Thursday, April 10, 2014

♥ SALE ♥

Hey Darlings ♥

I just got my car checked up and fixed - unfortunately the bill turned out to be HORRENDOUSLY HIGH. Q__Q
So time to sell some stuff! ;D

Please check my Sales Album on "kleiderkreisel" - if you like something, just leave me a comment under here! ;D

xoxo, Chira ♥

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Recent GET'S ♥

I just figured out that I didn't do a "recently bought items" post for soooo long... so here I go. ;D

These are the "best" items I collected since Christmas. =3

♥TALLY WEIJL zebra dress♥
Bought it 2nd hand for only 8€, lucky me! :'D It creates such a nice figure, I absolutely LOVE that dress ♥ Looks stunning with a tight blazer and highheels ♥

 D.I.A cropped top
As this is a belly revealing top, I wasn't sure if its really my thing... but it looks soooo nice when worn!! 
Now I only gotta find enough self-confidence to show my belly to public! xD"

 LIZ LISA sailor dress
 I wanted this dress since it was first released a couple of years ago... but back then, my bust measurement was just too big to fit in. Q__Q
I am very happy that I don't have a problem with that anymore!! LOVE THIS DRESS ♥

 GHOST OF HARLEM spiderweb dress
Sakurina has the same one in red ♥ How could I ever resist it? :'D
Looks awesome with red TutuHA zipper skirt and simple black top underneath ♥

 LODISPOTTO biker jacket
 OMG this jacket is sooooo comfy ♥ One of my favorite items forever ♥♥♥
It's super fluffy on the inside, and the pink leather feels so soft and cozy ♥

 MA*RS cat ear jacket
The infamous jacket I was chasing after for WAY TOO MANY YEARS. lol
Very happy to have one in my collection now, the quality is FAB!! ♥

 GLAVIL skull onepiece
I was literally crying happy tears when I bought this! :'D For me, this is the best item that Glavil EVER released ♥ I am soooo lucky to have it in my collection now, so thankful!! :'D

 D.I.A lacey top
Super sexy because it has an open back and a zipper up front, but it still looks kinda romantic ♥ Can't wait to wear it out with a long skirt ♥

Aaaaah, I really love the fact that spring is (finally) coming now. 
During winter time, I always feel soooo lazy with fashion and dolling up... but as soon as spring is coming, it's like my spirits awake again, haha! xD 
Now I got sooo many outfit ideas, can't wait to dress up!! ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥

Thursday, April 3, 2014

♥♥♥ ...because Gals come in all sizes ♥♥♥

I just discovered Yumetenbo's new line "plum primo", and I am absolutely thrilled about it! I am not really their targeted group (body size wise), but I still LOVE this new concept! Finally a wide spread Gal "brand" is stepping up to cater bigger girls!! 

Girls come in all frames and sizes - and it doesn't have any influence if you can be Gyaru, or not!! Fashion is for EVERYBODY! 

And let's be honest - jp sizes run CRAZY small on most westerners. Beeing a size XS / 34 nowadays in Germany, I can consider myself VERY HAPPY to fit into a "Yumetenbo Glamorous" size M or even L (!!) most of the time. ~..~

Enough of the rant, let's look into the new brand!!

Making cute and sweet styles available to size 3L to 6L sizes as well, because style is not limited to body measurements. ;D

~ Opened on 20. March
~ Available in japanese & english rakuten webstore
~ Catering a wide range of styles: Roma, Mode, Glamorous, Ora Ora... no limits ♥
~ Sizes from W3L to W6L
~ Max. Bust mostly like 130cm, max. Waist mostly like 100cm, max. Hips mostly like 120cm (depending on item)
~ Using stretchy fibers
~ Affordable prices

Let´s take a look at some of their clothes ♥

Sexy shirt of their GLAMOROUS line 
 Very flattering, I think ♥

 Ever-so-trendy long pastel skirts! 
OMG that model is sooo cute ♥

 Kawaii-kei offshoulder dress
 I always found this cut super flattering, and it looks absolutely comfy, too!

 Remake of the famous sailor dress!! if this doesn´t scream Gyaru, I don't know... *__*

 And because Ora Ora rocks...
Do I need to say anything more then that? :´D

Yumetenbo is stocking "Plum Primo" clothes little by little every week, so you should definately stay tuned if you're interested in their products! I believe they have lot's of awesome things to come!! 
I will definately check their stock every once and a while because I am obviously in love with their model. lol

xoxo, Chira ♥

Just to get it off my chest...

I am absolutely NOT into blogging too many personal things, but this has to get off my chest. It might explain my lack of posting now and in the future...

On 10th of March, my mom was diagnosed with cancer.
A surgery and a couple of treatments later, she is okay for the moment.

Dear God, if you can hear me... give us power, hope and patience for the upcoming time.

Mama Ana Achabak

I will stay strong for you, I promise.

I will still keep blogging, and try to not let it further influence my blog entries. Blogging still makes me happy. =)

xoxo, Chira ♥