Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Update! ;D ♥ International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup ♥ Amihamu LOVE

Hey Gals,
I'm gonna make a short entry today... have to go to bed soon, work starts at 6 a.m. tomorrow! ;D

I got my ticket for the International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup in January!! SO HAPPY!!

Now I'm searching for a nice Hotel in Frankfurt, close to the Main-Station... but I heard there's the biggest red-light district of the city! O__O
Most of you will possibly think: "So what's the problem with that?" ... Argh, I wish I could be that cool! xD" I'm coming from a tiny village, so things like red-light districts scare me a lot! I just don't know what to expect from this! xD"
Anyways, hope to overcome my fear. lol

I'm gonna travel to Frankfurt by highspeed-rail. I hope to arrive quite early on Friday, so me and Hubby can go on a big shopping spree!! Frankfurt has so many stores that are unavailable in my area (OMFG PRIMARK!! TAKE ALL MY MONEYYYYY!! xD), so I gotta make a big use of that trip! xD

I'm very looking forward to meet lot's of awesome Gal's and Gyaru-o, also some of my Gaijin Gal Idols ♥
(MAGGIEEEE, SIMONA, ZUKA, KITAI, ...(the list goes on here... xD)... I'M WAITING...... ♥♥♥)
Hope to see YOU there, too? ;D

 I wanna try new things with my Make-up and Hair recently...
I'd really like to level up my Sujimori skills!! I actually practised a lot, but in the end I always failed... I think it's because of my curling irons - I just don't have the right barrel to create nice waves! Also, most of Sujimori tutorials I've watched so far are working with... HOT ROLLERS! :'D
So I've got myself a box of used Remington Ionic Rollers. ;D

Can't wait to try them out ♥

Also, I found Amihamu's Instagram recently... SO INSPIRING!! She really motivates me to push myself further in order to improve!
I also just got myself a pair of red lenses, haha. xD
Some impressions of this Godess:

LOVE this photo of her ♥

Those red lenseeeees... ♥

Inspired by her, I tried another Goshikku / Rokku coord the other day!

Dress & Garter: Glavil
All the rest: Offbrand
It's interesting how this dress seems to be so long in the front, but barely covers my butt in the back. lol *forever fat ass*

I also tried a different eye-make... I came to like it a lot! I just wish my lenses weren't so basic... =/ It's the only pair I have atm, black ring lens. Q__Q

I wanted to try this hairstyle for soooo long! It's actually rather easy to do, and it gives a cool sidecut effect!
BUT: Taking out the rubber bands was a pain in the ass. :'D My hubby had to help me cut them out, and I almost fainted because I feared he's cutting my hair! xD"
Btw. I really hate my nose... I even debated with myself over a nose surgery. lol I got some good advice, so I'm gonna try finding some suitable nose-make-up tutorials, maybe I can "visually" shrink it... somehow? xD"

Off to bed now! Good night! ♥
ZZZ zzz ZZZ ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Ich mag deine Rokku Looks ;D *FanFähnchen schwenk*
    Das WinterMeet...hatte auch mit jemand kurz gequatscht ob wir hinfahren aber sieht eher nicht danach aus. Ich hab eh keine tollen Dansou OraOra Klamotten.
    Gibt grad andere Prioritäten ^^ aber ich hoffe man bekommt dann hier einen tollen Bericht vom Meet ;D *drauf wart*
    Und weil ich einmal kommentier: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Hochzeit ^^

    1. Erstmal danke für das Kompliment, du bist immer sooo lieb zu mir! *flausch* Freue mich total über jedes Kommi von dir!!

      Oh schaaaade, ich hätte dich sooo gerne getroffen! Q__Q ~ Kann aber auch jeden verstehen der's nicht zum Meet schafft. Für mich war's auch ein ziemliches Hick-Hack wegen Dienstplan usw., am Ende musste ich jetzt unbezahlten Urlaub nehmen. xD"

      Einen Bericht gibt's ganz bestimmt, ich hoffe ich kann ein paar fantastische Fotos ergattern. ;D

      Ahhhw, und danke nochmal - kann's immer noch nicht glauben das ich verheiratet bin. So glücklich! :'D

  2. That second one is a photo of the Model Re:No! (Who tbh is pretty fabulous aswell!) But Amihamu is so fantastic, an inspiration of mine too. You look absolutely beautiful in red too by the way

    1. OMG, now I'm really gonna be embarrassed forever. lol ~ Thanks for teaching me, I'm gonna replace that photo now! xD You are my hero! xD

      Thank you so much for that compliment, that really made my day Amelie!! x3 So happy!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!! x3 That's so sweet of you! x3

  4. EEEEKK Im one of your idols??? no waaayy you do better than me!! I feel so honored *0*
    Im looking forward to meet you!! And LOL I can totally relate to that "im from the village" thing :D

    1. Natürlich bist du das! Und zwar schon seit Jahren! So, nun ist es raus. ~////~ Ich stalke dich schon seit einer Ewigkeit! Wie peinlich! xD"

      Ich hoffe es klappt bald mal mit uns. ;D
      (Ohje, im Hinblick auf der vorherigen Absatz hört sich das jetzt umso schrecklicher an. xD *creep creepy creep*)

  5. Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)
    How have you been??

    1. Thanks for passing by Joshua! I'm always so happy to read your comment, haha. ;D

      I'm fine, so how are you? ;D I still love your style, you fashion genius ~ forever on my fav. list!!