Friday, March 6, 2015

♥♥♥ d.i.a Fukubukuro 2015 REVEAL ♥♥♥ ~ Picture heavy!!

Better late then never ~ here's the content of my d.i.a Fukubukuro!! x3

I was hoping to get lot's of animal print and white items - I was a bit unlucky on that, but I still got AWESOME stuff! I also wished for as less shorts and skirts as possible, knowing that d.i.a will most likely only put size 24 bottoms in the Fukubukuro - impossible for me to fit in. x__X In this case, I was very blessed! xD Only one size 24 shorts, yayyyyy!! x3

The bag ♥
I really adore the style of this years bag, it has such a cool print! The material is very sturdy, it its simply HUUUUGE. 
I thought about using it for transporting my sports gear, but on the other hand, it's too pretty for that. lol

My Fukubukuro contained a total of 13 items, including the bag:
1 Cape
1 Jacket
3 T-Shirts / Tops
2 Knit cutsew
1 Cardigan
2 Shorts
1 Zipper Jacket
1 Longsleeve

Leopard Shorts
Super sexy, if they'd just fit. lol ~ They're size 24, so no hope for me. I'll sell them, if you're interested, just let me know!! I didn't even take off the tag. =)

Back print shirt in mint
You can't do nothing wrong with a sexy cut printed shirt ♥ It has a very light mint color, almost impossible to make it show up on a photo. I love the overall look and the print! However, it's made of quite thin material, and therefore a bit seethrough... that's always a bother. =/

Longsleeve Engrish print shirt in navy
This one came rolled up like a sausage, so I first thought it must be a scarf, or a face towel novelty... I was so surprised to hold a full longsleeve shirt in my hands when I unwrapped it! I am very happy with it, it's another awesome basic to work with - this is the kind of shirt you can never have enough of! The neckline is very deep, so it's kinda revealing - very sexy ♥

Knit cutsew
This cutsew is simply awesome, and really easy to coordinate! I've worn it with leather leggins and high waist jeans already, it's awesome! It has lot's of golden decorations, and the most adorable dangling heart lock x key detail ♥ Isn't it dreamy? I could just hold it and stare at it... ♥

Zipper jacket in offwhite
So happy with this one!! x3 I'm a sucker for printed sleeves and embroidery, so this one was a BIG WIN! Another piece that I can easily combine with my wardrobe ♥ The material is quite thin, even for a zipper jacket - but since it's meant to be worn over something anyways, I don't really care. =P

Neckholder Top
I'm so in love with this ♥
It must be the grapic print doing some magic, but it's so flattering when worn! It looks really sexy and fit's comfortably, and the straps are having cute star pendants attached to them!! I just LOVE those little details d.i.a is adding to their items ♥
The shirt is made of a thin knit material, and the black strap in the back will hide your bra's strap ♥

Golden glitter shorts
YESSSSS, Onesize shorts!! SO LUCKY! lol
They fit perfectly, and they're so flashy and cool! I never knew I needed glitter shorts in my life... I DO! xD 
The glittery fabric on the outside is a tad scratchy, but the inside is soft and comfy - so I wouldn't bother. =)
That's already all the shorts I got, so I was definately lucky! I can usually fit a d.i.a 25 size, but I knew my chance of getting that was low - so I'm super happy I only got one ill fitted size 24, and a Onesize shorts even!! So lucky I am!! :'D

Flowy black cardigan
It took me a while to find out what it even is, to be honest. lol The fabric is very soft and deep black, so it was a bit hard to make out the shape... and the heavy chains we're tangled up on top of it, so I had a little hard time. xD"
It turned out to be the sexiest cardigan ever!! I'm actually not a fan of bell-shape sleeves, but OMG - this one looks fantastic!! The cardigan is snuggling around the body, giving a really flattering shape - the lace on the sleeves is a really nice detail as well. And the golden decoration again is super pretty!! This one has 2 cross and 1 big feather pendant, I LOVE IT!! ♥

The oh-so-famous knit cutsew
This kind of cutsew is around for a while already, probably one of d.i.a's best selling items! I've seen it beeing content of many fukubukuro this year, so I didn't take any further pictures - I'm pretty sure you all know how it looks like! ;D
The knit is actually really thickly woven, and of perfect quality! I can see why so many Gal's are digging that item!! However, on me it looks rather unflattering due to the thick wool... it tend's to add up 10kg to my body, so I guess I'm gonna sell it. lol

Cutsew T-Shirt in navy
This one goes so well with my golden glitter shorts ♥
It's super comfy and sexy! The zipper in the front is functional, to show some cleavage if wanted ♥ The print is really awesome, but what I like the most is the straps on the collar - I became a sucker for glittering fabric, apparently. xD"

Sturdy leather detail jacket
OMG ROCKSTAR MODE ON. Do I need to say more? lol
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one so much!! It has pretty much everything I like on jackets: It's black, with leather details, golden buttons, golden zippers, FANTASTIC EMBROIDERY.
This jacket fit's like a glove, and again, is quite easy to coordinate. It even has a 2nd functional zipper in the front, you can see it at the fake leather part - that one would be possibly working on a super petite girl, I think it must look really cute then! However, I'm too fat to close it like that, so I can only use the regular middle zipper. lol

Beige Cape with fur detail
 So sad I'm not a cape person, because this one is actually soooo cute! Q///Q
The fabric of this cape is super soft - it's quite thick, but still flowing nicely. The fur detail on the hood is a tiny bit cheaply made, but still add's a nice detail to the overall look! I love all the golden buttons and the d.i.a logo pendant on the zippers ♥
What I like the most about it is actually the color scheme - soft beige x gold x animal print fur... how can I say no?! I might actually become a cape person now, haha. xD" Still searching for ways to make it work for me, I hope I can wear it out soon!! ♥

So these are all the items that I got! 
Even though not all of my wishes came true (lol), I'm still super happy with what I got! Most of the items are very easy to coordinate with my wardrobe, and they're all having a good quality! It also inspired me to try something different every once and a while (glitter, please? xD).
Overall, I'm definately gonna buy a d.i.a fukubukuro next year, too - may it be in person at 109, or by using a shopping service. 

Super pleasant experience!! No wonder Gal's from all over the world are lusting over d.i.a fukubukuro! =)

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Du hast echt schöne Sachen bekommen ;w;
    Ich bereue es echt kein DIA Fukubukuro geholt zu haben und stattdessen 2 von Liz Lisa ><
    Freut mich, dass dir das meiste gefallen hat ^^

    1. Vielen Dank! x3
      Ohje, na ich hoffe du hattest wenigstens ein bischen Freude mit den Liz Lisa Sachen - ich habe einige LL Luckypack Reveals gesehen, die waren eigentlich ganz süß! x3

      Du kannst es ja nächstes Jahr versuchen! ;D Ich werde mir auch wieder eins holen! x3

  2. Wow! You got a lot of nice things in that fukubukuro!!
    That cape is actually really cute >__<" Makes me want one haha!

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. Thank you very much! x3 I think I've been really blessed with this luckypack, haha! x3

      Oh yes the cape is soooo cute, but really hard for me to pull off. =/
      Do you have any idea how to coordinate it? xD" I'm super desperate to wear it! xD

  3. so many great items *___* love the cape and the black cardigan!

    1. Thank you so much Jenny! x3 Haha, the black cardigan is my favorite ever since! ;D Good taste, good taste ~