cheap and nice quality).
Also thinking about a giveaway, but I gotta collect some items suitable for summer time first. =)

As for now, I wanna talk about April´11 Ageha issue! ♥
I wanna be honest... the last issues of Ageha were quite boring to me. =(
I don´t get the hype about mode gyaru, and all those super simple hairstyles. Even the make-up tutorials are starting to look all the same to me. =(

I didn´t expect much from April´s issue, therefore.
Then more happy I was when I read it! :´D
I´m so crazy about all the flowery, warm colored spring wear! So many big hair tutorials again, even some hime-vibe coming from it! AND... a big section of gal lolita!! :´D
Ageha... I fell in love with you again ♥

Here are some peeks at the new Ageha! =)

MA*RS lovely flower prints!
I so LOVE the new flowery prints of MA*RS! ♥
So getting the spring vibe from it. :´D
I often saw coordinate combinations of MA*RS and Liz Lisa items, it goes so well together! (Especially MA*RS dresses and cute Liz Lisa boots/sabot!)
I was already shopping for some items, hope they´ll arrive soon. x3

High waisted denim jeans
I was working with little kid´s at a psychiatry hospital for the past months, which made it quite impossible to wear skirts. xD" (also because of the kind of diseases some of them had. ^^")
I´ve never been a pants person, but now I really got into it somehow. o__O"

Those high waisted jeans are really an eyecatch! I´ve already seen them up for sale last year, but I never really bothered about them (if I remember right, they were often featured in popteen magazine). But now I would so love to get a pair of those!
I´ve got a more sophisticated business gal look in my mind... Tight white blouse with deep collar, high heeled black sandals with gems on them, and a black clutch. Works out well in my imagination, I hope the final look will do so too! xD

Some other gorgeous coordinates!
Even though this coordinate is so simple, it´s extremely cool and also cute, I think! x3
Not digging her new red hair, though ~ I guess I gotta get used to it. xD"
Her nails are EPIC again!

HIMENA (if I´m right... o__o" Feel free to correct me! xD)
This coordinate was love at second sight for me. xD"
I first thought it´s too costumey, especially due to the poodle purse.
But now I really love this edgy look! It´s definately outstanding, I especially love the top! ♥

Cute couple pictures ♥
One of the topics in Ageha seem to be dating styles. =)
I really love those two pictures, they´re so cuuuute! :´D (especially the right picture... the boys glance is just fabulous!)
Makes me wanna date now ♥

Extensions showing? What do you think? o__O"I had to take a blink at it twice, I confess.
Looks like the bonding parts of the extensions are showing? But I`m not sure about it... what do you think?
Maybe I´m just mistaken.
But it´s funny anyhow. xD
Besides, I really love her look! That eyemake is amazing, and I really got a crush on those circle lenses! (I suppose Barbie king size brown? o.o)

BEST PART (for me)! :´D
GAL LOLITA!Oh come on...
...who says Gal Lolita isn´t working out?! xD
To me, it´s the cutest style I could ever imagine ♥
Perfect make-up, perfect hair, accurately dressed. Ahhhw, that´s what I`m yearning for - I wish I manage to pull off this style perfectly one day! ^////^
(Even though I´m not digging the brown Baby bag on the last pic. xD")

Well, I could post half Ageha mag here... it´s a really gorgeous issue, and so worth to take a deeper look at it! =)

Oh, and I finally found some time to download some photos from my cellphone. xD" (Didn´t do it for months, I was running out of saving capacity already. xD")

Bunch of recent buys yesterdayNothing special, really. =)
But you can see I`m really into the spring vibe now ~ I´m totally into flower scents and light colors. xD"
♥ bebe skincare for sensitive skin (got some make-up cleaning tissues for free with it, yay! xD)
♥ body peeling (got really dry skin now, somehow. I hope it´ll help me out! =/)
♥ cute ballerina flats homewear (so cute, I couldn´t resist buying them! xD)
♥ sakura hair treatment (according to hanami season! xD)
♥ eyebrow pencil (FINALLY they got my color - I was waiting for it 2 weeks!)
♥ bath salt (rose, dragonfruit, honey smell)

Presents I got from my little patients at kid´s psychiatry
Still makes me wanna cry when I look at it. ;__;
I had a gorgeous time working at the kid´s psychiatry! (I was working with 4~8 year old kid´s with deep mental disorders) It was very exhausting for body and soul, but also so much fun and so lovely! Kid´s are so pure and honest...
When I had to leave the hospital, I got all those cute presents - and of course, started crying. xD"
I got a big white rose with a bunny doll hanging on it, lot´s of letters and drawings (only 3 of them showing here), and a little plush dog... ;___; (This dog doll was sitting on the bed of a little boy every night, to protect him from monsters during the night - he loved this little dog to death, but still he insisted of presenting it to me. I got so touched by that! ;__;)

Fail. lol
Found that advertise on the window of my fav. chinese restaurant.
american nEIls = english fail. lol
But still such a cute mistake! xD
And the price they charge for doing UV nails seems to be really fair... I guess I´ll go for that! o.O
I already met the nail artist if this nail studio once... it´s a vietnamese guy that seems to be so talented! Well, as long as he´s not writing something in english on my nails... I`ll give it a try! xD
Oh dammit... you can see my reflection in that window. xD" My skirt was riding up again, it seems... but fortunately, not wide enough to provide a panty shot! xD"

And since I`m already talking about FAIL english...
Bodyline´s new website layout.
Shose... dammit.
I really dislike this new layout, looks so tacky! The last one was far more suitable. =/

That´s it for now! Thanks for reading! =D
I´ll answer some comments now, sorry for late reply! ^^"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. look at what i just wrote on my TWITTER

    <<2011 April issue of 小悪魔Ageha=NOPE! i love MA*RS but too much floreal ...maybe i'll change my mind *go see HAPPIE NUTS & EGG*>>


    I love floral and I love MA*RS but if they put all those flowers together at once I cant look at it a second time!! damn!! my eyes are DYING to read and see AGEHAAA ihihihihi

    I ADORE Sakurina for that...she POP UP with her rokku style....

    loved the GALRORI part,,,I love style variations in magazines i love!

    then the best part...I was DYING FOR are the SAYO pages!!!the one with the high waist, the emoda and so....I LOVED HER NEW HAIR STYLE!!!
    I boughe a Prisila mermaid hair half wig just cuz I love this kind of hair
    in any case I'll buy that high waist jeans for sure!

  2. It really was a great month for Himes and Gal-Lolis in Ageha! Can't wait to get my copy this week~~!

    The English site looks much better, but maybe they might change it.

    I bet those children loved being with you! Will you get to visit them every so often? If so, I bet they would really like that!

  3. @Queenie: lol @ your twitter post
    To be honest... when I saw the first photos of MA*RS flowers collection, I was really puzzled, too. I was used to their pinstripes, lace and such... flowers seemed so different and akward! o__o"
    But now I really love it ♥

    Yup, Sakurina is definately starting a new trend with that, I think! Maybe it´ll as big as two tone hair next year, haha. =)

    Galrori for the win! ^/////^ I got so much inspiration from this!

    I´ve got a gal-crush on Sayo, too - ever since I saw her sexy Kimono photos! :´D Her lips are so tempting... I confess. XD

    I`m so glad to see you posting on blogspot again! x3
    Looking forward to see lot´s of inspirational photos of you, kihihi! You´re the best! x3

    @Aimiya: Hey princess! =D ~ Haha, thanks to your last blogpost, I was remembered to read April Ageha. I almost forgot that it´s out already. ^^

    Oh yeees, both - me and the kiddy´s - so loved to spend time together! We often played games in the garden area, or crafted easter decoration. It was so much fun! x3

    I`ll visit the kid´s tomorrow, because I gotta pick up some of my documents. =)
    But since they´re all little patients, they´ll leave the psychiatry sooner or later - and I`m not going to see them again, I think. All I can do is wish them the very best... and be sure they´ll be doing fine in the future. =)

    I´ll stay tuned with your blog, you´ll surely make a great hime soon! x3

  4. Why Aimiya doesnt reply to my comments??? she ignores me!!tell her :P

    SAKURINA toned down her style(at least she wear lighter make-up) and I hate this fact....

    I envy you so much(the right way). help and being helped yourself by the Love of those little Angels is a rare and deep Heart energizer.
    I remember I did an exam about stigma as to psycho clinics patology patients and really wanted to 'work' with them...or with autistic children who can feel and see more them all us

    i'm crying ;_______; you're such a cutie pie!i love you! [is this normal?mmmhhh who cares i avoid being tagged as normal]


  5. This girls look so cute
    I love this clothes!

  6. ja die hose ist noch zu haben ^^

  7. hab dir ne invoice gesendet ^^. bitte schick mir deine adresse als kommi. ^^
    auser sie wird in paypal anzeigt. ich hoffe die ist richtig ^^
    weil ich sehe noch keine adresse von dir ^^

  8. hallo :D also cih hab jetzt erst da sgeld erhalten... komisches paypal o.o
    Und ich schicks morgen weg ! wird dan leider erst am montag oder dienstag angekommen X_X
    mach dir facebook ! XDD