Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yay of the day!! ;D

The Lolita coat I wanted so badly last year is going to be restocked soon! Yahooooooooo ♥

It´s such a gorgeous piece, isn´t it? :´D

This coat is made by a chinese Lolita brand called "Surface Spell". They already released it last year, and I so fell in love with it... unfortunately, lot´s of other girls did so, too. xD"
The coat was out of stock within some days, so it was impossible for me to get one. =/


Surface Spell is mostly doing very classical or goth designs. They´ve got a long history of making Lolita clothes, and they offer very good quality pieces and unique designs!
Surface Spell does not do knock-off´s of famous brands like Victorian Maiden and such.

I love this coat because it´s looking so harsh but yet so feminine... and the bloody red color is just gorgeous! Looks russian a lot! =3
Even though I´m more on the sweeter side of Lolita fashion, I love this classical design a lot! ♥

Pic of the day
(aka Pic that I forgot to post here long loooong time ago. xD")
Me in my Angelic Pretty Lady Rose ♥

Plz excuse my retarded face. xD
I´ve seen lot´s of girls censoring their faces when they´re making such an ugly expression, but actually... I don´t wanna do it.
Yes. It´s ugly.
But it´s still me, and I`m not looking like this 24 hours a day... FORTUNATELY! xD

Outfit rundown:
Dress, Headpiece & Overknee stockings: Angelic Pretty Lady Rose
Bolero jacket: Bodyline
Shoes: DreamV / Yumetenbou
Parasol: Baby, the stars shine bright
Heart-Bag & Bunny-Bear-Bag: Dream of Lolita

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: My 3rd follower, yahooooooo!! Thank you so much!! x3

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I ♥ Dirndl

...I catched a cold. x__X
I´m getting better, and this won´t kill me... but... it´s so annoying to clean the nose every 2 minutes! I`m too lazy for beeing sick! xD"

Due to this reason, I´ve got a loooot of time to post new entries. x3

Every end of the summer, there are big (more or less) traditional festivals in the south of Germany. Most famous one is "Oktoberfest", it´s the largest fair of the world! My city is running a smaller version of this festival every year. xD"

Traditional clothes are a MUST! ;D
Like Yukata belongs to Hanabi, Dirndl belongs to Oktoberfest.

So... what is a "Dirndl"?
It´s (especially southern) Germany´s traditional wear for girls.
Most of my foreigner friends consider Dirndl as related to maid clothes... personally, I don´t see anything maid-like in it. xD" But still a funny thought...

~Dirndl mostly consists 3 pieces.
1) A blouse. Any cut can be suitable! From long sleeves to puffy short sleeves, from carmen cut to high collar blouse.
The fabric itself could be seethrough (especially on the sleeves) as well, some rhinestones and sequins are looking gorgeous on it!
White blouses have always been mosts famous with Dirndl, but the newest trend is wearing black (which is so super hot in my eyes!) Other colors should better be avoided, especially dark colors. The blouse should be a bit neutral part, so that the full attention goes to the dress itself.
2) Dirndl - the dress. It´s always an A-shape dress! The rest... can vary a lot! xD So I´m picking out the most fashionable details.
The super traditional form of Dirndl has had a more or less high collar neckline. Right now, a "balkonett" cut is super trendy! Just imagine a line from one nipple to the other - bam, that´ts the neckline of the "balkonett" Dirndl! xD"
Lot´s of Dirndl have got a fashionable lacing in the front, embroidery is often seen as well.
The skirt of this dress flares out at the smallest part of the waist. There are different lenghts of the skirt available, according to the occasion it´s beeing worn to...
- Mini: The skirt is ending ~10cm over the knee. Mini does NOT mean super mini oops-you-can-see-my-ass-when-I-bend-over short! That´s a No-Go and super unelegant! Girls that wear Dirndl like this will automatically be stamped as a foreigner or weirdo. xD" This Mini form of Dirndl is mostly worn for festivals and parties, that don´t require neat wardrobe.
- Midi: The skirt is ending ~10cm under the knee. This medium length Dirndl can be worn for parties and some more important occasions (like... as a visitor of a wedding ceremony), that require a bit more neat wardrobe.
- Long: This skirt is ending in ankle area. This super long and elegant dress is worn for very important occassions, like funerals. According to the style of the dress itself, it´s sometimes worn for parties as well - sometimes (!), not often seen. xD" (My sister does like it a lot, because this long dress makes her feel more mature)
The fabric of this dress can vary a lot, too. Cotton, linen and silk and a mix of it is mostly worn.
The range of prints enhanced a lot over the past years, so that everything is possible now. Gingham, tiny flowers and deer´s are super traditional - leo-print, crowns and skulls are the latest trend!
3) The apron. The apron is tied at the waist-line of the dress, and there´s a very funny detail about the bow!
According to where you wear the bowknot, guys can see your relationship status! ;D
- Bow in the front, right side: I have a BF / I`m married / I`m not on man´s hunt
- Bow in the front, left side: I´m single / I´m on man´s hunt!
- Bow in the front, middle: I´m a virgin!
- Bow in the back, middle: I`m a widow
The apron is mostly ending ~10cm over the skirts border.

The fabric and print can vary a lot, just like the blouse and the Dirndl itself.
A bit more transparent apron is very trendy right now, mostly seen with decoration like rhinestones and sequins!

The color/print/cut/whatever should fit the overall look of the dress, of course. ^^

~Additionally worn with...
1) Underskirt / less fluffy petticoat. Not often seen nowadays, because mostly not needed. Those garments have been worn because the skirt will fly up high while doing the traditional dance - since this kind of dance is mostly not done anymore, there´s no need for those underskirts anymore. (I wear the underskirt, though. I`ve been part of a traditional dance group almost 8 years, so I feel a bit naked wihtout wearing the white underskirt. xD" <- *weirdoooo*)
2) Jewelry. Heartshaped and Edelweiß-shaped jewelry has always been, and still IS the most fashionable trend. But other jewelry can be worn with it as well, of course - as long as it´s suitable. =)
3) Shoes / Boots. Since Dirndl is very feminine, girly shoes go super well with it - most suitable is a round toe-shape. Boot´s are also seen very often recently, mostly some rough and boyish ones like this. But as long as it goes well with the whole coordinate, everything can be worn of course. =)
4) Very famous hairstyle... pigtails and braided hair! xD Haha, it´s very traditional and it looks super cute! Of course, other hairstyles can be worn as well. =)

~Do NOT...
1) Wear stockings! Might have been super trendy 200 years ago, but now it just looks super silly. xD" Bare legs are super sexy with Dirndl, some transparent thights (nylons) are famous as well.

Oh oh... so much text again! xD" Sorry for that... some pictures ahead! ;D

Paris Hilton... of course she pulls off this style perfectly as well! I love the different shades of gold on her, and the braids are just so cuuuuute! I´m not sure about the gloves, though... <.<

Koakuma-Dirndl! lulz

Wedding Dirndl! (Has been very famous in southern Germany... my mum married in this kind of dress! Nowadays not often worn for wedding.)

...WOW. *___*

U know u luv it. lulz
boobz alert!

Even though I´ve got maybe 15 Dirndl already, I need something new and more fashionable... something pink! XD Yes. I don´t have a pink Dirndl yet, so I´m going to get one!
I wanna deco it hime-style. ♥
My plan so far. I´m going to post a photo when I finished my mission! ;D

By the way...Men´s traditional wear: "Lederhose". lulz
I definately DON`T like it. xD" See ya at Oktoberfest! ♥ ;D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Koakuma-kei ♥ discover the little devil in your heart;D

I really got a crush on koakuma-kei right now. ♥

This style is mixing up some very cute elements with super hot cuts, accessory and make-up.

Since I`m still a gyaru-newbie, I don´t know every detail about this... but the most interesting facts are:

~ This style highly influenced by "Koakuma Ageha" = one of the most famous japanese fashion magazines that pulls off every gyaru style so perfectly! My bible! xD

~ Koakuma-kei is related to kyabakura (hostclubs) - this hot fashion is often worn by the professional hostesses (kyabakurajo), to create the perfect sexy Diva look

~ Color/Print range: mostly very sexy and elegant! A combination of black and hot pink is often seen, animal prints are very famous with this style, too.
In my opinion, Black is a MUST with koakuma-kei ~ combinations with pastel colors like soft violet, offwhite, light pink, and light blue are going well with it!
Golden jewelry will give the outfit more Diva-look! =)

~Sexy high heels will give the look some extra spice! Bare legs are most sexy in my opinion, but some hot lace tights or overknee stockings are looking great with it as well! (Personally, I don´t like the look of sexy lace overknees with koakuma-kei. Looks too much like prostitute, I think. I prefer simple non-transparent overknees.)

~Where to buy...
In my opinion, hot gal items can be bought in all over the world, you just need to watch out carefully. In germany, H&M offers a nice range of koakuma-kei-able clothes, and I`ve seen some really sexy hot pink + lace shirts at New Yorker.

A pretty famous jp brand for koakuma-kei is MA*RS, which I love to death ♥ You will need a shopping service (and some extra money... xD) to buy from there, but it´s worth every penny - I can´t imagine a life without my MA*RS garter hotpants anymore ♥

Another jp brand, that is more credit-card-friendly because of beeing cheaper: Yumetenbou / DreamV. (btw... Sakurina did the last summers collection campaign for them! Sakurinaaaaa! Dx I loooove this shop since then! xD) Doesn´t look very koakuma-kei like on the first look, but if you keep browsing their site for quite a while, you will find some really hot items (example here)!

Suitable accessory can be bought at Curvy´s.You will need a shopping service to buy from them, as well! I definately recommand those shops, I´ve bought from them for several times already - and I´m super satisfied!

Wow... enough of all the writing, you must be tired from reading all this stuff already. Sorry sorry... xD"
Up for some koakuma-photos now! x3

Fake roses inside the platform! Those heels are killer...

Of course, she pulls off this style so super perfect as well... what a gorgeous girl! :´D

Koakuma-kei works out with Yukata nicely as well!

Bought those stockings some months ago, love them to death ♥

Extra photo... my lunch! lulz
Salmon and avocado maki ♥

I didn´t manage to eat all of them... 4 pieces are still waiting for me inside the refridgerator. This box was just too big for my stomache. x__X

Itadakimasu! I mean... see ya later! ;D
Thanks for reading!

And 1.000x thanks to my second follower! :´D
Damn it, what a happy girl I am... somebody wants to read my verbal diarrhea. :´D Thank youuuuu ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just some camwhoring for today...

I´ve been at the zoo past weekend – and I so fell in love with a cute little ice-bear baby! ♥
This white little puffy thing with super dark black eyes is so super sweet... I wish animal babies would stay this little and cute forever. XD“

Anyways. Sweet little shiro kuma-chan was my inspiration to get dressed in my winters coat in august (!!!). lol
Doesn´t matter anyways, since it´s super cold in Germany right now... around 14°C every night. Welcome to Siberia. ~__~

However... just to mention: It´s NO real fur on my coat - I refuse to wear real fur. Instead, I really love fake fur on winters clothes, because it´s so protective against the cold wind.x___X

Enough of the bla bla, up to the photos now. ;D

Gimme chu!
(Prisilia hairpieces + curvy´s rose pin) Damn... I hate all the moles on my skin. ~__~

Do the bear pose!
Yup, what a giant cam. But after my new cam was out of power, I just had to use it. ^^“ It´s such an old camera, so I`m sorry for the bad quality (especially the colors... they´re always turning out super red!)

Another try on Gyaru Make-up - Eyes
I still need to work on it a lot... the black lines are just too bold. I think... less eyeshadow, less eyeliner, maybe even less dramatic lashes... some better blending of all the shades, and lower lashes. I´m still super far from perfect, but at least I`m improving a bit... I hope. XD

Current feeling: Tired... and a bit unsatisfied about my photos. =/ (I want more of that gyaru look! Dx Damn, I still need to practise a lot. ^^“)
Link of the day: Mikado = german Pocky = cookie sticks lol
Mission: Reload the battery of my new camera! Ò__O/
Message to the world: Good night and sweet dreams! ;D

P.S.: I`ve got my first follower! YESSSSSSS!!! Made my day, thank you so much! :´D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Learning mandarin with "Ni-hao, Kai-lan!"

I admit.
I´m learning mandarin with Nickelodeon. lol

I just started learning mandarin, and I will join a chinese language school for some beginner lessons by the end of this summer. =3

This morning, I had some time left to watch TV... while zapping, I heard some chinese words surprisingly - and I they were coming from a kid´s TV series on Nickelodeon, named "Ni-hao, Kai-lan!".

It´s a super cute animation in the style of "Dora, the explorer" or "Go, Diego, go!" - there are always 2 languages spoken - in the case of "Ni-hao, Kai-lan!" it´s chinese! These series are supposed to teach little children (at the age between 5 and 8 years) multi languages.

One of the best learning strategies I`ve ever heard, is the strategy my Honey is using - absolutely NOT learning languages, (Yeees! Sounds great, hum? xD) but experience them like a child.
Remember when you were a child? You were not sitting in front of a vocabulary book to learn your native language. You experienced it like every child does... and it´s working out pretty fine with almost every kid!
Well, there´s so much more to say about this learning system, but let´s stay with this short summary first. xD"

Anyways... this "childish" way of learning works out so fine for me from what I`ve experienced today! It felt really odd to watch kid´s TV again after maybe 12 years... but I learned so many new things! xD"
Most of the vocabulary is spoken very slow first... then repeat faster and with the right pronounciation. Then you´ve got some time to repeat the word yourself. And then... it´s repeated several times during the TV episode, so that you can easily remember it!
Okay... the TV show itself wasn´t that exciting for me, I must admit... xD" But at least I learned some new things... like a child! xD"

It´s embarrassing.
But it works out well for me! xD
And of course, I will use some other ways of learning as well. But watching "Ni-hao, Kai-lan!" is a very cute exercise for some free time, and I´m very happy I found it. ;D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Masuwaka Tsubasa & Dolly Wink ♥

Favorite Song atm: Fukuhara Miho - Let it all out

Masuwaka Tsubasa is one of the most famous japanese gal models, mostly known from popteen magazines and famous for her unique duck lip pose (pouting lips)...

...and (it´s said that she was) gaining perfect beauty with at least 20 plastic surgeries. (I took this photo from the gyaru secrets community on livejournal)
She´s a great and super kawaii gal for sure, but definately not my cup of coffee... xD"
♥ Sakurina forever ♥

Anyways. Tsubasa is featuring a line of false lashes and eye make, that is pretty popular for gal´s from all over the world - Dolly Wink.There are 8 types of upper eyelid lashes, such as different types of lower lashes, eyeliners, lash glue... and I`m pretty sure a lot more will come up soon. o.O

When I checked up on the lashes first, I felt like... wow, nothing special about this - except the price. xD" (¥1.250 each!! = ~12€. I used to buy cheap lashes from eBay or local drugstores that are around 4€, and I sometimes customized them... <.<)

BUT then... I got presented some Dolly Wink lashes from my dear friend Mai-chan (the most beautiful gal I ever met ♥), and my meaning changed immediately.

I`m super clumsy with putting on lashes, I must admit. xD" I always needed at least 30 minutes to make them stay in the right place. And after I won this war, my eye-make was mostly ruined. ~__~ I always thought that it´s my fault perfectly... but now I discovered that my old lashes were too stiff AND my hands too clumsy. ^^"

Dolly Wink lashes are super soft and so easy to apply! I combined the Top lashes No. 1 "Dolly Sweet" with the Bottom lashes No. 6 "Real Nude", they´re coming with a little tube of lash glue inside the box. (Sorry, no photos of myself wearing them. My camera disappeared in a moving box. Dx)

The top lashes were a tiny bit too long to my eyelid, so I had to cut them a bit - I saved the cut off parts and stick them on my lower lid later. Don´t waste the precious (...and yet expensive) Dolly Wink lashes. :´D

The lashes felt so soft in my hands, and they were easy to handle and bend round... and I was super satisfied with the lash glue! It´s so easy to apply, it gives the lashes a nice hold, and it´s even more easy to take it off after wearing! I´m definately going to buy a big tube of it soon!

Since the lashes were so nice and soft, they were really easy to apply - and they felt so comfortable and light on my eyelid! A whole new experience for me! XD Applying the bottom lashes was so easy for me... even though I`m so clumsy, and I have done it just two times before! A gorgeous experience - and I was perfectly satisfied with my look in the end!

I will definately go and get more Dolly Wink lashes and the lash glue soon! Great quality item, and it´s worth the high price.
I fell in love with Dolly Wink ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moving ♥

I`m currently moving to another appartment... I´m so sick of packing moving boxes now! x__X

This is the first time that I really hate my shoe collection (3 boxes!!1! dammit. xD")... I packed them so super carefully, because I`m afraid of even just little scratches on it... I started hating this kind of perfectionism after box No. 2. xD" It took me 2 hours until every pair was carefully wrapped and packed... damn. ~__~

Yay-moment of the day: I found a yumetenbo sales promotion flyer with lot´s of Sakurina photos between my documents! lol
One of her photos has got poster size, so I definately know what I`m going to put on the walls of my new apt first. :´D
Nay-moment of the day: ...shoe box No. 3? xD" Aaaah, no - I accidentally broke the glass of my coffee can. How am I going to survive this whole moving process without fresh coffee??! Dx

I´ll write the next post at my new apt - so wonderful ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?