Saturday, April 5, 2014

Recent GET'S ♥

I just figured out that I didn't do a "recently bought items" post for soooo long... so here I go. ;D

These are the "best" items I collected since Christmas. =3

♥TALLY WEIJL zebra dress♥
Bought it 2nd hand for only 8€, lucky me! :'D It creates such a nice figure, I absolutely LOVE that dress ♥ Looks stunning with a tight blazer and highheels ♥

 D.I.A cropped top
As this is a belly revealing top, I wasn't sure if its really my thing... but it looks soooo nice when worn!! 
Now I only gotta find enough self-confidence to show my belly to public! xD"

 LIZ LISA sailor dress
 I wanted this dress since it was first released a couple of years ago... but back then, my bust measurement was just too big to fit in. Q__Q
I am very happy that I don't have a problem with that anymore!! LOVE THIS DRESS ♥

 GHOST OF HARLEM spiderweb dress
Sakurina has the same one in red ♥ How could I ever resist it? :'D
Looks awesome with red TutuHA zipper skirt and simple black top underneath ♥

 LODISPOTTO biker jacket
 OMG this jacket is sooooo comfy ♥ One of my favorite items forever ♥♥♥
It's super fluffy on the inside, and the pink leather feels so soft and cozy ♥

 MA*RS cat ear jacket
The infamous jacket I was chasing after for WAY TOO MANY YEARS. lol
Very happy to have one in my collection now, the quality is FAB!! ♥

 GLAVIL skull onepiece
I was literally crying happy tears when I bought this! :'D For me, this is the best item that Glavil EVER released ♥ I am soooo lucky to have it in my collection now, so thankful!! :'D

 D.I.A lacey top
Super sexy because it has an open back and a zipper up front, but it still looks kinda romantic ♥ Can't wait to wear it out with a long skirt ♥

Aaaaah, I really love the fact that spring is (finally) coming now. 
During winter time, I always feel soooo lazy with fashion and dolling up... but as soon as spring is coming, it's like my spirits awake again, haha! xD 
Now I got sooo many outfit ideas, can't wait to dress up!! ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. das skull one piece ist so geiL ;D will outfitpost sehen!!!
    und vom sailor dress...das sit so süß...

    und das mit den kommentaren kenn ich ;D

    1. Jaaaa, das ist auch mein Lieblingsteil atm! *___* Dazu gibts dann bestimmt auch bald ein Foto, so oft wie ich das schon getragen hab. xD
      Das Sailor OP dagegen ruht im Schrank... momentan ist mir so garnicht nach Rosa, und das obwohl Frühling. o__O

  2. awesome gets *_* can not wait for outfit pictures!

    1. Thank you so much, dear! x3 Outfit photos incoming soon, haha. ;D Just gotta find some time to suck them from my iphone. lol

  3. Ahhhh here it is, the infamous dress ahahaha XDDDD can't wait to see you wearing it <3
    And i love the d.i.a cropped top, it's just PERFECT, so envious ;_;

    1. YESSSSS xD
      After sending forward and backward from Italy to Germany... it finally reached my hands, haha! xD" Thank you so much for your patience again, you're an awesome seller!!

      I am actually just wearing that d.i.a top now, it's so HOT today!! Don't even wanna move 5cm away from my aircondition. lol
      I love d.i.a tops for summer, they're so short and "airy"! xD

  4. I sooo love your d.i.a. , GLAVIL and GoH gets <3. That cropped top is so cute though I`m not sure if I had the guts to wear it in public *laughs*. That MA*RS jacket is sooo cute , it`s also on my wishlist and it`s good to know that the quality is really good ^^.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! =D

      I guess I am quite lucky to live in my city - now that the temperature is getting warmer every day, I can see lots of girls wearing cropped tops or even just bikini tops! I don't have the feeling of actually "beeing bare" therefore. xD

      Yessssss, the infamous Ma*rs jacket! It's really awesome! x3 If been thinking about buying it in black as well now, I can really recommand that quality!!