Monday, November 1, 2010

Angelic Pretty ~ Candy treat

I must confess that I didn´t check AP´s new releases for quite a while, since I didn´t plan to get any new lolita stuff before I complete my Rose Melody merry-go-round coordination. o.O
(Browsing AP`s webstore makes me always want to buuuuuuy xD")

But I couldn´t resist today. >////<
And then I found AP`s latest print, the "Candy treat" series - released around Halloween time, of course. o.O

I must say that I´m a bit disappointed about it, especially about the Onepiece. =/
Some photos here...
(I took the pink version since the close up photos were taken from the pink OP as well).

Pink "Candy treat" OP
For my taste, the shape of this dress is too simple. There´s nothing special about it.
I´m also not a fan of "spread all over the dress" prints - those jelly beans all over are not my taste. ^^"
AND: The backside of this dress has NO shirring, NO lacing, which makes it pretty un-adjustable. =/

Close up of the top
Well... super simple cut, just as mentioned. =/
But it leads the full attention to the print, I must confess. (If I would just like it, ahhhhrgh. xD")
A bit lace on the puffy sleeves would be nice, I think. o.O

Close up of the lace
Delicate as ever!
I love it! AP`s special lace is always gorgeous! =)

The print itself, shown in different color variations
The design is gorgeous by no means! Features a lot of sweet details - and pop´s out best on the black version, I think. =)
But still... it makes me feel like I`ve seen similiar prints so many times before on AP`s dresses. Nothing new in it, unfortunately. =/

So the "Candy treat" series don´t tempt me to buy. xD"
I´m looking forward to see some lolitas coordinating this dress - maybe I can fall in love with it when I see it worn! =D

I know I`m early, but I`m looking forward to AP´s next golden christmas print! *__*
Just by the way... xD

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

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