Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The L'Oreal "Style it Punky Challenge" ♥

Hi Sweethearts! ♥

I've had a quite exciting time recently, especially after I've entered a Contest by L'Oreal. Let me tell you a bit about it! ;D

Couple of weeks ago, I've found an advertise on facebook, encouraging everybody to join a Design Contest by L'Oreal.
They've recently come up with a new Mascara line called "Miss Manga" - their newest Product is called "Miss Manga Punky", this Mascara will create spiky looking lashes like in Manga! ♥
 That model looks so pretty! *__*

In order to join this challenge, you had to Design the new look of the Mascara. Left side and right side of it should feature a product related drawing.

The prices were pretty awesome! ♥
The winner Design will be printed on a special edition of the Mascara, and sold in german stores! Also the winner get's to spend 5 nights in a 5 star hotel in Tokyo.

Of course you could count me in! ;D
BUT: When I found out about the challenge, it was only 2 days until Deadline. AND I was on nightshift those days. SO EXHAUSTING. xD"

Thanks god I have the best husband in the world - he supported me with lot's of ideas, showed me tricks in the graphic programmes I used, and did lot's of brainstorming with me. ♥

In the very end, we even managed to come up with a Design each! It was such a pleasure to do this with him - We've kinda discovered a new side of our relationship, haha. ♥

1st Design - Punky Cat ♥
- Follow original color scheme
- Follow the scheme of the original L'Oreal Panda icon (that I find pretty amazing already!)
- Punky style cat with a hint of Decora fashion
- Girly Icons
- Overall simple Design

 2nd Design - Classical Shojo ♥
- Follow original color scheme
- Classical Shojo Manga character
- Main point: long spiky lash
- Flowy hair for girly look
- I took my inspo for coloring from PS game Persona 4 Kinda failed though. lol

Let me tell you that it was REALLY HARD to draw something reasonable on such a long, thin format! xD That was definately the most difficult part about this challenge, and I felt lot's of Contestants actually struggled with it! xD

Also, I didn't really draw since 2009... I used to have really good drawing skills when I was still a Teenager, but I lost all of my ability it seems... it was quite hard for me to get back into it in such a super short time, and produce something acceptable.
I'm definately not satisfied with my Design, but it was the best I could come up with under my circumstances.

People handed in more then 200+ Designs in that Contest, it was really awesome to browse the big Gallery on L'Oreal! Such a big inspiration! It's amazing to see how many talented people are out there! ♥

After the deadline, L'Oreal had chosen the 20 best Designs.
AND WE WERE SO LUCKY OMG! Both, my husbands and my Design, became part of the Top 20!! I was so excited that day, I almost got mad! xD I even forgot to put on my bra before I went to work. lol

Every Contestant in the Top 20 now won a really awesome Make-up Set by L'Oreal ♥ - lucky me to get even 2 of them!! x3 (Unless my hubby wants to use his Set on his own... lol)

The Top 20 were set up for a VOTING.

In this Voting, you had to collect as many Facebook Likes as possible.

My husband and me worked really hard on this! xD"
As you've seen, I've put up a Giveaway and advertised it on many different media. I also crossposted the Contest as much as I could, and invited family, coworkers, well almost the half hospital I'm working at to vote for me! xD
My husband spread the word all across Taiwan, China and the rest of the world. lol It's quite useful to have a native Mandarin speaker as husband, haha. xD

If you scroll up to the images again, you can see how many votes we've collected in the end. ♥

♥♥♥ We appreciate every like button that has been clicked, our honest thanks goes out to all of you! Thanks for your great support! ♥♥♥

In the very end, we didn't make it though. 
However, I've had a great experience with this, and it really made me get back into drawing! I've totally forgotting how relaxing it is ♥

AND I've now gotten lot's of Tattoo sketch requests from our hospital's staff. lol Guess I'm not gonna leave my mark on L'Oreal Mascara, but on peoples skin instead! xD Funny turn, but it makes me so happy! ♥

Thanks for reading, and a GIANT THANKS again to everybody that voted, shared and supported us! You're the best ♥♥♥

xoxo, Chira ♥

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