Monday, November 15, 2010

The day my Liz Lisa dreams were flushed down the toilet Dx

Some weeks ago, I already mentioned that I purchase my Liz Lisa dream boots with the help of a shopping service...

Those gorgeous sweet boots!Since they´re so adorable, they got sold at on several Liz Lisa stores extremely quickly - I was so glad that I could get a pair! =/
I paid a BIG amount of money for them, because I just had to get them... it was love at first sight! Dx

And now... the parcel seems to be lost. ~__~
I´m waiting for almost 6 weeks, and nothing has arrived at my shopping service´s facility yet!
The seller claims he doesn´t have a tracking number (which I think is a lie...), but he has already reported the lost parcel to the post service.

Smells like scam to me, but let´s see what happens...
I`m just SUPER PISSED, since I really wanted those boots!
Now the only thing I`m wishing for is getting my money back...

Dammit, why does fortune bully me around so much recently?? Dx
Desperate girl is desperate... ~self-pity END. xD"

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. OMG! This is not nice situation...
    My friend (she buy a lot of stuff from japan/china) and sometimes delivery not reached... but she's not done with this.
    Coz what U can do ? nothing...
    U know they traverses the fields of the world before they come to us :]
    This takes some time ... sometimes even a month...
    Don't worry :)
    everything will be ok ;)

    How re U Princess?

  2. ohhh... On thursday (when I was buy my new shoes) at shop I see shoes similarly like your :p but without heels and without frills on the top. But it was last pair of shoes with 39 size.

  3. i've this boots..are so beautifull*_*!!!