Saturday, February 14, 2015

♥♥♥ GLAVIL Fukubukuro 2015 REVEAL ♥♥♥ ~ Picture heavy!!

Hey sweethearts ♥
So as I already mentioned, I got 2 Fukubukuro this year - one from Glavil, and one from d.i.a! I'm gonna split the reveal in 2 entry's therefore! ;D

First off, my Glavil Fukubukuro!!

There certainly were some items I was hoping to get... My biggest wish was getting LOT's of red stuff, cute skirts, and their famous harness dress ♥

And here's what I got in the end - not to bad at all! ;D
It contained a total of 10 items + the backpack ♥
3 Shirts
1 Leggins
1 Skirt
2 Dresses
1 Jacket
2 Accessory

I'm gonna do a short description of every item ♥

Backpack with Goth Bunny print
I forgot to take a detail picture of the backpack... xD" But it's made of very stable material, and offers quite a lot of space. The print features the Glavil's Goth Bunny print from Fall & Winter collection 2014 - one of my favorite prints so far, so happy to have it in my wardrobe now ♥

Fake leather gloves with bow
Super sweet and versatile, I can imagine wearing these with other substyles easily ♥ They're quite thin and comfy to wear, and I love the little heart detail on the inner side!! ♥♥

Golden glitter cross necklace
I kinda already knew that this would be content of my Fukubukuro. xD" Those cross necklaces have been a famous item in the Luckypacks of the past years already. =)
However, I already have a silver necklace of that style... I like it, but I might end up selling it sooner or later. ^^"

Fake leather Leggins
Super basic item with a comfy fit! This came in quite handy, since I was looking for that kinda Leggins recently - nice catch ♥

Glittery Tutu-Skirt
It actually glitters very subtle, due to the many layers that you can see on the 2nd photo! Super nice detail, I love it very much!
The skirt feels super fluffy and soft when worn! Now I'd like to have it in other colors, too. ♥

Red skull shirt with chains
Unfortunately, this was the only red item I got. =/
However, this shirt is pretty fantastic. It's made of thick cotton, and the print is done nicely and crisp. It fit's losely like most of shirts from Glavils recent collections. The integrated chains can be attached differently, there are 4 "hooks" to connect with.
Due to the cut of the shirt, it makes my torso look very "boxy" unfortunately - but paired with a black jacket, it's AWESOME. ♥

Leo print shirt
 Another really cute shirt with fake leather x studs detail! I like how it's slightly off shoulder ♥ There are little skulls hiding inside the leo print, I love this detail! ♥
The cut again is rather boxy - however, due to the sleeves & offshoulder effect, it doesn't make me look like a weightlifter. lol ~ I've actually worn this for a couple of times already, it's super comfy!

White cherry skull shirt
Just like the other shirts, the quality of this one is fantastic! It has a functional zipper, so the shirt can also be worn as a crop-top.
However, it's just not my cup of tea. I'm not really digging the print, even though it's funny - but the print is MAKING the shirt, so I'm a bit torn... xD" And due to the sturdy zipper, it's fitting quite weird on my waist... From everything I got, this is unfortunately the item that I like the least. =/

Smiley print dress
I HATED it at first! When I saw this dress wrapped up in the plastic bag, I already knew we're never gonna be big friends...
UNTIL I TRIED IT ON. OMG. It does wonders! It actually has a very good fit and super flattering cut! The straps are made of fake leather, and the back even has a cute little lacing ♥ I also somehow came to like the print, even though it features blood. lol
The bad aspect: The fabric is kinda static, and get's stuck on my legs really easily... I wonder if I can fix that somehow...? o__O

The famous harness dress
YES BABY. I was so hoping to get this! Can't believe how lucky I am!! :'D
The knit dress is quite heavy because woven thickly, it snugs around the body like a glove ♥ It's assymetrical cut on the bottom, which is a nice detail. This dress will keep me warm even in winter ♥
The harness was a bit complicated to put on at first (never worn something like that before), but it's actually designed pretty smart - it has 2 push buttons on the left side, so it's rather easy to handle without getting tangled up in the straps. (Uhm yes... I admit I got tangled when I put it on first... it was looking like some weird ass 50 shades of stupid... ~lol)

Black cat ear jacket
MY FAVORITE of the Glavil bag!! The material and print is perfect, and the cut is simply amazing! It's very baggy around the waist, so it'll most likely work with cute skirts only - I LOVE THE LOOK. I even came to like 3/4 sleeves. xD"

So those were the 10 items I got!
Overall, I'm very satisfied with what I got ♥ I'm definately gonna buy a Glavil Fukubukuru next year as well ♥

Btw. I hope I can travel to Japan for the Fukubukuro sales next year.
I was lucky with the overall costs this time, since the customs didn`t charge me much... and of course I was super happy to get a Fukubukuro at all.
But... it must be a totally different -awesome- feeling to be THERE, buying the Fukubukuro on your own, inside 109 or whereever. Meeting people with the same interest, doing clothing exchange... I wish I can be part of it next year. ♥

Next up: d.i.a Fukubukuro reveal! ;D

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Ahhh you got so many amazing things! <3
    I hope to get a glavil fukubukuro next year as well :D

    1. Yesss, I was so lucky this year!! x3
      Fukubukuro is so much fun in general, I can't wait to get some more of them next year! xD

  2. Mhm finde alle net so hübsch.... außer die Tasche von d.i.a. ;D
    Und das "The famous harness dress" da möchte ich auf jeden fall Fotos *fan vorderung ;D sry*
    Das ist so richtig schön between Rokku und OraOra~
    Schade das du nicht zum Meet konntest.
    Sitze seit es statt gefunden hat nervös hier und warte aufn Eintrag ;D hihi.
    Aber net schlimm^^ kenne das wenn dann plötzlich nicht kann. Dafür bekommen wir jetz die Bags zu sehen :D gruß~ Makoto!

    1. Haha, ja - kann ich verstehen, Glavil ist schon was ganz spezielles, und sieht mittlerweile auch ganz anders aus als damals, als die Marke rauskam. =)

      Ich gelobe Fotos davon zu machen, haha. ;D Hab's letztes mal anprobiert mit schwarzen Overknees, das hat mich aber leider noch nicht umgehauen... muss noch dran feilen. xD" *1st world problems*

      Jaaaa, das mit dem Meetup schmerzt mich heute noch. xD" Aber was solls, die nächste Gelegenheit kommt bestimmt. =) Hoffentlich laufen wir uns dann auch mal über den Weg, haha! x3

      Darf ich dich fragen ob dein Blog umgezogen ist? Ich kann den auf blogspot nicht mehr finden. =/

    2. Nein der is gelöscht ^^ ich weiss noch nicht ob es einen neuen geben wird!
      Vorerst nicht - gibt andere Dinge auf die ich mich gerade konzentriere!

  3. omg all the items are perfect ;_;

    1. Thank youuu! x3
      I also like them a lot, they made me fall in love with Glavil a little further, haha. x3

  4. Wow! Look at all you got! You must be really happy! :)

    1. I'm super happy indeed! x3
      I'm in love with this japanese tradition, I wish it would spread all over the world!! Even though it'll be terrible for my bank balance in January... ~lol