Sunday, November 16, 2014

♥♥♥ Wedding ♥♥♥

DISCLAIMER (lol): This is going to be a rather personal, maybe cheesy and pretty much non-Gyaru / non-fashion post, so feel free to skip it if you like! 

I'm gonna make it short anyways - I'm not the kind of person to post such personal stuff online, it feels a bit awkward to me. xD" So I'm basically gonna drop a few photos here. ;D

I got married on 25. Oktober, and I couldn't be any happier about it ♥
Our Wedding was actually a rather small deal - we only got married at the register office anyways, so we wanted to only invite the closest family members.
Considerung my mothers poor health and my sisters 2 little toddlers, we went for a very simple and private meeting - no big dress, no buzzing party or anything. And it was the perfect decision! I couldn't think of a more perfect wedding. =) 

At 8:00 I had an apointment with the hairstylist. They prepared super sweet wedding themed deco for me! ♥

When I arrived back home, my husband already picked up my wedding bouquet for me - it was so delicate and beautiful, adorned with little pearls and stuff ♥

I am currently drying the bouquet, I wanna keep it forever ♥

Me posing with my flowers... x3

Here you can also see my super simple and minimal styling. =)
My hair was a tiny little updo in the back, decorated with flowers. The make-up I did myself (I cannot trust anybody else with this! xD") - it was also very toned down, the only flashy thing probably was my smokey eyeshadow. =)

My simple wedding Outfit! ♥

I bought this "Jesus Diamante" dress in Tokyo last year - since I got it, I knew it would be my wedding dress for the register office, haha! =) However, I had no intention to go fully JD style or whatever - just simple and elegant. =)
I felt very comfortable with this ♥

Me and my hubby ♥


We also got so many cute presents! It was really hard to get all of them on the photo! xD"

The piggy balloon is my favorite! xD

Some days after the wedding, I baked a cake for all the lovely people that helped organizing this wonderful day! Here's my new creation: Cherry x Banana cream cake ♥ (I loooove baking!)

To all those people who were interested in my wedding: Thank you very much for caring, and all those nice wishes! I still love to go through the comments, they all have a place in my heart! =)
Even though I only wanted to post these few pictures, I hope you got a good impression on how cozy and awesome the wedding was. I hope you can understand me for not posting too many personal things! =)

Oh, before I forget: Here's the answer to some questions I got! ♥

Q: Are / Were you nervous?

A: Actually, no. I was just looking forward to it very very much, so I'd rather call it positive excitement! xD

Q: Are you having an asian last name now?

A: Yes, I do! =) It's a very common chinese last name, so actually nothing special - but at least 1.000 times better then my former german last name! That one was even a bit embarrassing. xD"

Q: Are you going to move to Asia?
A: That's definately a possibility that we will keep in mind! =) Currently, I'm a bit bound to Germany due to family reasons - luckily, my husband is supporting me in this situation. =) If I were to move to Taiwan, I'd really like to live in Kenting, Tainan City or Taipeh! LOVE everything about it! (And also... it's so close to Japan, hrhrhr... xD)

Thanks for reading. ;D Next post is going to be Gyaru related, I promise! ;D

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. CONGRATS!!!! You both look so happy and omg you're too beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny!! You're always so sweet! ♥ x3 ~ I'm always happy to read your comment!

  2. Nice entry! Your pictures are beautiful as always! :)

    Stay Pretty!!~


    1. Thank you so much Joshua ♥
      I wish I could have some cool travelling photos from all over the world though, like yours!! xD *plans for the future*

  3. You two look so lovely together! And congratulations on getting married <3

    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment! We're (Hubby and me) are so happy to read this, thank you a lot! x3 ♥

  4. Congratulations! You look so beautiful <3

    1. Thank you so much!! ♥ That's so sweet of you! x3
      You have such a cute blog, I'll follow you now! =D

    2. Thank you so much for the follow! I've been following you a while because you have such amazing style so that means alot to me!

    3. Wah, I'm blushing so much right now... thank you millions!! That really means a lot to me. ^///^ I consider myself a really bad blogger and so-so Gal, so hearing that from you actually gives me a big boost! xD" Thank you so much!!

      Btw you have the loveliest face on earth... your lips are soooo cute and dolly! x3

  5. (Long-time-lurker hier, hihi. ♥)
    Herzlichen Dank, dass du diesen kleinen Einblick mit uns geteilt hast und natürlich herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Hochzeit und zum neuen Nachnamen, hehe! :) Dein Outfit sah bzw. sieht super aus, in meinen Augen ein besonderes Outfit für einen besonderen Tag. Da werde ich wirklich glatt ein wenig neidisch, ehrlich. :D

    1. Tausend Dank, das ist wirklich super lieb von dir! x3 ♥ Damit hast du uns eine super große Freude gemacht! x3
      Freut mich sehr das dir das Outfit gefällt! ♥ Eigentlich habe ich damit gerechnet das es eher skeptisch betrachtet wird - da eindeutig Gyaru Kleid aber nicht Gyaru koordiniert. Ich bin total glücklich das ich so viele positive Rückmeldungen bekommen hab, tausend Dank auch an dich! Das bedeutet mir wirklich total viel! x3