Thursday, November 4, 2010

♥ My lolita wishlist ♥

I think every girl has a wishlist of items in her head - of course not only specified about lolita. =)

I´ve always had a lolita wishlist that grew longer and longer, and some items disappeared from it as well. xD"

So... I´ve made a listing of my current want-to-have onepieces and jumperskirts! =D
(If I would have included all the accessory I wanted, this image would have taken GIANT space. xD")

The dresses that are marked are the dresses I bought already (I just put the OP´s I bought within the past year on this list, otherwise this image would have grown too big again). =)

1) Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette MINT.
My absolute favorite lolita dress ever. It´s extremely rare unfortunately, especially the OP in mint... I´m pretty sure that I`ll never own it, but hey... keep the dream alive..? xD"

2) Angelic Pretty Lady Rose MINT.
Have it, love it. Never going to give it away. :´D

3) Rose Melody Rose Aroma Set BLACK
Just bought, it´s getting custom made. =)
I´m going back to my gothic roots, it seems. xD"
I really wanted a plain black JSK or OP for Winter... I´ve fallen in love with Alice & the Pirates Gather Frill JSK before, but my bust measurements are just too big to fit in. ;__; So I´ve chosen this baby.
It´s rather expensive for a taobao dress, since it features special burned out fabric ~ I sold some pieces of my lolita and gyaru wardrobe for it.
Let´s see if I will regret it later. xD

4) Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate MINT
I love this design so much, I can´t tell. But again, my bust measurement is too big to fit in. ;__;
I tried a friends pink version of the OP a while ago, and it was a torture for me AND the dress, since the OP doesn´t feature any back shirring. ^^"

I already faced myself never getting this dress, just like the Rose Toilette. ;__;
But then, a replica of the Melty Chocolate OP popped up on a taobao store about 1 week ago - and it´s available in lager sizes! Hooray for boobies! :´D
I just bought this one for a super cheap price... which makes me a tiny bit nervous, I confess. I hope the quality is okay. xD"

5) Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon YELLOW
This dress looks so wonderful fruity and fresh, and I just love the design of the top! It´s not such a rare dress, so I will be looking for it to be part of my summers wardrobe next year! =D

6) Baby, the stars shine bright Vampire Requiem BLACK
I love the print and the shape of the dress, it´s so unique! I know a lot of girls are after it, so it´s very hard to get it. But I see bigger chances in getting THIS then getting a AP Rose Toilette. xD"

7) Metamorphose Swan Lake BORDEAUX
My dear friend Marie infected me with her love for this one. xD"
The detailed and colorful print is gorgeous, just like the style of the top of this dress!

8) Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam YELLOW
Another very colorful and summery dress - even though the print is spread all over (which I usually dislike), it looks not so busy and very cute to me!
I´ll be looking to make it part of my wardrobe next spring or summer. *__*
I love the halterneck, btw! x3

9) Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre PINK
Even though the print is not 100% my taste, the unique design of this dress cought my eye!
It´s a pretty rare dress, unfortunately. I´ll keep my eyes open for this! =3

10) Rose Melody Merry go Round PINK
Super sweet dress! =D
Looks a tiny bit unflattering on my waist unfortunately - I think it´s because it was custom made for a bigger girl (I bought it second hand from her). But I´ll fix it somehow, nevermind. =)

That´s it so far. I think there will be a lot more changes on this list in the future, which is quite normal I think. xD"
I`ll definately write a review about the Melty Chocolate replica as soon as I get it. =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. All of them are so so cute! but the most I like the 4th one~♥ I think trat I saw her on the some really sweet japan girl on tumblr, but I'm not sure...
    mint & chocolate: mmmmmmmmmmm~ n __ n

  2. Thanks for your comment! x3
    Yesssss, the Melty chocolate looks so sweet on every girl, I think! =D
    Haha, mint & chocolate is such a suitable combination, you´re right! My favorite ice cream is minty chocolate, too! x3

  3. Aww~ thx! It's really nice what you was write to me *^__^*
    Hey! I love mint&chocolate ice creams too! :D

    And about my eyes~ they are blue and green, but I also think tkat they are more blue, but in all photos they looked more green, so actually I don't know :p

  4. Lovely dresses..
    I wish have nr 2 but pink (but U know about it hihi)
    nr 1, 5, 8 & 9 is also cute.
    10 is so gorgeous :)

    How re U Princess ?