Friday, April 17, 2015

Every Vote counts! ;D

Hello sweethearts! 
This time I'm back with a rather special entry ~ I've never did such a post before, since I don't wanna go on anybodys nerves... but this time it's a very special occassion! 

So please, let me ask for your help! x3

My husband and I have joined the L'Oreal „Miss Manga style it punky“ Challenge, and now we need your VOTE in the contest! It'll take 1 minute to do the voting, we'd be super happy if you could spend that time for us! I've added an detailed photo-instruction below. 
 Thanks to everybody that already voted, shared and liked – and to everybody who's going to do so NOW! ;D (Please please pleeeease do so now!)

These are our 2 designs in the contest:
 Design 1

Design 2

A screenshot of the Designs again:

To be fair, we'd also like to show all of the participating designs:
20 final Designs

And here's how to do the Voting! =)

You'll just have to klick the like button to vote. A pop-up window will open automatically, asking you if you wanna leave a comment. You don't need to write a comment in order to make your vote count, so just feel free to click „close“! ;D

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them! ;D
1000x thanks to all of our supporters, this means a lot to us!!

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Ich hab für euer 1. Design gevotet ^^ So eine Verpackung wäre echt süß

    1. Hab tausend Dank, das freut mich wirklich unglaublich!! x3