Tuesday, November 4, 2014

H&M finds Autumn 2014 ~ including Swankiss style sweater! ♥♥♥

Hey sweethearts! ;D

I've been hunting for a casual military style winter-coat the past 3 weeks, unfortunately the stores don't have what I want... 
(Am I picky? I just want something that keeps me warm AND looks nice... it shouldn't be that hard, right? xD")

I happened to find some really great items at H&M this time, so I wanted to share with you. ♥ If you like something, you might want to go (online-)shopping soon - some of the stuff is already on clearance sale! ;D

Amekaji style knit cap
The flashy pink and the capitalized letters immediately reminded me of oldschool Amekaji looks - I really wanna try this style one day! x3
It's from the kid's accessory section, but it can easily fit an adults head! Price is 7,99€. =)

Bat print mesh tutu - reminds me of Glavil / TutuHa a bit!
Super cute and SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!! :'D
It's from the Halloween kid's collection - a petite gal could fit this perfectly, I think. It has a pretty stretchable rubber band on top as well! =) 
Unfortunately my butt is too big for this... xD" *needs more squat exercise*

Cute snowflake and stars skirt
I really wanted this one so badly. =/ It's from the teenager girls section, but they only had the very small sizes left on the rack - and it's not for sale at their online shop. Unlucky me. Q__Q
The snowflakes are so cute, this photo really doesn't do it any justice! It has an elastic rubber band on the top, and a chiffon under-skirt! =)

Swankiss style sweater

The heart cut-outs are covered with smooth organdy, and the embroidery is very well made - overall, I'm super impressed with the quality of this item!
The playful cute heart cut-out and the half transparency reminded me of some ever so popular "Swankiss" (japanese brand) items, so I guess some of you Gals might be interested as well. =)

I found this while in-store shopping - it was the last one on the rack, and it's in light blue color. IT WAS INSTANT LOVE. So even though it's 1-2 sizes too big, I just had to buy it! (Guess I'm ready to try some oversized looks. lol)
GOOD THING: You can also buy it at the online shop, and it's currently on sale! Original price was 29,99€, but now you can get it for 17,99€! =)
BAD THING: They only sell a white version online (...though at the store they only had this light blue one left). So if you want a pastel blue sweater, I suggest you to go in-store shopping as soon as possible! ;D

I guess I'll go back to check H&M's collection regularly now, they sometimes really have gem's hiding in their racks. ;D

And since I'm already spamming you with shopping photos:
D.I.A longsleeve shirt


I wonder if I should make a full-wardrobe-post next... we will see. =)

Thanks for reading sweethearts, have a good time! ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. I also saw that blue "swankiss" sweater, but I have no idea how to wear it, because the heart is transparent and I don't want people to see my bra xD. How will you wear it? :)

    1. Haha, I understand! I wouldn't have the guts to wear it like that, neither! xD

      I actually wanna go for a layered look in offwhite! I tight white top with adorable lace at the bust area, right where the heart cutout is! As bottoms, I'd choose a white skater skirt that creates romantic soft waves ♥

  2. About a month ago I found some really nice things at H&M, too! I was so shocked because I normally find their clothes way too basic haha
    Also, I'm in loveee with your skirt and heart sweater, they're so niceee! quq

    1. YESSSSSS I feel the same about H&M!! I usually rarely find anything interesting there, but last time I made a surprisingly good catch! xD
      Thanks for your sweet comment! x3