Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rain & Cupcakes

Rain, +3°C, freezing cold wind... and I had to walk through all the mess for 1 hour (to and back from school)! Dx
This kind of weather get´s me really pissed. My hair does frizz, my Make-up is getting washed out easily, and my clothes feel moist which makes me freeze until I`m shaking. x__X
I only survived today´s classes with the help of a hot tea vendor... xD"

I would have preferred snow... when the first snow is falling, I get this sweet christmas feeling! But now... 1st advent is coming this Sunday already, but no single snowflake yet! That´s so unusual for my city! Dx

I was in need of cheering myself up so much. =/
So me and my classmate got those sweet little cupcake´s at a McCafé during lunch break! x3

Believe it or not, I´ve never been to a McCafé before - I didn´t even know that they´re selling such cute little cakes! D:
In general... I didn´t visit McDonalds for about 2 years. When it comes to fastfood, I definately prefer chinese food or sushi... yum yum. x3

Those are the babies. :´D
Guess which one´s mine...
The pink one of course! x3
It´s strawberry taste! The other one is vanilla taste. =)
They were really yummie - but so hard to eat without any fork! xD" (Even though, somehow I managed to NOT stain my white sweater - yay of the day. xD")

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Oh noez! D:Dammit. ;___;
I already had so much trouble with this order... of course it had to be cought by the customs! Dx

It´s a quite big parcel (~11kg as far as I remember) since it contains lot´s of autumn & winter wardrobe (me and my cousins did a group order with the help of TaoBaoBuying. They did a great job, the problems were caused by the TaoBao sellers. =/)... so maybe I should have been aware of the customs. xD"

Oh no... something like this never happened to me before. I wonder how the story might end up now. xD"
I´ll tell ya all, of course!

...plz pray for me. xD"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Monday, November 15, 2010

The day my Liz Lisa dreams were flushed down the toilet Dx

Some weeks ago, I already mentioned that I purchase my Liz Lisa dream boots with the help of a shopping service...

Those gorgeous sweet boots!Since they´re so adorable, they got sold at on several Liz Lisa stores extremely quickly - I was so glad that I could get a pair! =/
I paid a BIG amount of money for them, because I just had to get them... it was love at first sight! Dx

And now... the parcel seems to be lost. ~__~
I´m waiting for almost 6 weeks, and nothing has arrived at my shopping service´s facility yet!
The seller claims he doesn´t have a tracking number (which I think is a lie...), but he has already reported the lost parcel to the post service.

Smells like scam to me, but let´s see what happens...
I`m just SUPER PISSED, since I really wanted those boots!
Now the only thing I`m wishing for is getting my money back...

Dammit, why does fortune bully me around so much recently?? Dx
Desperate girl is desperate... ~self-pity END. xD"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

AGEHA ♥ fashion by nation

I`m always so excited when the new Ageha scans are up on the internet! Such a pity that it´s only released once a month. =/

Anyways - there was a very nice part about gal fashion inspired by nations from all over the world in the November 2010 issue! =D
I thought I´d share those with you, because some of them are so full of cliché - but still looking nice! xD"

Check them out below! x3
(Btw... I was a bit unsure about 4 of the flags... I hope I named the right nations! If I made a mistake, plz let me know so that I can change the entry! Thanks! ^^)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICAI like the leather jacket & boots combination in the first photo, second pic´s outfits are not my taste somehow. =/
I think those outfits are pretty suitable for the USA, don´t you think so? =)
Could you find the model that is dressed like the statue of liberty? Very cute detail! xD

But when I`ve seen this image, I didn´t have any clue that these outfits are supposed to be inspired by the UAE. o.o

THAILANDMaxidresses are a MUST after all - but I don´t like the combination with the leather jacket. I prefer denim. o.O
This is another image that didn´t remind me of Thailand at the first spot. ^^"

This Heidi-background is killing me... xD"
They coordinated such a super cute outfit, I love the fur vest most! x3
Pretty suitable for Switzerland, in my opinion. =)

Of course, the fur hat had to appear! xD"
I love these outfits, the fur looks so fluffy and warm! Olive green color is not my taste, but that´s the only thing that bothers me.
I think they pulled of the Russia-theme pretty good. =)
(I love the dance pose of the model, btw! xD)

Of course, the poncho... xD"
I wish I had the brown one! Such an amazing knit pattern, and the cute pom-pom´s! :´D
But it was pretty hard for me to find out the right nation, somehow. o_o

KENYAHooray for animal prints! *__*
Those styles are really sexy, I would definately go for the dress & black ruffled skirt combination!
I think it´s easy to recognize that this is an african styled outfit. =)
That zebra in the background looks so funny! xD

GERMANYYesss, my nation! :´D
And of course, sausages and a bottle of beer had to appear. xD"
I´m not surprised about the military look neither, somehow. ^^"
I love the edgy look of the military style, I was just going to get some items for a military look - now I`ll definately take the left outfit on this picture as inspiration!

Yes, the stripes theme and a beret... I knew those had to pop up here. xD"
I´m a fan of stripes, so I really like those outfits! Very elegant!
Croissant, wine and cheese in the background... I feel like only Mona Lisa is missing to fulfill the cliché. xD"
Personally, I would have preferred the Angelic Pretty store in the background. x3

LOVE those outfits!
The wintery theme is suitable now, maybe that´s why. =)
The sweet pastel colored floral print, the cute details, the fluffy fur... just gorgeous! I would love to wear all of those pieces! x3
And hooray for the nordic knit outfit in the corner and the cute snow-teddy! x3
Very sweet outfit and pretty suitable to the finnish theme, I think!

I´m a big fan of this style!
It remembers me of school uniforms a little, and I adore school uniforms! x3 (wish we had those in germany... ^^")
Even though... this outfit doesn´t look very "new" to me - I feel like I`ve seen it several times already. =/
But to me, it´s obviously GB themed. =)

Ahhhhw, the model on the bottom looks like a super sweet squirrel, don´t you think so? x3
I LOVE all of those outfits, definately my style! Featuring the foxtail, which is so trendy right now.
I think they pulled off the canadian theme pretty well! =D

I like the overknee boots, but the rest is not that spectacular to me. I also think it´s not clearly to see that those are coordinations inspired by Brazil. o.O
The little dancing model is pretty funny, though. Shake it, baby! x3

Another not so spectacular outfit to me - it´s too simple, there´s nothing special about it.
It´s also not easy to see that the topic is Austria.
I wish they had put a bit more detail into it. =/

Really cute combination of plain white and teddybear-fur decorated leather.
Even though I don´t see a big relation to Australia, I like those outfits. =)
The little koala is so sweeeet! x3

That´s enough for today, I think. ;D
What do you think of those?

Oh, by the way... my fav. song at the moment:
Alizee - J'en ai marre
Pretty old song, but yet so cuuuute. x3
The beginning remembers me of taking a ride on the merry-go-round when I was a child. :´D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

♥ My lolita wishlist ♥

I think every girl has a wishlist of items in her head - of course not only specified about lolita. =)

I´ve always had a lolita wishlist that grew longer and longer, and some items disappeared from it as well. xD"

So... I´ve made a listing of my current want-to-have onepieces and jumperskirts! =D
(If I would have included all the accessory I wanted, this image would have taken GIANT space. xD")

The dresses that are marked are the dresses I bought already (I just put the OP´s I bought within the past year on this list, otherwise this image would have grown too big again). =)

1) Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette MINT.
My absolute favorite lolita dress ever. It´s extremely rare unfortunately, especially the OP in mint... I´m pretty sure that I`ll never own it, but hey... keep the dream alive..? xD"

2) Angelic Pretty Lady Rose MINT.
Have it, love it. Never going to give it away. :´D

3) Rose Melody Rose Aroma Set BLACK
Just bought, it´s getting custom made. =)
I´m going back to my gothic roots, it seems. xD"
I really wanted a plain black JSK or OP for Winter... I´ve fallen in love with Alice & the Pirates Gather Frill JSK before, but my bust measurements are just too big to fit in. ;__; So I´ve chosen this baby.
It´s rather expensive for a taobao dress, since it features special burned out fabric ~ I sold some pieces of my lolita and gyaru wardrobe for it.
Let´s see if I will regret it later. xD

4) Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate MINT
I love this design so much, I can´t tell. But again, my bust measurement is too big to fit in. ;__;
I tried a friends pink version of the OP a while ago, and it was a torture for me AND the dress, since the OP doesn´t feature any back shirring. ^^"

I already faced myself never getting this dress, just like the Rose Toilette. ;__;
But then, a replica of the Melty Chocolate OP popped up on a taobao store about 1 week ago - and it´s available in lager sizes! Hooray for boobies! :´D
I just bought this one for a super cheap price... which makes me a tiny bit nervous, I confess. I hope the quality is okay. xD"

5) Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon YELLOW
This dress looks so wonderful fruity and fresh, and I just love the design of the top! It´s not such a rare dress, so I will be looking for it to be part of my summers wardrobe next year! =D

6) Baby, the stars shine bright Vampire Requiem BLACK
I love the print and the shape of the dress, it´s so unique! I know a lot of girls are after it, so it´s very hard to get it. But I see bigger chances in getting THIS then getting a AP Rose Toilette. xD"

7) Metamorphose Swan Lake BORDEAUX
My dear friend Marie infected me with her love for this one. xD"
The detailed and colorful print is gorgeous, just like the style of the top of this dress!

8) Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam YELLOW
Another very colorful and summery dress - even though the print is spread all over (which I usually dislike), it looks not so busy and very cute to me!
I´ll be looking to make it part of my wardrobe next spring or summer. *__*
I love the halterneck, btw! x3

9) Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre PINK
Even though the print is not 100% my taste, the unique design of this dress cought my eye!
It´s a pretty rare dress, unfortunately. I´ll keep my eyes open for this! =3

10) Rose Melody Merry go Round PINK
Super sweet dress! =D
Looks a tiny bit unflattering on my waist unfortunately - I think it´s because it was custom made for a bigger girl (I bought it second hand from her). But I´ll fix it somehow, nevermind. =)

That´s it so far. I think there will be a lot more changes on this list in the future, which is quite normal I think. xD"
I`ll definately write a review about the Melty Chocolate replica as soon as I get it. =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

♥ Some sweet, sweet moments ♥

Just a bit random stuff today. =)

I baked a cake for the staff of the cardiology department of my hospital some days ago. =)

Of course, it had to be a heart cake... xD

Unfortunately, I had to rely on a cake mix to do this - since I don´t have all the tools (like a blender, cake pan, mixing bowls... xD") I need for baking a really good cake at my new appartment. =/
But I mixed some new and FRESH ingredients (like lemons & self made Melissa syrup) into the pre-made fluor, to be even just a tinyyyy bit creative. xD"

I was pretty pleased with the outcome!
The cake was smelling so TASTYYYY when I took it out of the oven! And of course the shape is gorgeous. :´D (Haha, thanks to paper-cake-pan manufacturer!)

I decorated it with iced sugar gloss, tiny pink sugar crystals and choco hearts all over. =)
(I would have loved to deco it some more, but again... I lack the right tools at my appartment. xD")

The staff of the cardiology department ADMIRED my cake. And I mean... admired! xD"
The cake was standing on the main table of the nurse headquarter for 9 hours, but nobody wanted to cut it since it was looking so cute. xD" (Actually... I started to feel like... maybe they´re suspicious of my cake? Maybe they thought I`ve mixed something weird in it. lol)

So I was the one who cut the cake into pieces - so that everyone could try it. And YESSSS! They really liked the taste! :´D
I was so happy!

Haha, I really love to bake and cook, but I`m always so unsure about my dishes... I always feel so relieved and happy when somebody does like my food!

Oh, and just as I`m talking about food... I bought some super sweet choco scent bath salt today! x3

2x "Candy Mountain ~ Chocolate bath essence" & 1x "Love Letter ~ Wild rose bath essence"
I absolutely LOVE taking a bath - especially during autumn & winter period!
Feels so good to warm up the body with taking a hot and super nice smelling bath! x3
It´s also very relaxing for my back, since I`ve got a little backache often. =) (Pretty typical for a nurse, unfortunately. xD")

Thanks for reading even this random stuff! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Angelic Pretty ~ Candy treat

I must confess that I didn´t check AP´s new releases for quite a while, since I didn´t plan to get any new lolita stuff before I complete my Rose Melody merry-go-round coordination. o.O
(Browsing AP`s webstore makes me always want to buuuuuuy xD")

But I couldn´t resist today. >////<
And then I found AP`s latest print, the "Candy treat" series - released around Halloween time, of course. o.O

I must say that I´m a bit disappointed about it, especially about the Onepiece. =/
Some photos here...
(I took the pink version since the close up photos were taken from the pink OP as well).

Pink "Candy treat" OP
For my taste, the shape of this dress is too simple. There´s nothing special about it.
I´m also not a fan of "spread all over the dress" prints - those jelly beans all over are not my taste. ^^"
AND: The backside of this dress has NO shirring, NO lacing, which makes it pretty un-adjustable. =/

Close up of the top
Well... super simple cut, just as mentioned. =/
But it leads the full attention to the print, I must confess. (If I would just like it, ahhhhrgh. xD")
A bit lace on the puffy sleeves would be nice, I think. o.O

Close up of the lace
Delicate as ever!
I love it! AP`s special lace is always gorgeous! =)

The print itself, shown in different color variations
The design is gorgeous by no means! Features a lot of sweet details - and pop´s out best on the black version, I think. =)
But still... it makes me feel like I`ve seen similiar prints so many times before on AP`s dresses. Nothing new in it, unfortunately. =/

So the "Candy treat" series don´t tempt me to buy. xD"
I´m looking forward to see some lolitas coordinating this dress - maybe I can fall in love with it when I see it worn! =D

I know I`m early, but I`m looking forward to AP´s next golden christmas print! *__*
Just by the way... xD

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?