Monday, February 9, 2015


Aaaaah, I feel like I'm getting old recently. lol
Looking at my past... I feel like I have so many things to look back to. Whyyyyy... when did life become so stuffed and complicated? xD"

I miss the carefree times, but it also somehow felt good to settle down recently. I'm starting to become a really good housewife and create a cozy little nest for me and my hubby. Nothing bad about it, right? =3

We finally got a dishwasher!!
I tell you. Best investment EVER! xD

Our kitchen is small, so we can only fit the chibi version of a dishwasher in there. xD"
I also sorted out lot's of kitchen machines that constantly got into my way, and got myself a ALL-IN-ONE kitchen machine...

 It's called "Thermomix", and there's nothing it can't do. Smash, steam, boil, make ice cream...
If you talk nicely to it, it might even curl your hair and tell you compliments ♥ ...uhm yes. xD
(My sexist coworker called it "housewife playstation". ~.~)

Did you fall asleep already? Haha, you probably did. xD
Enough of that boring stuff!


Even though I enjoy settling down, my love for fashion and make-up has never been stronger. =)
I can't believe that I'm into Gyaru for 6 years already, can you?! 

I'm recently looking back to where I came from, and to be honest - I had a good laugh about it!

Laugh with me! ;D
 Back then I thought my look was THE SHIT. xD
I remember how proud I was to wear my first pair of plain black 14,2mm circle lenses and that unstyled Cyperous wig from Japan. lol

But I'm very happy that I kept going on from that point. Practise makes perfect, right?
I didn't reach perfection yet, but that's okay - I'll be on my way. =)

I also came to remember my Western Gal Idols from my beginner Gal times... do some of you know the names Pin, Riv Riv, Monica Tang, Viivi and Zhi Zhi? Oh god, how I loved their style (though I'm sure they're all still gorgeous nowadays) - they've been a great inspo and motivation, so I guess I owe them a lot... thank you from my heart ♥

Beeing stuck in my memories, I also started collecting "old" Ma*rs items, that were super trendy when I started Gyaru. I managed to get my hands on these babies recently ♥
Lovely ♥
The furry one is a bit tacky... but I feel like that's exactly what I WANT atm! =P
Aaaah, I miss the times when Ma*rs still did those over-the-top designs... nowadays it's only flashy prints or toned down x golden buttons... =/

Also, after lusting over this for 3 months, I got myself a Coastal Scents make-up Set!!
 Brush Set, Lip Color Palette, and Eyeshadow Palette - WORTH EVERY CENT!! I've never had higher pigmented cosmetics, I'm super satisfied! I will definately buy from them again! =)

I feel like my make-up already improved because of it! Oh, and I also think I stepped up my Gel-nail game! =P
Definately not perfect, but I'm on the way. =)
From the "design", this is my favorite so far! =)
I love to do experiments and try new techniques, so I actually already removed these - I wanna do new nails tomorrow! 
I wonder if I should go for

Kuronba style Zebra & silver glitter & pink

Mature style Nude & navy

Hmmm... we'll see... ;D

I also did some experiments with my style recently...

Dug out my black wig. lol
Hmmm, this actually make's me wanna get my bangs cut... 
Nah, forget what I said. I'm too chicken to do that anyways. lol

Dark Coord
Spiderweb Shirt: Ghost of Harlem
Tank Top & Skirt: Glavil
Rest: Offbrand

Super basic Coord
 Everything Offbrand
 One of my favorite and most comfy looks recently ♥

Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup Coord
(Had to cancel last minute because of personal reasons)
Jacket: Ed Haardy
Top: H&M
Skirt: Selfmade
Belt: d.i.a
Rest: Offbrand
Yes. I reached another level. I became so picky about my clothes that I even prefer to sew my skirt on my own. lol (True story. None of my skirts satisfied me, so I altered an old dress)

With my d.i.a jacket, the look is completed ♥
This is how I would like to see myself all the time. ♥ Happy Wish ♥

I hope I can improve my style a lot more in the future, there's still plenty of way to the top! ;D

Today, I cleaned up my closet... so now I have 1.945.573 Outfit ideas, haha!

My Gyaru closet ♥
This makes me so happy. ♥
Cought myself sitting in front of the closet and staring at my treasures for 30 minutes ♥

On the other hand...

 I feel like a fu***ng brandwhore, and somehow have to question my spending habits... is this really okay? ^^"

Nyah, most of the tags were from my Fukubukuro anyways... ^^" *trying to console myself. xD"*

Next up: What was in my d.i.a & Glavil Fukubukuro? ;D
See you soon!

xoxo, Chira ♥

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