Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Update! ;D ♥ International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup ♥ Amihamu LOVE

Hey Gals,
I'm gonna make a short entry today... have to go to bed soon, work starts at 6 a.m. tomorrow! ;D

I got my ticket for the International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup in January!! SO HAPPY!!

Now I'm searching for a nice Hotel in Frankfurt, close to the Main-Station... but I heard there's the biggest red-light district of the city! O__O
Most of you will possibly think: "So what's the problem with that?" ... Argh, I wish I could be that cool! xD" I'm coming from a tiny village, so things like red-light districts scare me a lot! I just don't know what to expect from this! xD"
Anyways, hope to overcome my fear. lol

I'm gonna travel to Frankfurt by highspeed-rail. I hope to arrive quite early on Friday, so me and Hubby can go on a big shopping spree!! Frankfurt has so many stores that are unavailable in my area (OMFG PRIMARK!! TAKE ALL MY MONEYYYYY!! xD), so I gotta make a big use of that trip! xD

I'm very looking forward to meet lot's of awesome Gal's and Gyaru-o, also some of my Gaijin Gal Idols ♥
(MAGGIEEEE, SIMONA, ZUKA, KITAI, ...(the list goes on here... xD)... I'M WAITING...... ♥♥♥)
Hope to see YOU there, too? ;D

 I wanna try new things with my Make-up and Hair recently...
I'd really like to level up my Sujimori skills!! I actually practised a lot, but in the end I always failed... I think it's because of my curling irons - I just don't have the right barrel to create nice waves! Also, most of Sujimori tutorials I've watched so far are working with... HOT ROLLERS! :'D
So I've got myself a box of used Remington Ionic Rollers. ;D

Can't wait to try them out ♥

Also, I found Amihamu's Instagram recently... SO INSPIRING!! She really motivates me to push myself further in order to improve!
I also just got myself a pair of red lenses, haha. xD
Some impressions of this Godess:

LOVE this photo of her ♥

Those red lenseeeees... ♥

Inspired by her, I tried another Goshikku / Rokku coord the other day!

Dress & Garter: Glavil
All the rest: Offbrand
It's interesting how this dress seems to be so long in the front, but barely covers my butt in the back. lol *forever fat ass*

I also tried a different eye-make... I came to like it a lot! I just wish my lenses weren't so basic... =/ It's the only pair I have atm, black ring lens. Q__Q

I wanted to try this hairstyle for soooo long! It's actually rather easy to do, and it gives a cool sidecut effect!
BUT: Taking out the rubber bands was a pain in the ass. :'D My hubby had to help me cut them out, and I almost fainted because I feared he's cutting my hair! xD"
Btw. I really hate my nose... I even debated with myself over a nose surgery. lol I got some good advice, so I'm gonna try finding some suitable nose-make-up tutorials, maybe I can "visually" shrink it... somehow? xD"

Off to bed now! Good night! ♥
ZZZ zzz ZZZ ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥

Sunday, November 16, 2014

♥♥♥ Wedding ♥♥♥

DISCLAIMER (lol): This is going to be a rather personal, maybe cheesy and pretty much non-Gyaru / non-fashion post, so feel free to skip it if you like! 

I'm gonna make it short anyways - I'm not the kind of person to post such personal stuff online, it feels a bit awkward to me. xD" So I'm basically gonna drop a few photos here. ;D

I got married on 25. Oktober, and I couldn't be any happier about it ♥
Our Wedding was actually a rather small deal - we only got married at the register office anyways, so we wanted to only invite the closest family members.
Considerung my mothers poor health and my sisters 2 little toddlers, we went for a very simple and private meeting - no big dress, no buzzing party or anything. And it was the perfect decision! I couldn't think of a more perfect wedding. =) 

At 8:00 I had an apointment with the hairstylist. They prepared super sweet wedding themed deco for me! ♥

When I arrived back home, my husband already picked up my wedding bouquet for me - it was so delicate and beautiful, adorned with little pearls and stuff ♥

I am currently drying the bouquet, I wanna keep it forever ♥

Me posing with my flowers... x3

Here you can also see my super simple and minimal styling. =)
My hair was a tiny little updo in the back, decorated with flowers. The make-up I did myself (I cannot trust anybody else with this! xD") - it was also very toned down, the only flashy thing probably was my smokey eyeshadow. =)

My simple wedding Outfit! ♥

I bought this "Jesus Diamante" dress in Tokyo last year - since I got it, I knew it would be my wedding dress for the register office, haha! =) However, I had no intention to go fully JD style or whatever - just simple and elegant. =)
I felt very comfortable with this ♥

Me and my hubby ♥


We also got so many cute presents! It was really hard to get all of them on the photo! xD"

The piggy balloon is my favorite! xD

Some days after the wedding, I baked a cake for all the lovely people that helped organizing this wonderful day! Here's my new creation: Cherry x Banana cream cake ♥ (I loooove baking!)

To all those people who were interested in my wedding: Thank you very much for caring, and all those nice wishes! I still love to go through the comments, they all have a place in my heart! =)
Even though I only wanted to post these few pictures, I hope you got a good impression on how cozy and awesome the wedding was. I hope you can understand me for not posting too many personal things! =)

Oh, before I forget: Here's the answer to some questions I got! ♥

Q: Are / Were you nervous?

A: Actually, no. I was just looking forward to it very very much, so I'd rather call it positive excitement! xD

Q: Are you having an asian last name now?

A: Yes, I do! =) It's a very common chinese last name, so actually nothing special - but at least 1.000 times better then my former german last name! That one was even a bit embarrassing. xD"

Q: Are you going to move to Asia?
A: That's definately a possibility that we will keep in mind! =) Currently, I'm a bit bound to Germany due to family reasons - luckily, my husband is supporting me in this situation. =) If I were to move to Taiwan, I'd really like to live in Kenting, Tainan City or Taipeh! LOVE everything about it! (And also... it's so close to Japan, hrhrhr... xD)

Thanks for reading. ;D Next post is going to be Gyaru related, I promise! ;D

xoxo, Chira ♥

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

H&M finds Autumn 2014 ~ including Swankiss style sweater! ♥♥♥

Hey sweethearts! ;D

I've been hunting for a casual military style winter-coat the past 3 weeks, unfortunately the stores don't have what I want... 
(Am I picky? I just want something that keeps me warm AND looks nice... it shouldn't be that hard, right? xD")

I happened to find some really great items at H&M this time, so I wanted to share with you. ♥ If you like something, you might want to go (online-)shopping soon - some of the stuff is already on clearance sale! ;D

Amekaji style knit cap
The flashy pink and the capitalized letters immediately reminded me of oldschool Amekaji looks - I really wanna try this style one day! x3
It's from the kid's accessory section, but it can easily fit an adults head! Price is 7,99€. =)

Bat print mesh tutu - reminds me of Glavil / TutuHa a bit!
Super cute and SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!! :'D
It's from the Halloween kid's collection - a petite gal could fit this perfectly, I think. It has a pretty stretchable rubber band on top as well! =) 
Unfortunately my butt is too big for this... xD" *needs more squat exercise*

Cute snowflake and stars skirt
I really wanted this one so badly. =/ It's from the teenager girls section, but they only had the very small sizes left on the rack - and it's not for sale at their online shop. Unlucky me. Q__Q
The snowflakes are so cute, this photo really doesn't do it any justice! It has an elastic rubber band on the top, and a chiffon under-skirt! =)

Swankiss style sweater

The heart cut-outs are covered with smooth organdy, and the embroidery is very well made - overall, I'm super impressed with the quality of this item!
The playful cute heart cut-out and the half transparency reminded me of some ever so popular "Swankiss" (japanese brand) items, so I guess some of you Gals might be interested as well. =)

I found this while in-store shopping - it was the last one on the rack, and it's in light blue color. IT WAS INSTANT LOVE. So even though it's 1-2 sizes too big, I just had to buy it! (Guess I'm ready to try some oversized looks. lol)
GOOD THING: You can also buy it at the online shop, and it's currently on sale! Original price was 29,99€, but now you can get it for 17,99€! =)
BAD THING: They only sell a white version online (...though at the store they only had this light blue one left). So if you want a pastel blue sweater, I suggest you to go in-store shopping as soon as possible! ;D

I guess I'll go back to check H&M's collection regularly now, they sometimes really have gem's hiding in their racks. ;D

And since I'm already spamming you with shopping photos:
D.I.A longsleeve shirt


I wonder if I should make a full-wardrobe-post next... we will see. =)

Thanks for reading sweethearts, have a good time! ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥