Wednesday, April 29, 2015

♥♥♥ Gyaru on a Budget ♥♥♥

Now finally onto a fashion related post! ;D

I've been invited to a wedding recently, it's gonna take part in August this year. Obviously, I have NOTHING TO WEAR. lol
Okay okay, I'll be honest... there's this dress I'm eyeing with for more then a year, and NOW I have a good reason to buy it. xD"
 Summery and flowy, elegant and not too sexy - perfect to attend a summer wedding, I think! x3

It's listed on the website "", which is a Chinese Wholeseller.
As I usually have the opinion those stores can be quite a bit of a hit or miss, I've done some research first - it turned out that most of the Reviews are really good!
Once I've gotten my items, I'll do a review as well. ;D

While browsing the store, I've found many clothes that resemble japanese Gyaru brands a lot! And those items beeing sold at super cheap price!! How can I say no? :´D
I do certainly own quite a bit of brand, but I also won't mind a cheap deal. And some pieces of jp brand are just really hard to get - for example the famous flower prints of Datura. Q__Q They're sold out in no time, and hardly beeing put up for auction on mbok...

So let me show you what I've found! ;D

Datura style Rompers - 7,92€

The crisp colors and gradient white-to-flashy-pink definately remind me of Datura's recent styles!

Example of japanese brand Datura in collaboration with Ageha

I`m aware that I'm not showing the same kind of product, but in this case the overall concept is showing lot's of resemblance, I think.
Now I need to get a good tan on in order to pull off that romper. lol
Btw that Datura dress is a DREAM. No wonder it got sold out within minutes on their webstore... Q__Q I'll keep an eye out for it!

Datura style mini-dress - 6,49€

Once again, the color concept quite resembles Datura's recent styles. Also the body-hugging mini dress comes quite close to the original!

Original jp brand Datura mini dress

Even though the colors itself differ a little (Datura is generally using quite a bit of pink), there's quite some similarity - big flower print, print scheme, mini dress.
I especially like the cut of the skirt in the 1st photo. *__*

Duras style Jumpsuit - 6,90€

She must be a Gyaru model, I think I've definately seen her face before! So pretty ♥
This kind of Jumpsuit screams Onee Gyaru!

Photo from a past Duras collection (sorry it's so small. =/)

Classy Onee Gyaru brand Duras has done lot's of these styles in the past, mostly keeping a distinct color scheme of soft beige, light pink and black. The quite simple and rather flowy design show's lot of resemblance, I think!

Datura style knit cardigan - 4,89€

Almost an exact copy to the Datura one!

Original by jp brand Datura - one of their best selling items!

Well, I don't really have to say much, do I? xD"
This could even be an exact replica.

Ghost of Harlem style Jumpsuit - 5,88€

Pretty simple and comfy design - but with the right accessory, it could definately look really rokku!

Ghost of Harlem is having similiar Jumpsuits every once and a while!

Well, I admit the resemblance is mostly because it's... a Jumpsuit. xD"
But also the print is similiar placed, and the back also features another fancy print.
Can't do much wrong with this one, whether being worn in a lazy way or with lot's of accessory to make it look really rokku!

As you can see, Gyaru on a Budget is definately possible!

You can save a lot of money, time and also frustration (haven't we all mourned about an lost auction on mbok already? xD") if you just keep an eye out and stay creative.

And now have fun shopping! ;D

Btw. can you see that I'm shifting towards Onee Gal now... scary! O__O I might be getting old. lol

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Die Kleider sehen echt gut aus und sind eine gute Alternative ^^
    Man muss nur die mit der guten Qualität erwischen ;w;
    Meine beste Freundin hat auch ein Kleid aus China bestellt für den Abiball und es war richtig schön.

  2. Thank you for the awesome post *_*