Tuesday, November 2, 2010

♥ Some sweet, sweet moments ♥

Just a bit random stuff today. =)

I baked a cake for the staff of the cardiology department of my hospital some days ago. =)

Of course, it had to be a heart cake... xD

Unfortunately, I had to rely on a cake mix to do this - since I don´t have all the tools (like a blender, cake pan, mixing bowls... xD") I need for baking a really good cake at my new appartment. =/
But I mixed some new and FRESH ingredients (like lemons & self made Melissa syrup) into the pre-made fluor, to be even just a tinyyyy bit creative. xD"

I was pretty pleased with the outcome!
The cake was smelling so TASTYYYY when I took it out of the oven! And of course the shape is gorgeous. :´D (Haha, thanks to paper-cake-pan manufacturer!)

I decorated it with iced sugar gloss, tiny pink sugar crystals and choco hearts all over. =)
(I would have loved to deco it some more, but again... I lack the right tools at my appartment. xD")

The staff of the cardiology department ADMIRED my cake. And I mean... admired! xD"
The cake was standing on the main table of the nurse headquarter for 9 hours, but nobody wanted to cut it since it was looking so cute. xD" (Actually... I started to feel like... maybe they´re suspicious of my cake? Maybe they thought I`ve mixed something weird in it. lol)

So I was the one who cut the cake into pieces - so that everyone could try it. And YESSSS! They really liked the taste! :´D
I was so happy!

Haha, I really love to bake and cook, but I`m always so unsure about my dishes... I always feel so relieved and happy when somebody does like my food!

Oh, and just as I`m talking about food... I bought some super sweet choco scent bath salt today! x3

2x "Candy Mountain ~ Chocolate bath essence" & 1x "Love Letter ~ Wild rose bath essence"
I absolutely LOVE taking a bath - especially during autumn & winter period!
Feels so good to warm up the body with taking a hot and super nice smelling bath! x3
It´s also very relaxing for my back, since I`ve got a little backache often. =) (Pretty typical for a nurse, unfortunately. xD")

Thanks for reading even this random stuff! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

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  1. Heart cake? so nice :]
    Where is piece for me ? xP